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9 Ways to Make Money on the Side Now

9 Ways to Make Money on the Side Now

How to Make Money on the Side Now

Over the years I’ve experimented with different side hustles so I could write about them for you.

And to find the ones that made the most money with the least amount of effort.

Different stages of life contributed to what I could or couldn’t do to make money, which is the same for all of us. 

Right now, I have 4 kids at home (2 teens and 2 toddlers) and am doing it mostly on my own due to their father’s career and other factors.

As a commercial diver, he’s often away, works long hours and we often don’t know from day to day where he will be as it can change based on emergencies.

There are cultural and family obligations overseas, real estate and business there as well (Vanuatu).

All this is to say my time is extremely limited now compared to a few years ago when I trialled side hustles and made $33,277.57 on the side in 12 months

So what’s working for me now?

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How to make money on the side right now

Disclosure: This article may include affiliate links.

1. Blogging

I own a few sites but they are all done part time or outsourced. None of them have been my full time gig although it might look like this one is.

Most of my sites I established or acquired a while ago but you can still start a blog/website today, market it well and make money.

However, it helps to create strong social media channels at the same time which provides a few ways to bring in income for the one ‘brand’ or website.

It can be a lot of work to get started and get out there. If you have good systems in place it can work well.

Read how to start a blog and make money blogging for more information.

How Much Can You Make Blogging?

Your income can vary greatly depending on niche, income streams, where you live, how dedicated you are and if you build it well.

Some of my sites make 6 figures, others 5 figures and when first starting a site some only made a few hundred in their first 6 months.

How Much Money Can You Make Blogging?

Ads, sponsored posts, affiliate links and your own products or services are the most common ways bloggers make money.

Combining them all means you have multiple streams of income and can see which ones work best for you.

All 4 of those options have worked well for me but my preference is affiliate links for products and services I use followed by ads.

I cover this in detail here: how to start a blog and make money blogging. You can leave a comment or email if you have more questions.

I also offer limited coaching sessions upon request for this. Contact me to discuss.

How to make money on the side right now

2. Freelance Writing

Getting paid to travel or making money from any travel we do has been fantastic. My kids love that this is one of my side gigs.

Some of my friends do freelance writing full time but due to commitments with my kids, I haven’t had the capacity to do anything full-time.

Finance, travel, business and parenting are the top niches my friends make money in with freelance writing.

Travel has been my favourite type of freelance writing due to my income and experiences. It isn’t easy to get into but for me has been worth it and usually resulted in more work than simply an article.

For example, I’d do marketing consults, overhaul websites, social media and more. A package would be created for each client depending on their needs.

So while I might start with a gig for an article or trip, I was able to turn it into more.

How Much Can You Make With Freelance Writing?

This will vary depending on experience, niche, what you are willing to do etc. It can be as little as $20, although I do not recommend doing it for so little.

There are rate guidelines for freelance writing and most will not work for less than 50c a word.

In general, the lowest I get is $400 for a basic article I can do in about 20 minutes.

More often, it is $1,000+ per article but that is not what most people make. I haven’t done lower paying because I have a platform, am a published author, international speaker etc.

How to make money on the side right now

3. Books

I mentioned ebooks and having your own products and services in the blogging section. Years ago when I started blogging I landed a book contract with Wiley, Australia resulting in 2 books.

One I negotiated the rights back and sold the remaining copies as I hated it. The other book still generates royalties which get sent to me and I do nothing to promote that specific book.

Authors don’t typically get rich from their books unless it is a best seller. They are often used as a promotional tool for courses, speaking, consulting and other things.

Most authors offer other services and the book is a bonus income stream that complements what they are doing. It adds credibility to their work, expertise and qualifications.

Some of my eBooks:

How to Make Over $10,000 in a Month Buying Things to Resell eBook for $9.95

How to Survive on Centrelink eBook for $9.95. You can also find ​all our Centrelink articles here​ for free.

99 Side Hustles for Aussies eBook for $9.95.

The Ultimate Guide to Make and Save Money at Home eBook for $14.95.

26 Ingredients eBook for $4.95.

How Much Can You Make From Books?

Marketing, how engaged your audience is, how relevant your book is and how much it helps others will all determine how much money you can make from your book.

Some people only ever sell a few copies, others sell millions. Self-publishing means you get more per sale of your book but it can be harder to market.

Publishing through a traditional publisher can give more credibility but that is less so now. Do not pay a publisher to publish your book.

That is called vanity publishing and they will not deliver what they promise.

How to make money on the side right now

4. Reselling

I don’t do this as actively as I used to for many reasons, two being travel and family. However, when I do it, I generally sell things soon after listing so it still works.

I share all my top tips in my eBook, How to Make Over $10,000 in a Month Buying Things to Resell for $9.95.

You can also read more about it in the article how to sell your stuff or space and this article.

Basically, know what sells, check prices and what is actually selling on eBay in the sold listings. Take clear photos and write thorough descriptions.

I tend to offer free postage and list on free sites first such as Facebook Marketplace and niche Facebook groups.

How Much Can You Make Reselling?

What you sell and how often you do it will determine how much you can make. Personally, I can easily make a few hundred on a weekend or if I am dedicated, I’ve made over $10,000 in a month.

My focus is rockabilly clothing and anything I know I can make at least $50 on. Lower profit isn’t worth it to me.

While it only takes me 3 minutes to list an item, I still don’t want to spend ages listing a heap of things unless I know I will make a good profit.

Start with a few things then reinvest it by securing more items to resell and build it from there.

How to make money on the side right now

5. Competitions

You can’t control how much you win but winning can be a lot of fun. I have won over $3,500 worth of stuff so far this year, mainly gift cards for travel, a day spa, food, photography sessions for the family and more.

We enter everything we can, mainly competitions attached to items we purchase. Read where are the best competitions and giveaways for details on what to enter, where and how to increase your chances of winning.

How Much Can You Make With Competitions and Giveaways?

The more you enter, the higher your chances of winning something. Some win small prizes whereas others I know win holidays and even a car.

It’s up to you if you feel the time entering is worth it. Since most of the ones I enter are for competitions of a brand we buy, it only takes a few minutes to pop in our details and upload the receipt. That’s worth it to us.

6. Cash Back

I have 3 programs I use regularly when shopping online and often when in store I’ll compare prices to what I would get online. Sometimes, the prices are better online plus we get cash back so it’s a double win.

Cash back isn’t technically a side hustle but it is a way to get money back and not something everyone does. These programs have been great for us and enabled us to see the movies for free and get cashback on our travel, groceries, clothing, almost everything.

My preferred programs are Shopback, Cashrewards and Honey. They each have different offers so I have all installed and compare when I am shopping.

You can also upload your receipt and get points with ReceiptJar. Once you reach 1,000 points you can get a gift card. Join free with the code KYLIT3QH2 and get a bonus 200 points when you upload your first receipt.

How Much Can You Make with Cash Back Programs?

It depends on how much you are spending and what offers are available. Most places offer at least 2% but I have gotten up to 30% cash back on some services.

Compare the programs against each other every time and activate the one with the best offer for you. Check the apps as sometimes they have bonus offers in there.

7. Surveys

Online surveys are less popular and vary depending on your location, age, occupation etc. Your specifics are matched with brands seeking market research. The top earners that I test regularly are Octopus Group, PrizeRebel, Swagbucks and PureProfile.

I regularly test online survey sites to ensure they are still paying you, that you won’t get screened out often and I check customer service. Find the best online survey sites for Aussies here.

How Much Can You Make With Online Surveys?

Typically, readers are making $1,000 to $5,000. When I test them to make sure they are still paying out properly, customer service is good etc. I would easily make $2,000 a year with little effort.

Online survey sites often offer other ways to make money usually too. Searching, daily polls, little games and referral programs which is where some people make extra.

8. Reward Programs and Bonuses

Anywhere you shop, check for reward or loyalty programs. Often there is a bonus upfront for joining and you accrue points for money off future shops or discounts which is like free money.

Do not spend more just to ‘save’ as you usually waste money this way. Compare all offers, shop around and be smart with how you spend.

Banks offer bonuses too e.g. Up offers $8 instantly when you join and it only takes a few minutes. They are fee free too.

Another reward program is referral offers. Some business offer current customers the opportunity to earn credit with them so they save money.

Check any service you use or product you buy to see if they have referral options e.g. refer a friend is what it is usually called. I know meal kits such as HelloFresh offers a free box and the referrer gets credit.

How Much Can I Make With Reward Programs

This varies depending on how much you shop, how big your family is and what the offers are for the brands you shop with.

How to make money on the side right now

9. Real Estate

Being a landlord is not the only way to make money with real estate. At times, I have rented out my home when I travel and rented out rooms in other homes.

Including when I was a tenant. Only one home I lived in objected to subletting but always ask so you don’t find yourself in breach of your lease.

Where I currently live, I could rent one bedroom out for $300 per week to a regular boarder or if I was to rent the whole house it is $750 in the off peak and $1,000+ per night in peak season. When living minimally, it is easy to lock our things away and rent it out.

Currently, my kids are hoarders so I did not rent it out on our last trip but am considering it for the Christmas period if we go away.

We also have property overseas due to family matters. For the most part, it’s easy because there is no mortgage and the rent is paid direct to my in laws . They manage it, arrange any necessary repairs (after checking with us) and take care of it all.

In Vanuatu, the children are supposed to support the parents in retirement. Rather than us sending money to them each month, we simply leave the rent money we’d make with them.

His father is 74 and still drives a bus a little, his mother is in her 60s and has a heart condition but still manages an office. They are building a property on the beach where he is a chief and she will retire then.

The money from this rental helps pay for everything. I wrote about how to afford cultural obligations on my other site.

How Much Can You Make With Real Estate

It depends on how you do it, where your property is and the costs associated with it. For us, we have minimal expenses with our overseas property and when I rent the whole home out, we have to clean it but that’s pretty much it.

How are you making money on the side now?

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