Get $100 for new ING customers

How to get $100 free with ING

I’ve been with ING for years as one of my main banks, especially when I travel overseas. With no account keeping fees or fees when I am overseas, they have been more affordable than the big banks.
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Right now you can get a $100 bonus for new customers too! It’s easy to sign up but be sure to use the code CNW116 or you won’t get your bonus.

What to do to get Your Bonus $100

Head to and open a new Orange Everyday Account by June 30, 2020.

Use the code CNW116 in the promo box when signing up. This is crucial or you won’t get your bonus.

Next Steps

Opening your account won’t take long. Next you need to deposit $1,000 within a month into the account. This can be your wage, Centrelink benefits, anything.

Make 5 transactions using your new ING card and open a Savings Maximiser. The transactions must be completed not pending to count. And you need to transfer something to your Savings Maximiser.

How is the $100 Paid?
Once you have completed all the steps, ING will pay the $100 directly into your account. You don’t need to do anything more than the above steps to get it.

What Would you do with an extra $100?

With $100, you can set up a business or use these ideas to make and save more. $100 can go a long way if you’re smart with it.

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