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How to Sell Your Stuff or Space

How to Sell Your Stuff or Space

Short on cash? Sell something! Sounds simple right? But where and how do you sell something?

Selling items I am not using, renting out my space and buying things to resell have been great ways for me to make money. In fact, when actively buying things to resell, I have made over $10,000 in a month.

Disclosure – this post may contain affiliate links.

How to Sell What you Have

1. Go through your home, pull out everything you aren’t using or don’t need that is in decent condition.

2. Check prices of them online (if I am listing on eBay I check the completed listings, not prices for current listings so I know if items are selling and for how much.)

3. Clean and photograph the items.

4. Write a great description and offer combined postage plus state if the items come from a smoke-free and pet free home. A few things like that can sometimes be the difference between a buyer choosing your listing over someone else.

5. Check postage rates and options so you don’t get stung with losing what you made from selling on postage.

6. List it for sale.

7. Be available to answer questions, update the listing if needed and promote it a little across your other networks.

8. Package neatly once it has been sold and paid for. Never post before you have received payment. Write a great review and put the money on debt or in savings.

Where To List Them

Knowing where to list can be difficult. I have sold on a variety of sites with various success:

1. Gumtree

I tend to get more enquiries than eBay and have had a 50% success rate. It is faster and easier for me to list there than eBay, not to mention cheaper. It is usually sold to locals so no postage or messing around either, so generally a faster transaction.

2. Craigslist

I have only sold 1 item on there and don’t really use it anymore. It is simple enough but I think more successful in the USA.

3. eBay

eBay has become rather expensive compare to other listing options and not as successful as it was for me a few years ago. Still a good option, but not my fallback option anymore.

4. Classified Papers

online trading papers can sometimes be good, especially if it is a niche item. If the item you have would appeal to older generations, this is often a good option.

5. Facebook

Facebook is my preferred method but not everyone has it. You can list on your personal profile by creating an album of what you have for sale. The sales will generally be limited to friends and family or their connections provided the album is set to public.

Use Facebook groups especially for niche items. For example, I often sold rockabilly clothing so was part of groups selling only those brands.

Facebook Marketplace is brilliant and for me, relatively quick and easy. Be aware, you can have everything in your listing including suburb, price etc. People will still ask those questions.

Facebook buy/sell/swap groups are more local and great for those larger items.

8. Outsourcing The Sales

Pay someone else a percentage or a flat fee to list your items for you. Airtasker is a great place to outsource this.

9. Markets

Check out markets, school fetes and car-boot sales in your area you could sell your items at.

10. Garage Sale

If you have a lot, have a garage sale. It takes a bit of time and can be hit and miss. I have made a few hundred at times doing this. People often haggle and want discounts, so be prepared for that.

Check out these tips for having a great garage sale.

11. Second Hand or Pawn Stores

You get virtually nothing for selling your items but they are fast. Don’t pawn your stuff though, only sell it. Pawning it creates a terrible cycle of debt.

12. House Signage

Put a sign out the front of your house if you are selling things from home such as lawn mowers, a car, pot plants etc.

13. Email

Shoot out an email to your friends and family listing what you have for sale, provide an album link with pictures and prices.

How To Sell Space

I mentioned listing space as an option to sell. I have rented out spare rooms, my garage, the front lounge for workshops and more. It was easy using sites such as Airbnb or Spacer.

There are other ways to ‘sell space’.

1. Rent out a room

You can have a boarder if you have a spare room or rent it irregularly on sites such as AirBnB or rent the room to a photographer for a photoshoot, to TV studios or any business that might want to use the space. Get creative, you could even rent it out as an office.

2. Rent your driveway

If you have space in your driveway you can rent it to people to store their caravan or boat or if you are near offices or tourist attractions you could rent it as a carspace for a regular price.

3. Rent Out Your Garage

Similar to the driveway and renting a room, a garage can make you good money through people storing items or if someone wants to use it for work. I rented mine to a seamstress once who wanted somewhere set up she could work and to store her fabrics away from her young kids.

Another time I rented it to someone storing a spare car and another time to someone storing some furniture. $50 a week each time.

4. Convert Space to Rent out

If you have spare space, can you convert it to rent out. For example, a dining room might only need a wall to then be rented as a bedroom.

5. Garden Allotments

Rent allotments in your garden for others to grow things.

6. Pool

The pool can be used for swimming lessons or rented to a swim instructor or personal trainer to run sessions.

7. Garden Space for Caravans etc

Similar to the driveway, rent the space for storing caravans and boats or rent the space for parking. or if you have a caravan, rent it out on Airbnb or Camplify.

8.) Attic or Basement

Rent out these spaces for storage, the basement could be rented for parties, or for a cheap place to sleep etc.

The basics of selling space are have a contract, set your price and work out what you are comfortable doing. Some people are ok with renting a room, others prefer no one in their space. Make sure you are doing everything legally right with your local area, have the necessary permits, paperwork and insurance! Otherwise, it can cost you more than you make.

What Did I Sell?

I sold off everything in my home last year when we went travelling. Prior to that I would sell anything and everything I knew I could flip for a profit and sold for others.

What could you sell or what tips do you have for selling?

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