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Is Up Bank Any Good? Review of Up Bank + $14 Bonus Instantly

Is Up Bank Any Good? Review of Up Bank + $14 Bonus Instantly

How to get $14 Instantly with Up Bank and Enjoy Fee-Free Banking

Up is a fee-free online-only banking option that has been around for a few years now and they are backed by Bendigo Bank.

Review of Up Bank + An Instant Cash Bonus

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How do I get $14 Instantly from Up

I realise most people reading this are interested in the free cash bonus Up has when you join. It is so simple.

Join online in a few minutes here and they add $14 to your account instantly.

You will need your ID and details to add but it is a quick, secure process.

What is Up Bank?

Up Bank is an online-only option for banking that is partnered with Bendigo Bank.

They are fee-free so no monthly account-keeping fees, overdraft fees etc.

You have the options of regular everyday accounts, savings accounts and joint accounts.

Up launched in 2018, so they’ve been around a while.

They make it extremely easy to organise your money, track it all, save and improve your finances.

There are also some cool perks.

What is Up Customer Service Like?

In the app, there is a section to contact customer service instantly, they respond promptly and will let you know if there are any delays.

This makes contacting them while travelling or when you’re busy easy as you do not have to stay on a phone call.

Does Up Work Overseas?

Up is easy to use anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Tell Up where you are travelling so they don’t put a block on your card and transactions.

Some shop owners/cashiers will look at the card weirdly because there are no numbers on the front, the details are all on the back.

Once it processes though, they are fine with it.

And of course, anywhere with tap and pay can accept it when you load it on your phone.

How do I Deposit Cash?

As with other online-only banks, you can deposit cash and cheques at any Australia Post office.

It might feel weird at first but they are so used to doing these transactions.

It doesn’t take long and the money is in your account immediately.

What Perks does Up Banking Have?

Buy your coffee with your Up between 7am and 11am weekdays and you might get the cost of your coffee covered.

Spend up to $6.50 using your Up card and if you win, you’ll be notified.

Along with fee-free banking, potentially getting your daily coffee for free is a great perk.

Another perk is the refer a friend bonus. Starting at $5 in your first year and increasing every year you have the app (hence why you can get an $8 bonus from me instead of $5), it’s a great little perk.

Each week, 5 lucky people also win $100 for referring a mate.

What About Joint and Savings Accounts?

Up makes joint accounts super easy. Both be members of Up and then either one of your can invite the other to create a joint account.

Savings accounts are easy to set up with a few clicks as well plus they have bonus interest rates that can be activated when you save.

There is a round-up feature you can utilise to boost your savings too.

Review of Up Bank + An Instant Cash Bonus

How do You Use the Up App?

It is quick and easy to install, sign up and get your $14 bonus.

Swiping across will show you the different sections including your Up Profile, Activity, Payments, Savers, Upcoming Expenses and Customer Service.

To access your BSB and Account, refer a friend, perks and other details, swipe to the very first page and all your information can be found there.

Save $1,000

Up has a cool little feature to encourage you to save. Join the challenge to save $1,000 this year.

You set the amount and are in control.

Up makes it fun for you and if you stick to it, you’ll have $1,000 saved!

Overall Thoughts About Up Banking

If you’re after an easy to use, fee-free bank with great perks, excellent customer service and good interest rates, Up is an option. Get your $14 sign up bonus now.

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Review of Up Bank + An Instant Cash Bonus

Get a $125 Bonus from ING

Until 30 September 2024, ING is offering $125 cash to new account holders. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open an everyday account and put the promo code CNW116 in the promo box (you must use the code to get the $125 bonus) and complete all the steps below in the first month.
  2. Deposit $1,000 into the account such as your income or Centrelink payments within the month
  3. Make 5 settled transactions
  4. Open a Savings Maximiser (current interest rate is 5.5%)
  5. Make a deposit of ANY amount into the Savings Maximiser

Then you get your $125 the following month. Note: The $1,000 deposit doesn’t need to be $1,000 at once, it can be smaller amounts as long as it is $1,000 total within the month.

How to get a $125 bonus from ING

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.