How to Make Money With Airtasker

Top Tips for Making Money With Airtasker

I first tried Airtasker in 2015 and it was great. Others I know have continued to use it and now make a regular income from it. Airtasker has a variety of options because anyone can post any job they want done, the budget they have and then you can bid to get it.

Here are all my tips on using it both to make money and hire others.

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How to Make Money With Airtasker

Firstly, sign up for free here. It’s quick and easy. Have a look around and see what sort of jobs there are. Set up your profile accurately then get to bidding or putting up a job for others.

Be Clear About What you are Required to do

Some tasks look simple but when you get into it further, there is more required than first thought. Be extremely clear on what is required for the time and effort you are putting in. Also, be aware, some people ask for some really weird tasks to be done.

Look at Time vs Income

Is it worth your time or would you be better off doing something else in that timeframe? Some tasks can look easy then when you learn more will require hours for less than $5 per hour.

Weigh up the amount of time it will take to do a particular task with the amount you will be paid. There are plenty of well paid options so don’t get sucked into low paying ones.

Be Aware Of The Fee

There is a fee paid to Airtasker in anything you do. Be aware of it when calculating your offer for a job. Some readers have been caught out with that. It will show up before you place your offer just how much is taken as it depends on the level you are on.

Be Reliable

If you say you are going to do something, do it and do it well. Not completing tasks will impact your score.

What have you done with Airtasker?

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