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About The Thrifty Issue

Owned by me – Kylie Travers, I went from homeless single mother because of domestic violence to multiple international award-winning CEO, speaker, author, business consultant and ambassador. I am extremely passionate about empowering women through financial independence.

I share my personal tips, tricks, methods and lifestyle from back when I was a single mother relying on Centrelink to where I am now – travelling the world with my two daughters and living a pretty free life.

Kylie Travers

Financial freedom was always my goal and I love helping others achieve it too. How we live is our choice. I choose to live frugally, travel and have an unconventional lifestyle. You can find some of it on this site and social channels FacebookInstagramPinterest and Twitter or join The Thrifty Issue Facebook Group.

Despite facing numerous obstacles including domestic violence, homelessness, mental health issues, paralysis (twice), multiple surgeries and some cancer issues, I love my life. I learnt so much from each obstacle and turned them into opportunities. You can find out more about that at www.kylietravers.com.au.

I grew up in a frugal, heavily religious family in Tasmania, then Canberra from 12 and Sydney from 18. Mum stayed at home, Dad worked for the government and was a bishop/minister of the church. I married young (19!) and divorced at 27, at which time I also left the church.

Fast forward to now, I have full custody of my daughters and a free life. My eldest has autism, we travel a lot, I have a few businesses and love empowering others through financial freedom. There are so many ways to make money and live the life you want!

Me on a trip to Fiji as a travel writer

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