Best Australian Online Survey Sites – Earn Over $2,000

Which Online Survey Sites are the Best for Aussies? 

Online survey sites can be a great way to make money. Many can be done by Aussies even if they are American and it means you get paid in USD.  Below are the ones that have been great for me, plus others recommended by readers which make most people $2,000 to $5,000 a year.

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All of the following sites have personally been used by myself, friend and family. If you know of any more, feel free to let us know so we can check them out. Either email them through to [email protected] or leave them in the comments.

To make money from online survey’s, make sure you complete the profiles accurately and update them if your circumstances change. It’s your profile which is matched to the needs of those running the survey. The sites I have listed below have more options to make money as well.

Make sure you set up a separate email address for online surveys. You can get a lot of notifications which will fill your inbox.

Disclosure, a couple of these are affiliate links. You can find my full disclosure here.

1.) Swagbucks – Average $1,200


With minimal effort, Swagbucks has consistently been one of my favourites. You can earn money with games, TV, surveys, using Swagbucks to search instead of Google, using the Swagbucks extension to earn points on your shopping, completing the daily poll and joining Swago.

$175 USD a month is the most I have made. $50 to $100 is more common. 

You earn “Swagbucks” which are converted to cash (in US Dollars, so generally worth more) or gift cards on the site. I have been using them for a few years and while not a huge moneymaker, I use them for things I already do so the points add up. Plus, many gift cards go on sale so petrol, Big W or similar cards worth $50, only cost $39 using points.

Download the app and you can make money doing a survey while waiting for your coffee, answer the daily poll in an ad break while watching TV, do a quick shop while waiting for your kids to finish school or search for anything while waiting for dinner to cook.

You can redeem your Swagbucks instantly online with 500 Swagbucks being equal to $5 but you need more than that to cash out.

2.) Octopus – $1,200


Not one I recommend much anymore. Many readers have said they get screened out of most surveys now, there are fewer surveys and while they do pay the highest, they aren’t as good as they were when they started.

Be aware, if you sign up and don’t do surveys you will be removed. Also, if you refer anyone and get paid but they don’t do surveys, Octopus Group will take the money back so your account can end up in the negative. In fact, they do culls with no warning so be careful of that.  You can sign up to Octopus here.

3.) Prize Rebel – $450USD Annually

Prize Rebel is newer for me so I wanted to test it more. Last month I made $35usd through it with little effort. It’s free to join and while I didn’t make as much as other sites with it, you might make more. It’s free to join here.

4.) Market Research Options

Market research is slightly different from online surveys. The opportunities are usually spaced out a little more, the screening surveys can take a little time but the payments can be much higher. I

have regularly gotten $100 to $150 with Farron Research and I have often had $50+ worth of food or $100+ in cash with Social Soup, doing market research. Sometimes the market research is done in the office, other times it can be done online or from home.

Recommended By Readers

6.) Purkle

I haven’t made anything with them but readers have sworn by Purkle so I am including it here. As with the others, you get sent surveys or you can log in. It is a fairly easy process to sign up and to do the surveys.

7.) AttaPoll

AttaPoll is an app so you need to join on your phone. I haven’t found it to be that good but quite a few readers recommended it and you can get credits easily. A good one to have on your phone and do watching TV a night.

8.) Univox

This one is quick and easy to join but make sure you take the time to fill out your profile properly to get the best results. I get so many surveys sent to me for this one and customer service was good.

9.) Market Agent

This was super easy to sign up to and has offered a few surveys. Other readers have made a decent amount from them plus they have an app, so again, another one that can be done anywhere!

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Other Sites

I have come across a few other online survey sites I will test out and add here if they are ok. I have tried RewardsCentral and MyOpinions in the past but it took over a year to earn enough to cash out back then, yet some readers have now said they earn good money with them, though others still say there are issues and they’re a scam.

Pureprofile is another our readers have loved. I used it years ago but had issues this year with payments plus you can only cash out a certain amount every 2 months.

Bonus tips

– Be aware you are not going to make a full-time income filling out surveys. The hourly rate is typically pretty low and it can be slow. Most people I know use it as a way to reduce the pressure of Christmas or as a way to save for a holiday/other extras.

– Get a separate email address for survey sites. They can send a lot of mail which feels like it is cluttering your inbox plus some companies (not the ones we have listed) are unethical and sell your email address or spam you.


Your Voice has now been reported by a few readers as being one to not payout and closing accounts with no warning/no reason. To be clear, these are readers I trust and have known for a while. Avoid Your Voice.

Rewards Central is the lowest paying, worst online survey site in Australia. You will eventually get paid, but it takes forever and is not worth looking at!
Two members have reported issues with Survey Junkie too.
I’ll add more as I hear of them.

If you know of other survey sites, let us know! Do you do online surveys? What is your experience?

Be sure to read The Ultimate Guide to Make and Save Money at Home for more ideas. 

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    1. I find My Opinions really good and never have any issue with them. Your Voice has gotten much slower but you don’t have to wait for emails either Just go on to your dashboard and check. I got an extra two surveys today alone doing that. RewardsCentral is just rubbish now. They got taken over and things got changed and if you don’t shop through them you’ll get next to no points. There are heaps of survey sites out there. I’m a member of about 12 and always have over $100 a month coming in. Every little bit adds up!

      • For me MyOpinions was good too for over 3 years (I was making between $60-$150 per week) Any little problems had always been replied to and fixed promptly In March 2020 however they cancelled my account for supposedly having more than one account Trying to contact them this time was useless Almost six months of trying and they won’t reply I wonder if they’ve been bought out by some dodgy company Probably Has anyone else had this problem over the last six months?

        • So sorry to hear that Jenny. Unfortunately, yes, I have heard of this from quite a few people. They were great then just closed accounts or didn’t respond etc.

    2. Dear Author,

      There is a new contender in the Australian Online survey market,, I’ve read their website and have joined up. It was pretty easy.

      And they list that their MINIMUM survey rate is almost double the nearest provider.

      They are pretty frank with their details, maybe you should quiz them and let your readers know the outcomes?

    3. Swagbucks doesn’t seem to offer $5 for 500 Swagbucks anymore. 2500 SBs for US$25 are the minimum if you want to redeem in cash.

    4. I was able to earn like 10 dollars a week on myopinions and its pretty good to use too. Will try octopus.

    5. I should have thanked you for writing this. Your post was helpful to someone who in need. You exactly discussed how to make money at home.

    6. Your Voice (Aust) was great for a long while – recently run out of e-vouchers very quickly, you claim the voucher then the next day, they state out of stock. Contacting them is ok, but their reply email is usually a generic email. I am owed $50 worth of e-vouchers which doesn’t seem much but for all my time completing surveys, I do expect a reward and honesty from Your Voice

      • I haven’t used them in a long time, but others had with good success. Have you tried their contact number on the Facebook page 1-800-601-253? The page isn’t active but the phone number might have a better result than email. I definitely think you should be paid $50 might not be a lot to some, for others it is the groceries for a week.

        • RE: Your Voice (Aust) – to be fair, after a few months of coming and going of e-mails, they have corrected my account and I have received what was owed to me. Hopefully now I can continue to enjoy completing surveys without any issues taking so long to resolve.

    7. I was one of those people that had their YOUR VOICE closed down for no reason. This happened when i tried to cash out my $20 report. I had an account with them for 4 years without a hiccup then this. They are now ignoring me totally I WAS SHOCKED. I agree not to join YOUR VOICE

    8. Your voice suspended my account No reason also did not pay my paypal redemption which was being processed $20..and also pocketed my balance accrued….Right on Christmas what corrupt behaviour..AVOID at all costs..

    9. Thanks for the amazing post! This really takes earning money with surveys to the next level and can help anyone.

      I’ve wasted so much time trying to earn money with surveys, however a few months ago I signed up to a survey site that claimed to provide high paying surveys. I got paid $50 for my first survey and have been making good money since then. The best part about this is, literally, anyone can do this.

      • Octopus does it straight into the bank. Swagbucks can be paid as USD into Paypal then transferred to your bank, Market Research is usually paid in cash or into your bank and Vindale is done via Paypal then you transfer to your bank. Hope that helps.

    10. Do not trust – tried to redeem my points ($15) and my account was cancelled supposedly for breaching terms and conditions. I have tried to contact them three times now to ask what happened and the only reply is an automated “We have received your unsubscription request”! They are a scam, totally dishonest.

    11. Wish I’d read this earlier, I have in the past gotten vouchers via Your Voice no problem, but I now have a PayPal account so thought I’d give that a go, ( I have gotten cash via My Opinions no problem straight away) requested this yesterday and as of today, still sitting as processing

    12. Myopinions puts money into paypal straight away I use them all the time I make about $80 a month with myopinions. But I did a survey with Yourvoice 2 weeks ago for $30 which was a 3-5 hour survey. I had to wait 2 weeks to get the points which I only got yesterday. I put the money straight into my paypal account which went into my account sometime today. the annoying part about it tho is that myopinions and yourvoice are both part of survey sampling international and that is who pays me on paypal so why cant the pay out process be the same.

    13. Myopinions and there other 3 sister sites are corrupt as they kick you if you earn to much a week off them and say you violated there terms and conditions and your account is terminated. These are all good when earning good money but watch out they will slow you down and terminate your account when you try and redeem your points.
      Total waste of time dont use them but one point of advice is not to keep your points redeem it straight away so they can terminate your account

      • They actually have a few sister websites and apps these days and they actually annoy me to tears. ive had my account terminated 3 times last year because 4 years ago I made another account with a different email address. I told them to delete the account and give me my account back, they gave me my account back and didn’t delete the other and terminated my account. I ended up losing it. but you can only cash out once a week of $50 or something along those line into paypal with them which actually really sucks because I did a 26 week survey last year and got like $150 from it so it can be alright but it can also be a pain in the ass.

    14. Myopinions survey site is a scam. They accuse you of breaching terms of service as soon as you go to claim money.
      I never breached the terms and a lot of people are saying the same thing. Stay away.

    15. Valued Opinions is also quite a good site. They pay out in egiftcards and offer a wide array of different surveys to do. I also like My Surveys as they also offer e-gift cards and pay pal. There are lots of good survey sites out there but you need to pick and choose which ones are right for you. Some survey companies offer you lots of surveys but you may be half way through and they jump you out and give you nothing.

      Survey junkie are one of those survey companies that give you lots of surveys but I have found you answered like ta of questions and suddenly you don’t qualify and therefore have just wasted like to of time.

      IZatsu aren’t bad and they can offer things like online forums mainly but sometimes the survey site gives you heaps of surveys and then suddenly nothing for 3 months.

      I don’t mind My Opinions as I have made quite a lot of money and vouchers over the past few years.

    16. Myopinions are the worst survey site out there. My account was also terminated when I tried to cash out $80. Took them 2 weeks to give me no answer and confirm the account would stay terminated. No reason given.

      I then registered with another email and went to cash out $20. Again, account terminated with no reason. 

      Do they rip everyone off ?

      Why do they wait until cashing out if there is an issue?  So they can keep earning off your survey completed.

      Why don’t they give you a warning so you can correct whatever is causing an issue.

      Never had any issues with any other site.

      Don’t waste your time with them.

    17. Doing paid surveys sure is a good way to earn side incomes. Swagbucks is also on my top list but I also continue to explore other new ones and remain cautious. Thanks for some bonus tips and a few sites to avoid. Kudos!

    18. Hi,
      Please avoid wdyt! They used to be good but not anymore.
      I ordered $20 e-gift card last November and nothing. They don’t reply to my e-mails…

    19. Please test them again then. They were OK with payments until November 2018… This is the first time they did not pay or answer to my e-mails…

      • Hi Elena, we have already said we will and we are in the process of doing so. We haven’t had an issue with them in 10 years so it is a surprise but we are checking them again.

    20. Hi I’m wondering how are you earning so much per month on Swagbucks? Is it from mainly the surveys? The videos only earn a couple points after watching many several and the surveys pay less than $1 per survey. I’m having trouble getting 100 points let alone 2500.

      • Hi Ben, do you do Swagos when they come up? And are you using Swagbucks as a search engine instead of Google? Also, they have bonus codes they share on Facebook you can put in for extra points. There is the daily poll (only worth 1 point but that is 365 a year). The surveys have varied a lot in my experience, some paying more than others. There is also a refer a friend option. That is not included in my total above (the referrals would push the amount much higher and be unrealistic for the average person) but you can refer a few people you know.

        This is based on readers, not just me. I earn more than $25 a month on Swagbucks but some of that is referrals. Readers I polled stated $25 is their average as did people I know personally.

        Edited to add – also add it to your toolbar so when you do online shopping you can earn points. Unless the cash back option from other sites is higher. I have a few installed and always select the highest option.

    21. I’ve had mixed opinions about myopinions. Ive cashed out a small amount before but one of my friends had trouble getting his money after trying to cash out $30, so I’m not sure whats going on with that site.

      PureProfile is a pretty good one actually, it pays to paypal and each survey is really well paid and easy to do. The only annoying thing is it can take a while to get the money after cashing out. But I’ve always gotten it without fail and the few issues i had with a couple surveys were fixed after an email.

    22. Well where do I start. I have been doing online surveys since 2004 and some like Pureprofile, I am still doing. I have about 18 on my favourites list but really only a few like PP, Lifepoints, Purkle, MyOpinions, Valued Opinions, Octopus, RewardsCentral, MyView, Survey Village, NewsConnect, Empowered Surveys and OpinionWorld are actually worth doing. However, some like OW, RC, MV, SV and Purkle can take a long time to gt enough points to redeem a $20 ecard. I usually make around $40 to $100 a week which I redeem for ecards to buy groceries online. Now RewardsCentral used to be good at replying but for most of this year, not one reply when I send a message about missing points. I have worked out that they now owe me around 25,000 to 30,000 points. Some have FB pages but some like RC do not. Or some do but never interact with members. So now I refuse to do long ones from RC. Besides, about 90% don’t work anyway. PP would get 10/10 but I give it 7/10 because of their ridiculous redemption policy of only allowing you to redeem a maximum of $70 in 60 days. They keep saying they are looking into it and are going to make changes but the only one was raising it from $50 to $70. I have suggested many times that they could change it to $100 a month but I have been warned to not go on about it or I will have my account deleted. I have nearly $200 in my account but have to wait until the end of December to redeem MY money but again, only a maximum of $70. I am on DSP and have many health and physical issues so stay home pretty much all the time. I do enjoy doing most of the surveys but don’t like the long ones that pay very little. Apologies for the length of this message. I wish someone would make a FB page like this one about which survey sites are good or bad.

      • Hi Jonno, thank you so much for sharing your experience! It helps others when they get to read it. We do discuss it a little in The Thrifty Issue Facebook Group sometimes you can join here.

        I agree about PureProfile, the limit on cashing out has been frustrating for many, especially if you want to save it for Christmas which makes sense.

    23. Hi,
      I have been using Qmee for the past couple of months and I rate it 10 out of 10. They have an app to download from Google play store if you have an Android, signing up is straightforward and simple, make sure to fully complete your profile and your set ready to go. It’s better to keep active and keep completing surveys each day as the reward goes up by 10%. You can cash out at any amount there is no set amount and payment can either be a gift card, donation to charity or a transfer into your PayPal account which is paid instantly there’s no wait time. I have not had a single problem with Qmee at all it’s all very straightforward and easy. I definitely recommend this app

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