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EveryPlate Discount and Review of Australia’s Lowest Price Meal Kit

EveryPlate Discount and Review of Australia’s Lowest Price Meal Kit

How to get up to $180 off EveryPlate plus our Full Review

We first tried EveryPlate 2 years ago and since then, it has come ahead in leaps and bounds.

A wider variety of recipes, fresh produce, upgrade options and a great selection to cater for dietary needs such as vegetarian.

Here is our experience for the past few years plus right now they have a flash sale happening!

Get up to $180 off your first 5 boxes with EveryPlate. OR if you are returning customer, you can get the same bonus! Use the code THRIFTYEPLATE to get your discount.

Disclosure: I have used EveryPlate on and off over the 2 years to save myself time and money. Sometimes I paid for the service and a couple of times I was gifted boxes.

This post contains affiliate links as this is a service I use and recommend. Read the full disclosure for more information.

What Comes in an EveryPlate Box?

Virtually everything you need! All that is needed from your pantry are ingredients such as oil, eggs, vinegar etc.

Everything else e.g. vegetables, meat, pasta, rice, condiments, and seasonings are in the box.

Each recipe will tell you if you need anything extra such as eggs so you can plan accordingly when you are choosing your meals for the week.

How Much Does an EveryPlate Box Cost?

With a selection of sizes, how much is in your box will vary.

I get 6 meals for 6 people so we have some leftovers for lunch and because my Polynesian teens eat more than most adults due to their active lifestyle.

EveryPlate is Australia’s lowest price meal kit with meals around $4.44 per meal per person but if you use the code THRIFTYEPLATE you get up to $180 off spread across your first 5 boxes for new or existing customers, it’s even less!

You choose your meal plan, how many in your family and how many meals you want. The price will vary based on this. 6 meals for 6 people is the best value.

What is Included in an EveryPlate Box?

As mentioned earlier, everything you need is included in your EveryPlate box except for pantry basics such as oil, eggs, vinegar etc.

EveryPlate meals are portioned and done with nutritionists so your meals will be sized accordingly. In my experience, the meat size was exactly what I would serve for my family.

Vegetables were usually along the lines of 1 potato per person, 1 bag of salad mix, 1 to 2 tomatoes, 2 to 4 carrots etc per meal.

Plus whichever meat/protein we chose and the necessary spices, sauces and similar.

Anything such as meat is packaged in it’s own cooler bag with ice packs to ensure it stays fresh for you.

There was a good variety with decent meal sizes. As an example, this is everything for a box with 6 meals for 4 people.

*Note: The above is 6 meals for 4 people. When you order 6 meals for 6 people, you get 2 boxes. 1 box has 4 meals for 6 people and the other box has 2 meals for 6 people.

How Fresh is EveryPlate?

Out of all the meal delivery options I have used recently, EveryPlate lasted the longest which was great as we have been out for dinner at friends’ more frequently than normal lately. So the food was still good for us to cook later.

In my recent experience, the tomatoes were of varying ripeness too making it easier to plan the meals with them for optimum taste.

When I first tried them, my experience was mixed but they have absolutely improved. Plus whenever I had an issue back then (2 years ago), it was sorted promptly.

Planning your EveryPlate meals for optimum freshness is easy too.

When you are selecting your meals you can see what needs to be eaten first so you can choose meals to be eaten quickly and meals with ingredients that will last longer.

Check the recipe cards as they will tell you which recipe needs to be eaten early so you can plan accordingly.

Chicken and mixed salad options are usually eaten early while noodle and beef options are for later in the week.

Comparing the freshness to groceries I have delivered from the supermarket, in my experience, EveryPlate is fresher and better quality.

Plus it works out cheaper, especially with the discount of up to $150 discount.

Dietary Requirements

EveryPlate offers a vegetarian box or flexitarian so there are options. However, they don’t cater to allergies as much.

EveryPlate does make it clear which meals are suitable and all ingredients are labelled so you can know.

In our home we have half the family needing gluten and dairy-free while the other half can eat anything.

As such, we switch ingredients from our own pantry as needed e.g. Gluten free breadcrumbs for half the schnitzels or rice noodles instead of udon noodles for half of us.

This is another reason the 6 meals for 6 people works so well for us.

One of the boxes is portioned ready for the two of us who have allergies and it is easy to swap.

As gluten and dairy-free foods are more expensive if you are doing substitutes, we prefer to cook 2 options for some meals to save money.

One allergy-friendly, one with regular ingredients.


In terms of packaging, EveryPlate is the clear winner compared to the other services.

I love that EveryPlate has less packaging because the food isn’t split into individual meal kits so I don’t have 6 brown paper bags to get rid of.

Also, as some things such as oil or vinegar aren’t included, I don’t have numerous little plastic tubs to dispose of either.

It is a much more environmentally friendly option than some of the others out there.

In our family, sustainability and the impact on the environment is important, EveryPlate is definitely the more sustainable option if you are getting a meal kit.

We used the boxes when moving recently too and they held up extremely well.


EveryPlate has quite a variety now including vegetarian, gluten-free and a mix of meat options so you won’t end up with mince every night.

We usually select a variety each week with 2 vegetarian, 2 chicken and 2 beef.

There are recipes from all over the world so it is a great way to try different foods and get your kids experimenting with food more.

Recipes inspired by Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand, America, the Caribbean and more.

Our favourites include Mexican-inspired dishes, Dhal from India and Jerk Chicken from the Caribbean. All-American BBQ was popular with our friends too.

These are the dishes my kids specifically request now and enjoy cooking.

My Overall Opinion

EveryPlate is the lowest price meal kit already, with the discount (use the code THRIFTYEPLATE) you save even more.

As a busy mother of two teens, a toddler and an 8 month old baby, EveryPlate makes my life easier without costing extra.

My teenagers can do the meal plan for the week and alternate cooking.

They cook 2 nights a week each using the easy to follow recipes from EveryPlate.

Reducing the mental load for me about what to cook and the effort of cooking has been a lifesaver.

Originally, the meals were heavily skewed to being carrot, potato and other carb-based but now, there is more variety which keeps everyone in my house happy.

Get Up To $170 Off Your First Five Boxes

If you want to try EveryPlate, I highly recommend doing it with the code THRIFTEMPLATE so you get the best value.

Pause the following week so you can try your first box then if you like it, continue your subscription.

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