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What Makes Food Such A Great Gift?

What Makes Food Such A Great Gift?

Gift-giving is not the easiest thing to do, is it? There are so many options, not to mention the various occasions when it’s traditional to buy someone a present, including birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays and celebrations.

And what if you just want to buy someone a gift because you feel like it and they deserve something nice?

You might spend so much time searching for the right gift that you end up deciding against it altogether. 

However, there is one thing that can work no matter what the occasion might be, and no matter who you’re buying something for.

That one thing is food.

Yes, you’ll still need to decide which type of food you give someone, but at least your first options have been narrowed down enough to help you out. 

The question is, however, what makes food such a great gift?

We’ve got a few reasons for you to think about, so keep reading to find out more.

What Makes Food Such A Great Gift?

Everyone Eats

Everyone eats. It’s just a fact – everyone has to eat something every day to stay healthy and survive.

That means that giving someone food as a gift will always be appreciated because they’re sure to want to eat at some point, and your gift will be there, ready and waiting when they do.

It’s unlikely a lovely gift of food will go to waste, as long as you choose something you know your recipient will enjoy. 

Food can be a great gift because there’s absolutely something for everyone to enjoy.

No matter what your friend or loved one’s favourite food might be, it can be given as a gift.

Of course, some food is naturally ideal for gifting, like chocolate or cookies, for example, but even food like pizza or lasagne could be a great gift – make it yourself with love and package it nicely and there you have it.

Remember that if you’re giving something like that, it has to be given right away. 


Perhaps it’s because we have to eat every day, as we’ve said, but you’ll likely be able to think of a special meal or occasion that you remember well that was linked to food in some way.

Those memories are so precious, and it’s crucial to make as many of them as we can, and it’s these ones that stand out that make us happy when we think of them – they can de-stress us and make us smile. 

So if you’re enjoying the food-based memories you have, what about your loved ones?

They’re going to have their own wonderful memories about food, whether that’s going to a special restaurant, enjoying a fun picnic with the family, or trying a dish for the first time, for example (the list really is endless), and you can give them a gift that reminds them of that memory, make it even better.

Recreate the picnic with special Mothers Day hampers or take them to the restaurant they’re always talking about.

Give them a box of chocolate that takes them right back to their childhood (or yours if they’re older than you), and so on.

By giving food that brings back special memories, you’re making things so special and creating even more positive memories at the same time. 

What Makes Food Such A Great Gift?


What happens to move gifts that people give?

In a lot of cases, they’ll end up collecting dust on a shelf and eventually get thrown out.

It might not be a nice idea to think about, but just consider how many gifts you give people throughout the year, and then think about how many other people do the same.

Or even just think about how many gifts you get given and what happens to a lot of them.

It’s astonishing just how much waste is created accidentally when all most people want to do is to do something nice for someone else. 

That’s not the case with food, though, because it has the distinct advantage of being consumable and, even if it’s not eaten for some reason, it can be used as compost or even thrown out in the trash without causing environmental damage.

Instead of adding clutter to someone’s home, a gift of food won’t last, which means it won’t take up space – the recipient will just have to eat it and enjoy it! 

The fact that food gifts can be extremely convenient when the recipient is busy and doesn’t have a lot of time to cook also comes into play – it’s a highly practical kind of gift.

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