Is Octopus Group Legit? How to Make the Most Money From Australia’s Highest Paying Online Survey Site

Is Octopus Group a Good Online Survey Site? Here’s my Review

I’ve used Octopus Group since January 2017 and now make hundreds each month. They’ve consistently paid they highest, customer service is super quick, they have a wide variety of surveys and are easy to do. Here is my full review and tips to make more with Octopus Group.

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Is Octopus Group Really the Highest Paying Australian Online Survey Site?

Yes. I’ve been doing online surveys since 2010 and can verify, they pay the most. Most other online survey sites have different rates for different surveys. Octopus Group has a system with a set rate per time so you know that whether a survey is 1 minute, 5 minutes or 20 minutes, the per-minute value is the same. Meaning, just like your hourly wage, Octopus Group pays surveys properly in a set time per dollar manner ($0.28 per minute which is $16.80 per hour).

Here are some recent examples:

How much will I make?

This depends on how many surveys you get offered and complete as well as how many referrals you have or get. With the surveys, you make $0.28 per minute or $16.80 per hour (yes, you can get long surveys sometimes). Since most online survey sites have a bad reputation for low pay, you can see how Octopus Group is different.

A few surveys a month could easily make you a few hundred or even over $1,000 a year.

How Do I Join?

It’s easy to join Octopus Group here and start making money with online surveys. Simply fill in your details and be sure to do it accurately to get all the surveys relevant to you. When you have an incomplete or incorrect profile, you don’t get as many surveys and can potentially be screened out which means you don’t make as much money.

How is Octopus Group with Customer Service?

Amazing! As I said, I’ve been with many online survey companies since 2010. Some don’t respond to anything, others take days. Octopus Group has prompt and friendly service. Recently, I had an issue and emailed them. I expected the usual slow responses I get with other businesses. Instead, they had it sorted within hours and kept me up to date.

How do I make Money with Octopus Group?

There are 2 ways to make money with Octopus Group. Firstly, do the online surveys. They can email you whenever there is a new survey relevant to you. Also, you can log in regularly to check if you want to.

Secondly, referrals. Octopus Group pay you $1 for every referral then another $1 for each survey they referral completes, up to a total of $20 per referral too.

As you can see when I started in 2017, it was small.

Now, I make much more both from surveys and referrals.

How long do Surveys take?

Surveys can be as quick as a minute or I have seen surveys over an hour. You get to choose which ones you do though so if you prefer the shorter ones, only do those ones. If you want to make more in one hit, do the longer ones.

How do I get paid?

Choose between cash or gift cards. Cash is deposited directly into the account of your choosing. In my experience, payments happen on a Monday if I cash out between Monday and Friday. If I cash out over the weekend, it is Monday week I’ll get paid.

You simply log in, click on redemptions then choose if you want cash or a gift card. Then fill in the details, confirm with a code that it is you then it will be processed. It’s so easy. Plus you can choose to let the money build up throughout the year then cash out for Christmas or school holidays or travel for the family.

What are the cons?

As far as online survey sites go, I don’t have any cons from Octopus Group. The only thing would be you could make more money another way but really, when you can do a quick survey while waiting at school pick up or the doctors, it’s easy money in otherwise wasted time.

Sign up to Octopus Group for free here

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