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Is Octopus Group Legit? How to Make the Most Money From Australia’s Highest Paying Online Survey Site

Is Octopus Group Legit? How to Make the Most Money From Australia’s Highest Paying Online Survey Site

Is Octopus Group a Good Online Survey Site? Here’s my Review

I’ve used Octopus Group since January 2017 but in July 2020, there were some significant issues (see below). I tested them again in October and November of 2020 and it seemed to be better. It is now September 2021 and it has gone well since the previous issues.

They are the highest paying online survey site at $16.80 per hour with lots of surveys.

Disclosure: this post may contain affiliate links. This review is based on my experience on the past few years and feedback from readers. Check the comments at the end for more,.

Here is my full review and tips to make more with Octopus Group.

Is Octopus Group Really the Highest Paying Australian Online Survey Site?

I’ve been doing online surveys since 2010 and can verify, they pay the most. However, more people are reporting they are getting screened out of surveys more often.

Most other online survey sites have different rates for different surveys. Octopus Group has a system with a set rate per time so you know that whether a survey is 1 minute, 5 minutes or 20 minutes, the per-minute value is the same.

Meaning, just like your hourly wage, Octopus Group pays surveys properly in a set time per dollar manner ($0.28 per minute which is $16.80 per hour).

However, if you get screened out, you spend a lot of time doing the start of a survey then getting screened out and not paid. 

Here are some recent examples:

Survey samples from my account

How much will I make?

This depends on how many surveys you get offered and complete as well as how many referrals you have or get who actively do surveys. With the surveys, you make $0.28 per minute or $16.80 per hour (yes, you can get long surveys sometimes).

Since most online survey sites have a bad reputation for low pay, you can see how Octopus Group is different. But they are the same as other survey sites in every other way.

A few surveys a month could easily add up to a few hundred or even over $1,000 a year. But if you refer anyone and they don’t do surveys or Octopus Group deems them inactive, you will have referral bonuses removed and can end up with a negative account if you have cashed out those referrals.

My account from Octopus Group

And I am not alone. Others have messaged and emailed me the same.

How Do I Join?

It’s easy to join Octopus Group here and start making money with online surveys. Simply fill in your details and be sure to do it accurately to get all the surveys relevant to you. When you have an incomplete or incorrect profile, you don’t get as many surveys and can potentially be screened out which means you don’t make as much money.

How is Octopus Group with Customer Service?

At first, I found them to be decent until there were issues. Then when I asked readers for feedback, I was supplied numerous examples of condescending and rude emails, delayed replies and poor customer service.

I am sure my treatment was different because of the number of people I have referred previously when I recommended them. I have had a few emails I would consider rude in the past 12 months though and avoid having to deal with their customer service at all.

How do I make Money with Octopus Group?

There are 2 ways to make money with Octopus Group. Firstly, doing online surveys, provided you aren’t screened out. They can email you whenever there is a new survey relevant to you. Also, you can log in regularly to check if you want to.

Secondly, referrals. Octopus Group pay you $1 for every referral then another $1 for each survey they referral completes, up to a total of $20 per referral too. But, if your referral doesn’t do any surveys, Octopus Group will take the referral money back.

As you can see when I started in 2017, it was small.

Early 2020, I made much more both from surveys and referrals.

How long do Surveys take?

Surveys can be as quick as a minute or I have seen surveys over an hour. You get to choose which ones you do though so if you prefer the shorter ones, only do those ones. If you want to make more in one hit, do the longer ones.

How do I get paid?

Choose between cash or gift cards. Cash is deposited directly into the account of your choosing. In my experience, payments happen on a Monday if I cash out between Monday and Friday. If I cash out over the weekend, it is Monday week I’ll get paid.

You simply log in, click on redemptions then choose if you want cash or a gift card. Then fill in the details, confirm by sending YES to their mobile number then it will be processed.

You can choose to let the money build up throughout the year then cash out for Christmas or school holidays or travel for the family.

What are the cons?

The biggest issues for myself and readers have been getting screened out of surveys, so wasting time. Having referral fees removed from inactive accounts with no warning and for readers, slow or condescending customer service but I have had no problem with customer service. 

Why is my Octopus Group Account Negative?

Octopus Group recently did a cull of inactive members without any warning. Anyone who has referred inactive members (members who had joined prior to 2 years ago and not done surveys) had the referral money deducted. It is in the terms and conditions that if a member closes their account you lose the referral but no one I know was informed they would be culling members like this. They have confirmed they will continue to do more culls in the future.

This means, if you refer people then those people don’t do surveys, Octopus can deduct the amount from your account and you will have a negative amount if you have cashed out. 

In my case in July 2020, this was over $3,475 removed and continued to go higher as I posted here. Meaning, if I logged in my account is minus by a lot. Other readers informed me of losses too. So if you have referred others, you may lose that referral at any time, even years later. 

Two nights prior I had $375 not even 24 hours later on 9 July 2020, this was my account:

Then on the morning of July 10, 2020 my account now looks like this:

Overall View of Octopus Group

It is the highest paying but their customer service is terrible. There are numerous surveys but many readers say they get screened out regularly by Octopus Group. In my testing the past 2 months, I have only been screened out once and I realised that was because I hadn’t updated my details.

Overall, they are ok. No online survey site is amazing in my view and they won’t make you rich but this one has myself and many readers more than most online survey sites.

Sign up to Octopus Group for free here

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    Friday 10th of July 2020

    Same. Nowhere near as much as yours but it still sucked. No incentive to do an surveys now or refer people. Other online survey sites haven't done it this way. It is totally unprofessional.


    Thursday 9th of July 2020

    I had the same issue when I logged into my account today and it irks me immensely. While it may be in their terms and conditions, I have no interest in doing surveys to *not* get money so they can claw back their referral bonuses, so honestly good luck with them getting their money back. Won’t be doing any surveys with them in the future. It really is poor form. Other sites don’t close off membership and deduct referral bonuses just because the other person doesn’t do surveys. It’s Octopus’ choice to give out referral bonuses without making sure a survey is done and the way I see it, we shouldn’t have to do surveys to get out account back from the minus. Also I find their customer service very unfriendly and their tone quite condescending. I’m sure I’m not the only person affected by this

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