What to do with leftover sausages – 20 meal ideas

How often do you have one or two sausages leftover after dinner? Usually, they’ll get eaten cold the next day, but did you know you can make a variety of meals with 1 sausage? Here we share a bunch plus most of the recipes can be found in 26 Ingredients. Simply swap the chicken or mince for sausage.

1.) Fried rice
Fried rice typically has rice, meat such as bacon/ham/chicken, egg, vegetables and soy sauce. Chop the sausage into small pieces and use instead of other meat.

We have a simple fried rice recipe here.

2.) Pizza topping
Make a simple pizza base, spread on some sauce, sprinkle on the cheese then add your toppings such as pineapple, onion, capsicum, sliced sausage, then bake until golden brown.

3.) Risotto (then arancini)
Risotto can be made with almost any combination of meat and vegetables. Select a recipe you like and swap out the meat for the sausage.

If you have leftover risotto, turn it into arancini balls the next night and serve with salad or vegetables. Arancini are basically risotto balls – roll risotto into a ball (press the ball around a cube of cheese if you like), roll the ball in some breadcrumbs and fry them. You can find a good recipe here.

4.) Curried sausages
Curried sausage recipes usually have 8 sausages for the recipes. Instead, if you have 2 sausages you can make up the difference with potato, pumpkin and carrot. It is less meat, still filling, though. This recipe is a good base you can modify.

5.) Calzones
A calzone is like a pizza folded in half. Mix up a pizza dough, spread sauce over the base, add your toppings to one-half then fold it over and press the edges together then bake until golden brown.

6.) Pie
Make a short crust pastry and layer it with vegetables and thinly sliced sausage then cover in a white sauce or pasta sauce. Top with pastry or cheese and bake until cooked through.

7.) Sausage roll
Wrap the sausage up in pastry and cook as a sausage roll.

8.) Bread and butter pudding – sausage version
Try a savoury bread and butter style pudding instead of the sweet with cinnamon. Use bread, butter, a runny white cheese sauce and thinly sliced sausage for something different. Serve with salad or vegetables.

9.) Sausage muffin
Similar to breakfast muffins, make any savoury muffin and use diced sausages instead of ham or bacon.

10.) Pasta Bake
Cook pasta, stir through a jar of pasta bake sauce or mix up a cheese sauce. Roughly chop the cooked sausages and stir through. Cover with cheese and bake until golden brown.

11.) Pasta and sauce
Cook pasta, add the sausages (chopped up) and stir through any pasta sauce, a cheese sauce, or garlic and butter for a tasty pasta dish. Another option is to stir through a chunky dip like pesto. You can often get them reduced to clear which makes this a cheap and tasty meal.

12.) Sausage sandwich
It’s stating the obvious, but eat it in a sandwich with sauce!

13.) Toad in the hole
Toad in the hole is essentially a sausage pudding or mini muffins/rolls. You can put the sausages in a dough and bake it then serve with vegetables. Make up some bread rolls or batter and slice up the sausages to make ‘toad in the hole’.

14.) Scrolls
Instead of ham and cheese scrolls, slice the sausages thinly and make sausage and cheese scrolls. Make up a dough, roll it out, add the filling and roll it up to bake.

15.) Frittata
This is also a great way to use up vegetables. Chop the vegetables and sausages. Place them in a baking dish. Whisk together a few eggs and pour over the sausages and vegetables then bake until cooked through.

16.) Sausage casserole
Chop the sausages up, add onion, potato, carrot and other vegetables. Cover in a stock/gravy/sauce and French onion soup mix or whatever base you like for a casserole then cook slowly until the vegetables are cooked through and serve with bread.

17.) Lazy noodle night
This is not healthy by any stretch of the imagination, but if money is really tight, cook some 2-minute noodles with corn, peas or other frozen vegetables and add diced sausages.

18.) Sausage Paella
Similar to risotto, paella is a rice-based dish which is simple but full of flavour. Use cooked sausages as the meat.

19.) Sausage lasagne
Thinly slice the sausages then layer lasagne sheets, sausages, vegetables such as zucchini, capsicum, carrot, pumpkin or whatever else you like. Cover with a pasta sauce, then lasagne sheets, white sauce, more sausages and vegetables, then pasta sauce etc. Keep going until you have used everything then bake until cooked through and golden brown.

20.) Goulash
Goulash is usually made with Kransky, potato and stock. Use sausages instead and add some more spices to boost the flavour.

What do you do with leftover sausages?

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