The Best Australian Cash Back and Discount Sites or Apps

Anytime you spend money you want to make sure you are getting the best price, right? On top of discounts and sale prices, some places or items also have cashback options. Here are the sites and apps we use regularly for discounts, coupons and cashback on our purchases. They are all free to join. 

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Honey is an extension you add to your internet browser which pops up when you can save money. It will search for discount codes, cashback options and anything else to make your purchase cheaper for you. Over the years, this has been the best one I have used. Sign up free here.


With offers for numerous stores and a handy popup to let you know where there are discounts, Shopback is popular. Shop as you would normally and click when it pops up or shop through the site and get your cashback. They also offer Afterpay making it easier. Join Shopback and get $5!


CashRewards has numerous offers and cashback options, even for Woolworths, Apple and more. You join for free, add the extension to your browser and download the app then use it whenever you shop or search the site for specifics you want to see what offers there. Sign up free here.

Trailing commissions

Any services you get such as a bank loan, mortgage, health insurance etc charge commissions. There are services you can use to claim this back from the moment you sign up with them. If you have a few services this can result in thousands over a year or two. I have reached out to a few but haven’t heard back and since I haven’t personally used them, I don’t have specific ones to recommend.

Other Discounts

Aside from the above sites searching for coupon codes, you can also join VIP or loyalty clubs to get rewarded (we listed the Australian ones we know of here), check out these 10 ways to get discounts or coupons in Australia or sign up for all the birthday freebies at your favourite cafes and stores.

Apps With Discounts

There are so many apps you can use for different things, depending on how you want to save money. Below are some of my favourites for my most used categories.

Travel Apps

Airbnb is great for accommodation. Get $55 to $76 off your first booking here. We usually book a whole apartment or home this way. Check reviews, don’t rent from someone when it is their first time hosting and be aware, not everyone has the same standards of cleanliness.

Skyscanner is my favourite for flights. I’ve used other sites or at least checked them but almost always book through Skyscanner. They scan all available flights through their partners and present you with options. Check the reviews of the specific site you plan to book through first though. has a great app to save money with all aspects of travel too. I also compare using, Expedia, Wotif and Lastminute.

Shopping Apps

1 Trolley (previously Trolley Saver) is the most popular app to save money on your groceries and you can set it to show the details for your area. On average users saved $74!

Frugl compares and makes it easy to find the discounts too. Coles and Woolworths have their own apps so you can track your spending, work out your groceries, order and streamline your groceries.

How do you get cashback?

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  1. I have also used RewardsCentral for cash back/gift cards. I usually use for gift cards, since the money can take 8 weeks to be in the account. They also offer surveys and other things as well. I often look here if Cashrewards or Flybuys don’t have the stores listed. 🙂

    • Interesting, as everyone else I know found RC to be one of the worst for cashback etc. I stopped using it a few years ago. Has it improved?

      • I can’t recall how long it took me to redeem, but I haven’t been doing much as fat as surveys are concerned lately. I have redeemed a fair few times over the past few years though.

  2. Good article! I’m also using rewards app. Really good. I recommended a few friends, linked my account and after using the application for about 3 months.

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