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Is Cashrewards Legit or a Scam?

Is Cashrewards Legit or a Scam?

How to get the Most Cash Back with Cashrewards

Cashrewards has been a great way for me to get cash back from purchases for years. It’s easy to use, available for a wide range of shops plus you get bonus cash back when you join and use them within 14 days.

Most of my travel bookings are cheaper through them plus I get cash back. Some groceries, beauty products, alcohol, services such as phones, internet, electricity etc.

This article will share how to use Cashrewards, get a bonus and maximise your cash back.

Disclosure, this article contains affiliate links to products and services I use.

How Does Cashrewards Work?

You sign up to Cashrewards for free, download the app and add the extension to your toolbar e.g. in Chrome. They have a step by step guide to make it easy.

When you shop online for anything, either check the app or site first, or head to any store you need to shop at and see if the cashback option pops up.

If it does pop up, click to activate it and then shop as you would normally. Once you’re done and have made your purchase, Cashrewards will track the purchase and you will get the cash applied to your Cashrewards account.

Cash out when you have over $10.01 in there (which you will have with the bonus cash back from your first shop anyway). The cash will be in your account within days.

What is the “Bonus Cash Back”

When you sign up and shop through them or by activating the code on a website, Cashrewards gives you a bonus. It’s usually $10 to $20, depending on the offer they have running at the time.

You must do it within 14 days of signing up though or you won’t get the bonus.

How Much Cash Back Will I Get?

It varies from store to store. Some pay as little as 1% others have been 25% or specific cash offers e.g. $250 for signing up to a specific electricity supplier.

The amount will be listed in the pop up or the app, along with any terms and conditions so you know how much to expect. Once you have completed your shopping, the amount will be in your account as pending so you can see how much you made.

After a set period of time, the money will be available and you can cash out. There is a time for it to be processed to ensure the sale goes through and there are no returns. The store needs to confirm it and it needs to be a legitimate transaction.

Some years I have made thousands, especially when travelling a lot ( is one I get cashback through). Or when we had to set up our house again after moving.

In general, I get cashback from most stores I shop at and rarely shop in store anymore. Sometimes I check the items in store but usually purchase online to get the cashback.

How Does Cashrewards Make Money?

Shops pay Cashrewards when you shop through them and they pass on some of that money in the form of cash back to you. It’s another way for shops to get more customers so essentially an advertising fee and a great way for you to save money.

What Stores can I get Cash Back With?

Most of the major stores you probably already shop at are available with everything from groceries to travel. You can search on the site or in the app for specific stores.

Otherwise, if you install the extension so it pops up on any site you can get cash back on, you’ll quickly be able to see which stores are best for you.

Check the terms and conditions to see if the cash back is for all purchases or only non sale items or specific brands.

Here are some examples:

How to Make More With Cashrewards

Firstly, there is the sign-up bonus you get if you join Cashrewards and shop through them within 14 days. Next, look for upsized cash back.

At times, different stores will increase their offers to get you to shop with them. These increases can be as big as going from 1% to 20% for a limited time.

When the upsize offers are on for sites such as that is when I book our travel. I usually get the cheapest rates through them and the cash back is easy tracked making travel even cheaper.

Another way to make more is during their special sale periods such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, AfterPay week or by banking with specific banks they are aligned with.

Make sure you are only using things you would normally and only buying what you need. Buying things just because they are on sale does not save money.

Join Cashrewards for free and get your bonus.

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