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6 Ways to Look Expensive on a Budget

6 Ways to Look Expensive on a Budget

How to Look Expensive on a Budget

Ever wondered why some people always look chic and gorgeous and you just know that they are not rolling in the dough?

Great news! You can too, here are 6 ways you can come across as expensive without busting the bank.

Work Your Collars

A classic and crisp white button-up is an easy way to look expensive chic.

To turn it up a notch you can work one of the best features of a button-up shirt – its collar.

It’s best to think of a collar as a frame.

Collars can frame your neck, your accessories (such as scarves and necklaces) and your collar bones.

6 ways to look expensive on a budget

Switching up accessories can be cost-effective too.

A Pink “scarf” I used was a ribbon belt I had from a skirt.

Tie a loose black bow with a $3 ribbon and necklaces can be as little as $2 when on sale from places like Kmart, Diva Accessories, eQuip or Target.

Dressing your collar in different ways changes the look of your shirt and is an easy way to update jeans and a top.

Seriously, jeans, a white shirt and a long necklace = winner!


Cheaper chain stores are usually where people go to find fast fashion at bargain prices, but you get what you pay for. Unlined skirts, dresses and jackets.

The jackets you can get away with but skirts and dresses need lining for a reason.

Lining reduces static, helps hide panty lines and creates an opaque layer to avoid everyone seeing your polka dot knickers.

Now what I’m about to suggest may seem old-fashioned but bear with me… GET A SLIP.

A full slip helps cover both top and bottom which gives a nice streamlined look and feel.

Or you could go a half-slip which is just the skirt portion.

There are also shapewear options if you want a temporary tummy tuck.

I’ve had some of my slips for over 4 years! A $40 outlay, that’s $10 a year, 20 cents a week, not even 5 cents a day!

And they are still going strong. more than worth it when you look at it like that.

If you need more convincing, here are 10 reasons why you should get a slip.


You’ll find that one of the keys to looking expensive is the details.

The little things. And your nails are a part of you that are always on show, so how do they look?

Do they give off an air of sophistication or do they say “I don’t care”? because your hands are always doing things chances are people are looking at your hands more than your shoes, so it stands to reason that if you want to look well-put together your nails also reflect that.

Keeping things neutral, pale and minimal is your best bet for colour.

Bright or vampy colours, or snazzy patterns and bling all draw attention to your nails instead of complimenting and enhancing your look.

If your colour chips – whip it off.

Chipped nail polish is tacky looking which is the opposite of expensive and luxurious.

If you can’t keep up a colour routine – go bare and take good care of your talons.

Keep them clean, even and a practical length.

Check out Kate Middleton for some picture-perfect nails.

6 ways to look expensive on a budget - classy nails
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Sunglasses are amazing because they hide a multitude of sins whilst giving you an air of mystery and sophistication.

They hide wrinkles, if you are wearing no makeup, if you had a few too many sleepless nights, and in our harsh Aussie sun they help protect our gorgeous eyes.

However I’m not talking any old pair of sunnies.

Sporty styles tend to look harsh ad contradict an expensive and luxury-inspired look. Let me show you what I mean.


Hands up who hates ironing? I know I do.

But the cold, hard facts are that wrinkly clothes look cheap and make you look careless and even tacky!

Here take a look. On the right we have an un-ironed outfit and over the left we have the ironed version.

6 ways to look expensive on a budget

Can you see how the ironed version elevates this look?


We all have (at least) 5 senses. Taste. Hearing. Sight. Feel and Smell.

In regards to what you wear we usually only associate looks, or sight.

But texture is such a rich aspect of fashion that incorporates feel but have you considered smell?

I once worked with a man that was loved by ALL the women in the office.

Why? Because he smelt ah-may-zing! So good.

I can still smell him now (4 years on).

We all thought he was so charismatic, intelligent and attractive when he was really just a normal guy.

A dad in his late 40’s, wearing the work uniform and not a big talker but the smell of his cologne was encouraging us to feel positively towards him.

We thought he was all class. That is the power of smell.

I recently fell in love with The Bombshell Manual of Style and inside this wonderful gem is 14 pages on perfume.


To me this illustrates how important, yet overlooked, your scent actually is.

Body mists or body sprays are cheaper versions of perfume and they come in a wide array of choices too.

Light florals, subtle fruits or demure combinations of the two work really well when you are first getting into developing a smell repertoire.

Ultimately, you do need to like what you wear.

I’m sporting Vanilla Body Mist from The Body Shop at the moment (because Vanilla is an all-time favourite smell!).

I’ve found it lasts much longer during the day than the cheaper scents from Woollies or Coles.

Six simple ways that each and every one of us can boost our looks from lame into luxurious within a budget and some not spending a penny at all.

What tips do you have for looking expensive on a budget?

What is your favourite perfume/cologne?Author – Jac Lambert

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