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How I Made $1,136.50 This Month + Locked in $2,000 for Next Month

How I Made $1,136.50 This Month + Locked in $2,000 for Next Month

In September, I set a challenge to make and save an extra $2,020 by the end of the year as a way to beat the recession.

Last month, I made $2,704, this month had some significant issues where I was in and out of the hospital. So it’s a little different.

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Airtasker – $885

This was an assortment of tasks from delivering flyers to some gardening.

However, once my heart started having significant issues, I had to stop.

So the only work I pitch for on Airtasker now is remote e.g. marketing and similar tasks that I have experience in.

Check out my full post on how to make money with Airtasker for more information.

Bank Bonus – $30

Banks regularly offer bonuses when you join. Some are paid instantly, larger ones usually require you to do a few things first.

ING often offers $100 to new accounts, Up offers $9 and uBank offers $10 to $30.

Odd Jobs – $220

Someone I did a gig for on Airtasker then referred me to a friend for an odd job.

Also, I set up a bedroom and now I have been asked to do some work with a senior citizen that will be casual but ongoing.

I enjoy it, learn so much from them and it doesn’t feel like work.

Collecting Cans/Bottles – $1.50

Not huge money but every bit counts. I always have a basket or bag with me and pick up bottles and cans as I walk around.

We’ve always picked up rubbish on beaches and other wildlife areas anyway (carefully) or when diving so collecting bottles and cans is easy.

Since it is something that can be done with no effort while I am doing something else, it makes sense.

$2,000 For Next Month

This morning a 1-week gig for a new business was locked in for $2,000.

It’s different to what I’d normally do but there is potential for ongoing work from there too so we will see.

Plus I can do my regular work at the same time! So it’s an extra amazing one but unfortunately, I can’t share many details.

What Didn’t Work

The heart issues threw a spanner in the works. I had issues with payments from 2 gigs so stopped ongoing work with them.

Because of my health issues, I didn’t focus as much on making money this month.

Instead, it’s been more budgeting, planning and acting on small opportunities.

We have big plans for the future that are coming together, so side gigs are less of a focus but still fun to track.

Plans For Next Month

I have numerous doctor’s appointments taking up a chunk of time now.

The hospital is about an hour from me so each time I have to go in, it’s about 3 hours or so.

Due to my heart murmur, gestational diabetes and other pregnancy issues, I am being monitored closely.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t make money on the side!

I posted about making and saving money even when you are sick here.

This coming month, I’ll be doing more from home/bed such as online surveys (check out Australia’s best ones here), Airtasker and other marketing.

I have a website I am prepping to sell and will see what else comes up.

Check out how I made $33,277 on the side in 12 months and 43 ways for single mums to make money.

Our eBook 99 side hustles has the ideas plus how to get started, how to market and make more!

How are you Making Extra Money?

Image of white desk with laptop, pink notebook, glasses, coffee and gold lamp. Text reads how I made $1,136 on the side and locked in $2,000 for next month.

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