How to make money with AirBnB

$100 Challenge Home and Garden Make Money

Are you not keen on having someone live in your home full time with you but have the space and would like to make some extra cash?
I tested out AirBnB this month. I have used it before and stayed at other people’s homes but never rented out my own space. It was a spur of the moment decision so I used the app on my phone. In future I would do it on the site and I did end up editing my listing with my laptop.

How to rent a room on AirBnB

It was so easy – I took a picture of the room, listed my space with the picture, a description of the house, set some house rules, selected my price (based on a little under similar rooms in my city because I am on the outskirts, not in the city).

Within 24 hours I had a booking from a couple in Melbourne who wanted to stay a few nights on their way to Sydney. I made more with those few nights than I would have renting the room out for a week. I learnt a couple of things from that first experience and edited my listing accordingly.

How do you list on AirBnB?

It’s a simple process. Take a picture of the room you are renting and any other things they may be using, such as the bathroom, kitchen (not everyone offers use of the kitchen), the outside of your home if you wish.
Follow the steps to describe your room, what is included in the price, where you are located etc.
It is an extremely easy process.

What do I recommend?

Be descriptive and clear on what is and what isn’t included.
I was detailed and outlined that this is a home with a mum and two kids. We have one half of the house and generally keep to ourselves, but it is not a totally private house all to yourself. I made it clear I am not right in the city and that no smoking, no pets and no parties were allowed.

Add a cleaning fee
When I listed on the app I wasn’t prompted to add a cleaning fee, so with my first booking there wasn’t one. Guests expect to pay one, so don’t be afraid to add a cleaning fee. If you rent the room a few nights a week this can help pay for someone else to clean it or the bathroom.

Include basics
I have a bag of travel samples, so the room came with a towel each, shampoo, conditioner, body wash etc. I also offer use of my kitchen, but not everyone does. I also offer a breakfast option.

Add a guidebook
This shows guests places near you, what you recommend and why, plus how far those things are from your house.

Write out instructions for your guests
I had a little list of helpful tips, the wifi password, how to use the TV, how to turn on heating etc.

Block out times
If there are times you don’t want guests, get in and block out times to ensure no one books. 

Check out this

Check the experts
My friend Paula Pant is able to travel the world because of her real estate investments and one of them is 100% an AirBnB place. Check out her tips for AirBnB on the Neverending Nomad.

As you can tell, I am a fan of AirBnB. Yes, I am aware there are a few cases of things going wrong. this is why I pick and choose who I accept a booking from. You get more bookings if you do instant book, but I prefer being able to suss out who is staying in my home a bit more.

Total made from this after fees was $213. Not bad for a few minutes to list, another 10 to set the room up and then do what I normally do around my own home. This brings the total for my extra $100 a day challenge to $780!

Have you used AirBnB? What do you think?

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  1. This sounds like a business I started in Adelaide years ago to coincide with the first Australian Grand Prix. Insurance companies were reluctant to endorse a system of private rentals. So homeowners were not covered (if the guest was injured on the property or their home contents were stolen or damaged.). How did your insurance company react?

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