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21 Ways to Make $100

21 Ways to Make $100

How to Make $100 easily, 21 Different Ways!

When faced with a big bill or the idea of needing to make an extra $1,000 a month it can feel overwhelming.

By breaking it down into $100 amounts you can do it easily.

In fact, many of the ideas listed below can be done at the same time making it even quicker and easier to achieve your financial goals.

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Check out how to get a $100 cash bonus from ING or look at $14 from Up Bank or have a look at the full list of freebies, offers and discounts for every state.

1. Sell Things

This has been one of the easiest ways for me to make money fast and when I dedicate more time to it I have made thousands in a month.

When I first started buying things to resell I made almost $3,000 in my first month, over $8,000 in my second and over $10,000 by my third.

While you don’t have to make thousands, chances are if you look around your home you probably have a few items you could sell.

Take nice pictures, be prepared to deal with questions and list them for sale. Most recently I sold a lot on Facebook Marketplace.

However, there is less privacy when doing it there compared to eBay.

2. Rent a Room or Offer an Experience on Airbnb

Easily make a few hundred by hosting guests or offering tours and other local experiences through Airbnb.

One year I made $1,300 in 5 days over Christmas renting out my tiny apartment.

Other times I have made $100 a night renting out my place.

Find all my Airbnb tips here to make it easier for you. Where you live, how in demand the area is, what it is like and what you offer will determine how much you can make.

3. Rent Out Your Garage

When I do this I make $50+ per week and I’ve done it in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.

Now you can use Spacer which makes it easier and when I tested it found it so much better than a private arrangement.

In Sydney, I rented my garage to someone I knew, whereas in Melbourne I used Spacer. It’s free to join and list.

4. Cashback Sites

There are a few cashback sites you can use, especially if you shop online a fair bit.

Many readers have easily gotten $100 or more back from their regular shopping.

All are free to join, just be sure you add the little popup to your toolbar (each site will show you how to do it).

This way, when you are on a site that has cashback options, you’ll get a pop-up to let you know.

My favourite cashback programs are CashRewardsShopback and Honey. You can sign up for all of them but only activate one at a time.

5. Babysitting

At $25 to $35 an hour (based on market rates in most areas, numerous Au Pair and similar groups, ads online etc), it’s not a bad gig. 4 hours and you’ll have $100 cash.

Sometimes it can be hard if the kids are hyper or need extra attention but if you love kids, babysitting is an easy way to get some cash.

Generally, you will need references, a working with children check, first aid and a car.

6. Yardwork

Mowing lawns, weeding, trimming back bushes and tidying up a yard can take a fair amount of time. With a few tools and a few hours, you can make $100 quickly.

Check your local area for prices and offer your services on Gumtree, Facebook and similar or just let friends and family know you are interested in doing it to get some cash quickly.

7. Online Surveys

The payment for surveys varies from site to site. Just today I was offered almost $25 for a survey. Check out the ones I have used and my thoughts on each online survey.

Octopus Group pays $16.28 per hour, Pureprofile pays well and both of them pay 10c if you get screened out. PrizeRebel pays in USD and Swagbucks has numerous ways aside from surveys to earn.

8. Rent Out Your Car

If you don’t use it all the time, why not make money from it? UberCarshare is one option which I have used as a customer a few times.

Your car will be equipped with 2 GPS units, everything is tracked and those renting your vehicle have background checks so it’s pretty safe. Most people I know doing it make a few hundred a month.

9. Tutoring

Math, English, music, singing or any subject can be taught if you have the skills. Either private tutoring or signing up to a company to tutor online work well.

Friends of mine have liked VIPKid, although I haven’t personally used it. Do some research, as around and you could easily generate $100 quickly.

10. Host students

Don’t host students just to make money. It is a cultural experience for both you and them plus in the first few weeks you will need to help them get set up.

How much you make will vary as not all states allow this to be paid but those that do make $180+ a week.

You need to have the room and a genuine desire to have students in your home or it won’t be good for anyone.

11. Freelance Writing

If you’re a skilled writer, have knowledge and experience or an entertaining personal story, you can generate some cash writing.

Professional freelance writing is a skill but magazines are always looking for firsthand stories with images, photos, jokes and puzzles which you can send in.

You can easily make $50 to $5,000 an article depending on your experience, who you are writing for and what it is about.

Many writers starting out only earn a few hundred but build your portfolio and you can make much more.

Check out this post on how to do freelance writing and for links on where to get paid for writing.

12. Virtual Assistant

From $20 to $100 an hour, being a virtual assistant can certainly pay off. You need admin skills and it will be up to you to decide what you want to specialise in.

For example, some virtual assistants do basic administrative tasks such as emails, while others focus on social media, marketing or other areas in a business that need help and which can be done online.

Read how to become a virtual assistant for more information.

13. Market Research

Most market research gigs pay $100 an hour. Every week I get offers, mostly in the capital cities for market research.

Typically, all you need to do is go to their office, try something and talk about it. Learn more about how to make $100 an hour with market research.

14. Fiverr

Originally designed as a platform for people to make $5 doing random things, Fiverr is now much more.

Check out the site and see what skills you have to offer, how you can create higher-paying options and get started straight away. Graphic design, social media, content and similar do well.

15. Editing

Typos are not the only thing you need to be aware of when it comes to editing. Grammar, ensuring the piece flows, structure, spelling and typos are all part of it.

Tools such as Grammarly can help a lot but aren’t perfect. To get started, sites such as Upwork often have jobs.

16. Transcribing

On average it takes 4 minutes to type out 1 minute of audio but the pay can be good.

Doctors, lawyers, podcasters, journalists and numerous other professionals are in constant need of having their audio transcribed.

Either start doing it yourself and promoting your services or look at options such as Rev.

Image of laptop on wooden desk with glasses and a notebook. Text reads 21 ways to make $100

17. Ironing

Easily make $100 while ironing and catching up on Netflix. Charge per item or flat basket otherwise people will cram as much as possible into their baskets and it will take you much longer.

People are time-poor and ironing is one of those things most people don’t want to do.

18. Food Delivery

UberEats, Deliveroo or your local takeaway shop are always looking for drivers.

The pay isn’t huge but a few hours a week will see you generate an extra $100 or more.

You can sign up for a few at the same time and take the jobs as they come in. With food delivery, you can also do it on a bike but deliveries will take you longer.

19. Dog Walking

This is popular in cities and suburbs where people are often working long hours so would like their dogs walked during the day.

You can easily make a full-time wage if you manage multiple dogs every day or simply do it part-time for a bit of extra cash.

You must love animals, be able to handle dogs and be aware not all dogs get along. Madpaws is one place you can register to do this.

20. Pet Sitting

A few of my friends do pet sitting and love it. Some combine it with housesitting so they get paid to stay, others simply look after the animals in their own home.

Dogs, cats and birds are most common but sometimes people have reptiles or other pets to be cared for.

Typically, you feed them, take care of their living space, keep them company, walk them if needed and dispose of their waste.

MadPaws is one option for doing pet sitting or find out more about pet sitting from my friend’s experience.

21. Airtasker

You name it and someone has probably asked for it to be done on Airtasker.

With so many odd and random jobs being posted every day you can scroll through and find what suits you in your area.

Cleaning, moving, setting up furniture or electricals and delivering items are all fairly common.

You can make $100 or more per tasks or select a few smaller ones to generate income.

How would you make $100?

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