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5 ways to get Free Gift Cards in Australia

5 ways to get Free Gift Cards in Australia

How to get Free Gift Cards in Australia Plus how to get Discounted Ones

Free gift cards sound great, don’t they? I have gotten free gift cards a variety of ways, including this surprise $100 one. For the most part, you will have to do something to get the gift cards but you aren’t parting with your cash to get them.

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1. Cash Back Programs

Honey is my favourite cash back program for this. They scan for coupons, you earn points with your shopping to get cash back and can cash out with gift cards such as Coles and Amazon.

It’s not extra effort to click and activate the cash back option when shopping online. Sign up for free here and add it to your chrome toolbar plus add it to your phone for maximum benefits.

Also check out other cash back sites here.

2. Online Surveys

Do surveys, get gift cards, it’s that simple. Octopus Group are the highest paying in Australia but they are no longer my favourite online survey site. For the best online survey sites check out this post.

Another online survey site is Swagbucks but you can also earn through using their search console instead of Google, doing the games, watching videos, using their promo codes etc.

They often have sales on the various gift cards too for places such as Dan Murphy’s and Big W which come in handy for many.

3. Enter Competitions

Australia has heaps of competitions. I’ve had the best results from bloggers and social media influencers running giveaways compared to magazines and big companies.

Competitions aren’t just for gift cards either but I have often seen gift cards as a giveaway through influencers I know. Read about where to find the best Aussie competitions and giveaways plus tips to win here.

4. Market Research

Some pay $100 per hour, others offer gift cards. Either way, you’re getting paid to give your opinion. When it is a gift card, it’s usually still $100. I shared more about market research in this post.

5. Give Feedback

At the end of your receipt from some stores or in follow up emails there are offers to do feedback. In many of these, they offer either a free gift card if you do it or you can enter to win a bigger gift card. I know a few people who have won these gift cards so it does happen.

Image of gift cards. Text reads how to get free gift cards in Australia.

How to get Discounted Gift Cards

Discounts on gift cards mean you get more bang for your buck. Most places exclude gift cards when they have their sales so you can’t get the discount that way but there are other ways to get them.

The Entertainment Book

This one is only worth it if you are going to use the other discounts in it. With the membership, you get discounts on heaps of things, especially restaurants but also discounts on lots of shopping and some gift cards such as iTunes. It starts at $70 a year for a single city though so you need to weigh up if the cost is worth it.

If you do decide to go for it, check your local area to see if anyone is using it as a fundraiser. This way, your purchase helps your community too.

RACV/NRMA/RACQ etc Memberships

Get 5 to 10% off gift cards through your RACV/RACQ/NRMA/whatever it is in your state memberships. It’s an offer they do for members only along with a heap of other discounts. You can stock up on Coles vouchers or go shopping with up to 10% off.

Be a Loyalty Member

If there is a business you shop with regularly, be a loyalty/rewards/WIP member. Many businesses have programs you can earn points to get free gift cards. Check out our list of some Aussie ones here.

Sign-up Bonuses

Those same businesses typically have a sign-up bonus. Meaning, when you sign-up you might get a free gift card or they have a discount for you. I have a long list of Aussie freebies, some of which are sign-up bonuses.

One example is Up Banking offers $5 when you sign up and another $5 when you use your new card 5 times. Not a gift card, but still an easy $10 for free.


Join the newsletters for businesses you shop with or places you want to shop. Sometimes they share exclusive discounts for you in there, gift cards and surveys to win a gift card. It’s all about market research for them and getting info about what you are buying/want to buy etc.

We have weekly discounts in our newsletter for a variety of places and sometimes find out when stores are having sales which include their gift cards for you.

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