How to easily get $2,000 in time for Christmas!

Do you need to find the money for Christmas but don’t know how you’ll do it? The average Christmas spend is $1,000 to $2,000 for most countries with Aussies totalling over $10 billion alone on gifts! With Christmas only a few months away I know it’s stressing some families out. Here we share how you can easily get $2,000 without changing too much or putting in too much effort. In an upcoming post we will share all the ways to get what you need for Christmas discounted or free!

My biggest tip, for everything we suggest here and the money you save or make, put it in a designated Christmas fund! It’s easy to have small amount absorbed into what you do every day so make sure you transfer it to your Christmas fund.

1.) Open an ING account – $100 bonus

If you open an ING everyday account you could be eligible for a $75 bonus. Use this to kickstart your Christmas fund! Use the code CNW116 to get the $100 when you sign up here. You usually get $50, provided you meet their criteria, until February 28th, 2018, you can get $100!

2.) Use Hello Fresh once – $50

With this link, you get $50 to spend at Hello Fresh. Take the $50 you would normally have spent on groceries and put it into your Christmas account as well. Personally, I found portions to be large and I got the $69.95 box (so did spend $19.95) for 3 meals but those meals were filling and larger than our regular serves. I have tested Aussie Farmers Direct, Hello Fresh and Marley Spoon so far and will post my comparison soon. Hello Fresh and Aussie Farmers were my preferred so far.

3.) Save money every pay – $120

We have 84 days or 12 weeks until Christmas. If you get paid weekly and can save $100 from each pay, go you! You’d have $1,200 by Christmas! However, based on answers elsewhere, I am betting you don’t have a spare $100 a week to put aside. Start saving something!

If you save $5 a week between now and Christmas that’s an extra $60 in your Christmas fund. Save $10 and it’s $120. Select an amount and have it done automatically to help.

4.) Plan it out – Over $100

What do you need money for? Who are you buying gifts for and what gifts are you buying? Are you travelling and how much do you need for that?

Gifts: use a free app such as Santa’s Bag to organise your gift list then look at ways to do presents cheaper such as using sign-up bonuses, freebies, entering competitions and giveaways anywhere you see them etc.  For example Howards Storage World, Kikki K and The Body Shop all offer $10 when you sign up. You can find a full list of sign up freebies here.

Alternatively, cash in your points from different loyalty programs to use towards gifts.

If you shop online, make sure you sign up for Cash Rewards and PricePal then add their extension to your Chrome browser. They pop up when you can get cash back on any purchase. This could save you hundreds!

Travel: If you need to book accommodation you can get $50 off with AirBnB here or you could look at renting your place out to make money while gone. My area sees an increase in prices around this time of year and I know others who make $500 to $1,500 for a week.

If you need to Uber get $10 to $25 off your first ride with the code kyliet591ue
Or try Car Next Door if you need to hire a car. Get $15 off here.

Shop around, compare prices and make sure you get the best deal on everything you do!

5.) Try Woolworths online shopping – $20

If you sign up to Cash Rewards and activate it when shopping with Woolworths you can get $20 back from your first shop! Put that $20 into your Christmas fund, along with all the other money listed above and you are well on your way.

Another bonus I have noticed with Woolworths is I always get a freebie to try. It happens for my friends too, an extra product thrown in which so far has been samples or a small pack of the more expensive brand of something I usually buy. E.g one shop I had cheap shaving cream and I got two samples of an expensive one to try. Next shop I ordered bananas and I got organic ones as well to try, last shop was salmon with an extra pack of salmon. These are small savings but they add up.

6.) Cash in reward points $200+

Some people save their points all year to cash in at Christmas. If the amount you’re spending on groceries throughout the year, plus gifts, clothes etc at locations with reward clubs is the same as the average Australian, you are likely to have accrued $200+ in points on FlyBuys, Everyday Rewards and similar. Check all the reward clubs you belong to and check our list of Australian VIP or loyalty clubs here.

If you have a frequent flyer credit card and accrue points you can have even more!

7.) Sell unwanted stuff – $500

Clear out your house, garage and shed to find stuff to sell. Niche sale groups on Facebook and Gumtree have been the places for selling items lately for me. You can check out how I’ve made over $10,000 a month buying stuff to resell here. Most people I know easily find $500 to $5,000 worth of items to sell immediately, with other people making that or more each month.

8.) Online surveys – $50

Online surveys can help bring in a little extra cash. Swagbucks is one where you can earn from surveys, daily polls, searching online through using them instead of Google, get Swagbucks for shopping and bonus Swagbucks codes are offered at times. Plus, in-store some gift cards are discounts so instead of it costing $50, it can be $39 (based on their point system).

Another Australian online survey site that pays higher than most is Octopus Group. Check out our favourite online survey sites here.

9.) Mystery shopping – $100

Most mystery shopping I have been offered was clothing or food between $20 and $50. Do a few shops to get both cash and items you can use for Christmas. Find out how in this post.

10.) Market research – $100

Market research companies typically pay $100 for an hour of your time giving feedback on a product. Some are done from home, others on the phone but most are in office. Check out how to do it in this article.

11.) Rent a room – $1,200

If you have a spare room and rent it out at even $100 a week you could have $1,200 between now and Christmas. Most places can rent for more than $100 per week, plus you can either increase the price to include bills or choose to split the bills. I’ve also done an arrangement where they pay for groceries and I’ll cook for everyone at a few places I’ve lived. I had to cook anyway and this meant I ate for free! They were all more than happy for it too. Make sure you get everything in writing, have a lease and thoroughly interview prospective tenants.

You can choose to rent a room on Airbnb because the nightly rate is usually more than a weekly rate for a regular boarder but it can be erratic. You can read this post for more ideas and see how you can make your home pay for itself.

12.) Offer services- $500+

Check out Airtasker, Gumtree and similar sites to see what odd jobs people need to have done such as delivering items, setting up furniture, connecting TV’s etc. Offer your services for ironing, babysitting, cleaning, lawn mowing or anything else you want to take on. This time of year requests for domestic services increase and you could easily make some money with friends and family connections.

Most of these services pay between $20 and $50 per hour. A few hours a week could easily make some good cash.

13.) Check out 10 ways to make $1,000 this month

This post has a selection of ways you can make $1,000 from driving Uber to doing party plan, freelance writing to sending jokes to magazines. Find what works for you then do it and put the cash towards your Christmas fund.

All up, if you did all of these you would have well over the $2,000 needed! How are you paying for Christmas?

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