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How to Get a Mum Break

How to Get a Mum Break

How to Find the Time, Childcare, Money and Frugal Travel Tips for Getting a Break as a Mum

You love your kids, but sometimes you want some time out or a holiday away on your own.

Or a ‘girl’s night out’ which can simply be hanging out with friends.

The budget doesn’t always stretch to accommodate this, so here are some ways you can make it happen.

I cover everything from getting money through to childcare and tips on booking cheaper holidays.

Do not feel guilty for taking some time out for yourself or doing something you want to do.

Partners don’t need to be together 24/7 and if you are single, it’s totally fine to go away as well.

If you want a holiday, here’s how you can make it happen without breaking the bank.

Disclosure – I use affiliate links in my posts only for services or products I personally use. Read my full disclosure here

How to Find The Money

I know budgets are tight and everyone budgets differently.

For some, you have to do extra things to find the money to get a break, even if it’s a night in a hotel.

Others have this included in their budget already or decide to work it into the budget.

If you are a single-parent household you decide how you spend your money whereas partners/spouses need to discuss it.

If you have ‘sanity money’ in your budget, as in money you get to do what you want with, you could use this.

Alternatively, if you are a couple, you could look at how you can both get a weekend away (together or individually) and work it into the budget.

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Without taking money from the budget per se, here are some ways to get the cash you need:

1. Online Surveys

Online surveys can be done from your phone while waiting to pick up the kids from school or while waiting at the doctors, kids sports or anywhere else.

Most have apps, otherwise, you can do them on your computer while watching TV at night. Find a list of the best Aussie ones here

As a general guide, you will not make a lot but some, such as Octopus Group pay $16.80 per hour, tax free. E.g. if a survey takes 5 minutes you get $1.40, if it takes 10 minutes you get $2.80.

2. Free Offers

Scour the web for freebies and cash them in! Set up a separate account and put the cash or savings in there.

A few examples include $14 cash from Up Bank as soon as you join for free, $10 to $30 from Ubank, get a free box of Hellofresh and save what you would have spent on groceries etc.

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3. Sell Things

I have posted before about how I buy things to resell, what I sell, where I sell it and how I’ve made over $10,000 a month doing it.

This can be a relatively quick way to get enough for a holiday if you know what to look for and what sells in your area.

In fact, selling things is often my go to when I want money fast. I do a quick scan of the house for things to sell plus know which op shops in my area are good.

4. Enter Competitions

Enter competitions for holidays and other prizes, especially if they relate to what you want such as a travel voucher.

Throughout 2023, I decided to enter all the giveaways related to products we buy normally and won thousands of dollars worth of vouchers, products and services.

Including a $1,000 travel voucher, a $500 day spa voucher, $400 voucher for an online beauty store, $100 fuel voucher, a few thousand in free professional photography and more.

Each one took less than 3 minutes to enter, I did not buy anything just to enter and ended up winning 75% of those I entered.

Find out more about entering competitions, what I have won and how here.

Get Childcare Sorted

This is probably the hardest part. If you are partnered, discuss the option of each of you getting a weekend away on your own or with friends.

Alternatively, see if you can do a childcare swap with friends or family where they have your kids one weekend and you have theirs on another (or a few days, whatever works best).

If needed you can look at after-school care on days you are away if they fall midweek to make it easier for each other too.

Or, as a last resort, while it’s not ideal since it’s not a full break, you can look at places that have kids clubs or holiday programs for kids.

Reduce The Cost

Work out the budget you are willing to spend on a weekend away or whatever holiday you want, then work out how to make it happen.

1. Use Incognito Mode or Clear Your History

Websites use cookies to track what you do online. If you are comparing prices or going back to sites, it is best to clear your browser so you get the best offers.

2. Use Reward Points

Cash in reward points whether through Qantas frequent flyer program, Virgin Velocity or points through programs such as FlyBuys, Everyday Rewards and similar to either save money on your trip or save money in other areas of the budget to redirect your cash for the trip.

3. Compare

Do your research. Personally, I have found good bargains on Airbnb for accommodation, Groupon for meals, attractions and complete trips plus I check sites such as Momondo and Skyscanner for flights

4. Book Early

Flights get more expensive the closer they are to the date of travel.

Once you have dates locked in, booked your flights or do a little research to find out the best time to book for your particular destination.

5. Go Last Minute

If you are flexible, cruises and hotels can have incredible last minute deals at significant discounts to regular prices.

However, this reduces your options and if you need flights can increase the cost of your trip in other ways.

6. Travel in a Group

If it’s a weekend away with friends, look for group discounts or split the cost of everything to save more money.

Everything from accommodation to transport can be discounted when split among a group.

Everyone deserves a break! Where would you like to go? 

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