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How to Reduce all your Expenses

You can do it all at once, or choose to do it over a few days. Go over all your bills and expenses such as water, electricity, gas, land rates, education, clothing, medical expenses and anything else you need to pay and work out how you can reduce them all. I have tips below.

Start with comparing providers to see if there are cheaper options out there, ask your current provider if they can offer a discount or have a better package and switch if it will help you. When comparing, make sure you compare apples with apples as in if comparing internet, check speed and service is the same, if switching electricity check the usage and connection rates etc.

Below I have all the tips in these articles for you to reduce your expenses in each area:
How to save money on water
How to save money on electricity
How to save money on schooling and education
For clothing read 7 tips to save on fashion, 9 tips for op-shopping, 7 inexpensive ways to extend the life of your shoes and 5 ways to upcycle kids clothes.
How to afford medical expenses
How to save money on your phone and internet
Complete list of everything you can use your health care/pension/senior/DVA concession card on

31 ways to save $200+ and make money
How we live a fun and frugal lifestyle (it’s a few years old)
50 ways to live for free
10 quick ways to save money

On top of regular bills, unsubscribe from emails, put up a no junk mail sign on the letter box, stop going window shopping and reduce your spend this way, too.

Then look at your other habits and see where you can cut back. Are cleaning products costing you an arm and a leg? A lot of cleaning can be done with water and a micro fibre cloth or vinegar and bicarb. Make your own cleaners, use oil to polish and find alternatives to the expensive bottles or product in the supermarkets. For beauty products, start making your own such as mixing oil and sugar to make a body scrub, coconut oil as a hair mask and cuticle oil. None of these things need to be expensive and a little can go a long way with natural alternatives.

Lastly, look into buying anything you purchase or use a lot either in bulk or annually for subscriptions and other payments. Buying in bulk often works out cheaper as does paying for things annually instead of monthly. If you aren’t in a position to switch now, pick one of the bills you pay monthly and work out how you can pay that annually soon. Then the following month choose another bill to start paying annually and so on until they are all annual bills and you are saving to afford them as they come due each year.

Work out the areas you can make a change then start implementing those changes.

What will you do today to reduce your expenses? 

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