101 ways to make money from home

It is possible to make money from home without joining party plans or selling your soul! Everything I have listed here has been done either by myself or by someone I know. Full disclosure, there are some affiliate links in this post for services I have used for a long time and know they work. This is a post from Kylie Travers of www.kylietravers.com.au who is also the owner of The Thrifty Issue.

101 ways to make money from home

1.) Blogging and social media 
Blogging and social media is the main way I have made money online. Specifically, I made money through sponsored posts, affiliate links, selling my own products (I landed a book contract with my first blog in my first year), social media shoutouts, free product (these still need to be declared on tax) and more.  

Plus blogging resulted in public speaking, freelance writing, consulting, social media. I have won awards from blogging, landed book contracts, speak internationally, done coaching/mentoring and traveled extensive for my blogs. If done well, it can be a great money maker.

There is a lot involved with blogging and if you aren’t interested in your topic, you will burn out. That said, you can make decent money from your blog and once generating income hire staff writers and create a team to make it easier.

My sites are hosted with SiteGround. To get started blogging I got hosting, bought a domain name, did a one click install of WordPress through SiteGround then selected a theme, some plug ins and got to writing. To make a blog successful you need to be active on social media, market it well, be engaged and it takes a whole lot more work than most assume in the beginning, but for me it has been worth it!

To make money from your blog you need to have engaged traffic. You can then advertise through sponsored posts or links in your sidebar/header/footer, place affiliate links throughout the site, use adsense and use the blog as a platform to other methods of income.

I have more resources on how to make money or even get started with blogging. Alternatively, I occasionally work one on one clients with if you’d like tailored advice, you can contact me to discuss or I speak at events, libraries etc.

2.) Freelance writing
I was fortunate with freelance writing, as I was approached instead of me pitching to write for different sites after I started blogging. What you need to do is create a profile with a bio and sample work. You will need to establish credibility to begin with and a good way to do that is through guest posting on other sites.

Some guest post positions pay $50 straight away, just follow their guidelines. For regular paying jobs look for staff writer positions, contact sites you like yourself and continually check classifieds. Check out the Problogger job board and UpWork to get you started.

3.) Editing
When publishing my first book with Wiley, the editor they used worked from home. Books aren’t the only thing needing to be edited – newsletters, flyers, websites, grant proposals, articles, anything that is written could be edited. Look at sites such as Problogger etc listed above in freelance writing to get started.

4.) Fiverr
Creating graphics, video, logos and other online tasks are popular on Fiverr. Buy or sell anything you want for $5! $5 is the base rate however you can have upgrades such as 24 hour turn around or charge more than $5 straight up, it’s up to you.

5.) Social media manager
With some experience and knowledge of various social media platforms you can manage social media for companies from home. You do need to know what you are doing and having your own extensive social media presence helps a lot. The Australian Social Media Jobs group is a good one to check out for opportunities.

6.) Virtual assistant
If you have admin experience you can be a VA (Virtual Assistant). Virtual assistants are becoming more common than in-person personal assistants. A virtual assistant does things like check email, create newsletters, schedule appointments etc just like a personal assistant but it is all done online.

Chris Ducker has a great resource on 101 things you can outsource to a VA to give you an idea of the kind of work you could get. To get VA work, try Upwork, Facebook groups such as Virtual Assistant Jobs or get active in business groups on Facebook. I see requests for VA’s all the time.

7.) Sell on eBay
You can sell things you already own and don’t use, sell on behalf of others or buy things to resell. This post has great ideas on how to sell your stuff or space. For eBay, I like to check the completed listings to see the prices items have sold for. Then I take pictures, upload them in the eBay app and write a description.

I have a note on my phone saved stating I combine postage, payment must be made within 3 days etc to make it all quicker. It takes a few minutes to post each item and I often sell items for over 10 times what I paid for, such as $2 dresses for $30+.

8.) Facebook business
Create a Facebook page to sell items. You can import them, focus on vintage fashion or create things to sell. Quite a few businesses are on only Facebook or Instagram now. However, there is the huge risk of your page/profile being shut down if you are relying totally on one platform.

9.) Write reviews/product testing
Write reviews for magazines, newspaper, websites or do product testing for sites such as Soup. You can pitch directly to magazines or if you start a blog you can do reviews for different brands on your blog.

10.) Submit jokes/puzzles for magazines
You can earn anywhere from $25 or $50 right up to a few thousand for jokes, stories and puzzles submitted to magazines and newspapers. Look up ones which feature unsolicited material and submit your jokes or stories online. Readers Digest, That’s Life and Take 5 are three which do this.

11.) eBooks
Create an eBook on anything you like and sell it on your own site, on Amazon or create an affiliate program so others can sell your book. I like to use e-Junkie to sell my products. I have friends who have done amazing selling eBooks on Amazon only though, so find what works best for you. You will need to market it well though to sell it.

12.) Buy and resell books
Buy books secondhand for a dollar or two and resell them. I have a complete guide here on how to do it. I’ve bought books for $1 and sold them for $20, one book I bought for under $25 and resold for over $70!

13.) Mentoring
I know many people who do online Skype sessions to mentor others in any topic. I do mainly social media, marketing, goal setting, overcoming obstacles but I also offer financial mentoring to help you personally find ways to make and save money based on your skills and needs with all my mentees/clients having made significant increases in their finances following the plan we create. It’s not something I offer all the time due to all my other projects though.

To get started with mentoring you really need to have some expertise and develop credibility. Create a site, social media presence and be really clear on your message and how you can help others.

14.) Webinars
You can make money with webinars either by selling a program, eBook, product or service you have or by charging for the webinar. You need to have something people will be interested in and a way to promote it for this to be worthwhile.

15.) YouTube
Love speaking or filming yourself? There is a lot of potential on YouTube and other social media once you gain a following. You can make money through ads, by other products being featured in your posts, promoting your own products and by reviewing things on video. Check out the highest-paid YouTube stars to get an idea.

16.) Affiliate marketing
If you have a website, eZine, eBook or even on social media you can sign up as an affiliate for products and services then make a percentage of any sales made through your link. I generally sign up as an affiliate for products and services I have used and loved. Check the sites, stores and services you frequent to see who has a program.

17.) Resumes
The way I was taught to write a resume in high school is so far removed from how a resume should be! Anyone who has been out of the workforce for a while needs an updated resume, but might not know the best way to present themselves. If you have an eye for detail and describing talents, resume writing for others is easy to do. Having the skills to do selection criteria’s will help even more.

19.) Create media kits
As blogging becomes more diverse and more people are vying for the attention of advertisers a good media kit has become a necessity for all bloggers wanting to work with the media and brands. Many don’t know where to start and you could either create their media kits for them or sell templates for them to create their own. Media kits can be easily created on Canva or PicMonkey.

20.) Graphic design
Creating business logos, blog and website designs, business cards and more can be done from home with knowledge in design. Promote yourself or you could use options like 99 designs to try and get jobs.

21.) Create websites
Depending on your skill level, you can offer custom websites to clients where you create a website for them. This can be as simple as setting up a WordPress site for them and a theme, creating the pages they need on their site or if you have great website skills you can do a whole lot more.

22.) Ezine
An eZine is online magazine which is emailed, much like a newsletter. It is more environmentally friendly than traditional magazines and easy for people to subscribe to. You can do monthly, quarterly or however often works for you.

22.) SEO consultant
Search Engine Optimisation helps websites rank better by selecting key words or phrases to promote the site and help search engines recognise the site for those words and phrases. Being a consultant you will need knowledge in it, but like anything done online it can be done from home.

23.) Consultant in anything
Anything you have knowledge or experience in can be turned into a consultancy service, many of which can be done online. You will need to set up a website, social media presence, get networking and active in Facebook groups or wherever your target market hang out. Plus, for most consulting, you will need qualifications and experience in whatever you are consulting about.

24.) Life coaching
In some areas you will need proper qualifications to call yourself a life coach, at the very least you need an effective program and way to coach people. Life coaches help people sort out their lives, set and achieve goals and get past things that are blocking their progress in life.

25.) Sell on behalf of others
If you like selling on eBay, Gumtree, Facebook or anywhere else, offer your services to others and either charge a flat rate or select a percentage of the sale to keep as your fee. I did this years ago for someone who was closing their store and I have had my sister sell my stuff for me when I didn’t have time. I have also seen requests on AirTasker and Facebook from people wanting to pay someone to list and sell their stuff.

101 Ways To Make Money From Home! (1)

26.) Marketing
There are degrees in marketing and you do need knowledge in this area to be successful but a lot of marketing, especially effective social media campaigns can be arranged from home. This is what my company specialises in. I don’t have a marketing degree, but I have extensive experience and contacts which my clients want.

27.) Public Relations
PR is different to marketing. PR is generally getting free exposure and liaising with the public. Marketing, while often lumped together with PR is paid promotions and advertising, very different skills. It sounds crazy to think public relations, as in relations with the public, can be done from home. As a PR representative, you would be connecting people and businesses, creating campaigns for exposure and not necessarily out in the public.

28.) Data entry
With a computer and decent typing speed you can do data entry for a variety of businesses in the hours that suit your family. Doctors, lawyers and similar professions often require this sort of service. Most of the women I know who do this do it in the evenings after their kids are in bed.

29.) Enter competitions
It’s not guaranteed money all the time, often it’s not cash straight away, but it can be a way to make some money. Cash prizes are fantastic, but other prizes can be sold for cash. Competitions on websites, through magazines and the radio can provide cash, tickets or great gifts. I have had the most success entering giveaways and competitions on blogs. We run them from time to time.

30.) Copy writing
Copy writing services are needed by virtually every business. Create a portfolio and a profile online to get started. You need to have immaculate English and be creative to careful articulate what the client needs in writing to get work. Copy can be done for ads, websites, social media, flyers, magazine articles, anything really.

31.) Ghost writing
If you enjoy writing and don’t need to have your name plastered on all your work then ghost writing can be lucrative. You write books, articles or anything the client wants and they put their name on it. It is up to you to decide your rates, since you will not be making money off the end product most ghost writers charge more than average freelance writing, especially for entire books.

32.) Swagbucks
Swagbucks is just one of the many sites you can earn money with through daily polls, surveys, watching videos and using their toolbar to look things up instead of Google.
My favourite feature is definitely the search one. Use their search engine instead of Google and earn points. How easy is that?

33.) Market research
Participate in market research online through websites who specialise in this. Some pay $50 – $100 per hour. Farron Research and Social Soup have been the two best ones for me.

34.) Online surveys
A plethora of sites exist for you to make money doing surveys. The pay is very low and often gift certificates instead of cash. Some I have used include PureProfile, SwagBucks and WDYT. We have a post on the best Australian online survey sites here.

35.) Sponsored tweets
You set your price then companies offer you to tweet for them. You can sign up here for a company that is easy to use and you get contacted when options come up. I haven’t made much through that company, instead, I made more money when brands asked me directly to tweet something.

36.) Stock photography
Use your plain photos and sell them on stock photography websites. The competition is pretty tense and you might not make a lot, but a few dollars here and there is a nice surprise. My partner makes regular passive income this way.

37.) Transcribing
While there is software and outsourcing overseas, accuracy with transcribing is important. Many lawyers and doctors outsource this within their own country as the language barrier is difficult and software can be touchy and I know more and more bloggers (including myself), podcasters and social media entrepreneurs who require this.

38.) This is your life dvd’s/USB’s
Have people send or drop off photos and select songs they want the photos set to. You put the photos like a slideshow to music and burn it to a DVD and USB for them. Although now, most would prefer a file sent via DropBox for them. You can set up a gig like this on Fiverr.

39.) Run reference checks
Outsourcing reference checks saves some companies a lot of time and money. You can do it from home for a fee for a variety of companies.

40.) Create an online forum
A website with a forum or a Facebook group can make a lot of money either through charging a fee to join, though ads throughout the forum or brands wanting mentions/exposure to your adueince. Pick a topic that works for you, get people interested, market it, get active and go from there.

41.) Create and sell a course
Turn your expertise into a course with videos, emails and tutorials on how to do what you do. Use a great marketing plan when doing it, offer it as an affiliate program and you can do really well.

42.) Newsletters
Create a regular newsletter and use affiliate links, advertising and sponsorship to make money. Similar to an eZine a newsletter is shorter and more to the point, usually used in conjunction with a website.
Alternatively, create and manage newsletters for other websites for a fee.

43.) Adult options
I grew up Mormon and had no idea of the options there are from selling your shoes or underwear through to being paid to get with someone and everything in between. It is completely your choice what you do.

I haven’t done any of it, despite numerous offers, but have had clients who were phone workers (I was a hairdresser and they told me all about it), others who sell their used items and now I know quite a few who work at the more involved end of the adult industry if you get my drift. (I’m trying to be relatively tame here).

44.) Book reviews
Review books on your own site or for other publications. Check before you submit anything if they accept unsolicited reviews. Many bloggers get pitched books to review. You can also sell the books after you have reviewed them.

45.) Meaning of names poems
Create poems based on the meaning of names or create a poem to a name. With so many unique spellings and names it is hard for some people to find something based on their name.

46.) Podcast
Create a podcast to promote and sell your products or affiliate programs you are part of or get advertisers interested in being part of the podcast. I have ones I listen to every week and have purchased things recommended by them so it does work. I am launching a podcast next year on ways to make and save money! Sign up to my newsletter or follow The Thrifty Issue on Facebook if you want to know when it’s live.

47.) How to series via DVD/YouTube/course
Create a “how to” series. Much like consulting, posting videos on YouTube or creating a course with this you teach people how to do things and sell it via DVD’s, CD’s, USB’s for people to use in the car or at home, videos online or create a whole package for people to access the information through a variety of methods.

48.) Interview skills via Skype
Have you interviewed people for different positions? Set up a service where you interview people and give them feedback on their answers, body language, clothing and tips to land the job. Given that there is only 1 job for every 5 people in Australia at the moment, this is a needed service!

49.) Sell your artwork
Facebook, Etsy, Madeit and similar sites are all good to sell your artwork from. My nephew makes over $1,000 a year selling keyrings and he’s 9. Check out these tips to get started selling on Etsy.

101 ways to make money from home

With your property
50.) Get a boarder
Lack of privacy can be an issue, but if you have a spare room a boarder or exchange student can be a relatively easy way to make money provided you select your boarder carefully, interview them, do background or reference checks and have an agreement in writing.

Check out 14 tips for renting your room to a boarder as well as how to use your home to pay for itself. I had the most success on AirBnB (read how to make money with AirBnB for tips), plus Facebook groups when it comes to renting out my spare rooms.

51.) Rent out the garage
Storage units aren’t cheap to rent. If you don’t use your garage you could rent it out to someone looking to store excess belongings, a car, boat or even rent it out to a business. Ensure you have a solid contract and agreement in place for this. When I was a single mother, I rented my garage out to another single mum for $50 per week for her to run her dress business from.

52.) Rent the driveway
Rent it to someone to store their boat or caravan on. If you live near the CBD rent it to office workers for parking or if you live near a stadium or show ground you can rent it as parking space for events as they arise. Where we live, car spaces go for $250 per month for office hours/office workers and more like $100 a week for 24/7, that is car spaces belonging to tenants, not the private corporate carparks.

53.) Garden allotments
Lease garden allotments for people to grow their own flowers or herbs. It won’t make much money, but it is money for empty space. Alternatively, you can rent space in your yard like the driveway in tip 52 or rent it out for people to camp on.

54.) Any spare space on the property
Inside space such as an attic or under the house can be rented as storage space. Outside can be rented for cars, boats, trailers, caravans, RV’s or depending on the size of your space even for people to park on or let people run classes in your backyard.

56.) With a pool
You have the option of teaching people how to swim if you are certified or renting the pool to someone else to do learn to swim classes or aqua aerobics.

55.) Airbnb
Rent a room when you feel like it. You set the rate and can choose dates you are available and you always have the option of saying no. You will be held to a higher standard than just letting someone rent the room and you need to provide basic amenities, but we’ve loved it whenever we have done it.

58.) Rent your home for movies/tv series
Some programs require you to leave the house for the duration of filming, but put you up in other accommodation, so it depends on how you feel about strangers being in your home without you there.

56.) Signage on your fence
Live on a main road? Offer your fence to local businesses for signage. They can pay by the month or lease it for 6 month periods. This is also a good way to get a discount on services you might use such as plumbing, roofing, solar panel installation and similar.

57.) Sign in your yard
Just like signs on the fence, you can place signs in the yard for a fee. If you have the space there is also the option of erecting a billboard, though this is expensive. I know of a property where the council paid the owner to have a billboard in their yard and the owner didn’t have to pay land rates either.

58.) Turn your house into a haunted house for Halloween
Decorate the whole house and have each room produce a scare! Charge a fee and give people a tour. Get your friends involved and go all out.

59.) Family day care
With relevant qualifications and checks, caring for kids in your home can provide decent, regular income while you are at home with your children. It is a fair bit to set up if you are doing it all legally, but for many mums it is the difference between having to go to work or being able to stay at home and with the lack of childcare in many cities, it’s a needed service.

60.) Ironing
Ironing is something more people are outsourcing. You can offer to pick up and drop off or have clients drop their items off to you and pick up the next day. You can charge per basket or per item. Promote if you are a smoke and pet free home as well. Offer an overnight service for an extra optional charge to make a little more.

61.) Mending/alterations
Taking up or letting down hems, fixing seams, replacing broken zips and bringing in or letting out clothes are cheaper options than buying new clothes. You can combine this service with the ironing as well.

62.) Photography
Set up a studio at home to offer photography – portraits, family photos, boudoir, babies, anything you like. You will need experience, good equipment, editing skills and people skills of course!

63.) Hand and feet or pregnant belly casts
Treasured memories are created around births. Hand and feet casts or prints and pregnant belly casts are a way for people to preserve those memories.

64.) Spray tanning
It only costs a few hundred to set up with a kit. Practice on friends and family first to get the hang of it, then set up space in your home to do it. Make sure you have insurance and are following regulations in your area.

65.) Garage sale
Just done a big de-clutter of the home and don’t feel up to listing everything individually online? Have a garage sale. See if neighbours are interested in getting involved and have a street sale to bring in even more people with less work.

66.) Sell plants or produce from your garden
Place a sign out the front, pot up plants, seedlings or sell produce you have grown. This can go well with a garage sale for extra money too.

67.) Bees and honey
Fresh honey is delicious and has many health benefits. It costs a bit to set up but you can make money from the honey and honeycomb.

68.) Create things to sell
Are you crafty, handy or arty? Create things such as clothes, aprons, hair clips, wooden puzzles, doll houses, craft kits, anything you can create you might be able to sell. I sold these at a market one year in the lead up to Christmas. It paid for my kids presents.

69.) Illustrate books
Illustrators get paid per book and provided you have good communication skills and talent, you can get the authors ideas into an image.

70.) Sketch homes
People can send you a photo of your home and you sketch it then post it back or they could pay extra for framing and you arrange it all.

71.) Furniture restoration or makeovers
With some tools, knowledge and space furniture restorations are an option. You can pick up pieces for free that are dumped, give them a makeover and sell or restore pieces for other people. Pinterest has great ideas and tutorials linked for DIY furniture makeovers.

72.) Tutor
Math, English, music, languages, cooking, anything. Everything we do we need to learn to do. Offer tutoring from your home either in person or do it online.

73.) Become a landlord
Buying a property is not cheap. You need to know what you are doing, do your research and be selective. Building a property portfolio takes time and patience. Be aware things happen where you will need to make repairs, the property can be vacant or damaged and this should only ever be considered a long term plan. With a good agent this is something you can do mostly from home.

74.) Turn your home into a bed and breakfast
Spare rooms? Rent them out and offer breakfast with it! Do it on a regular basis or turn your place into a genuine Bed and Breakfast, once you have approval, insurance and everything else you need to do it legally. Farmstays, older homes and places close to attractions all work well.

75.) Real Estate leads
Real estate agents sometimes offer compensation if you give them leads that result in sales.

76.) Family photo compilations
Good with photoshop? Photoshop families together. It is a popular gift from extended family who cannot all get together for elderly parents and relatives.

77.) Accept deliveries
Registered deliveries which need someone home during the day can be accepted by you and the client pick them up after work. Be very careful and specific about this as there is risk with unsavoury deliveries. Also, if you happen to get a driver who isn’t delivering properly, you’ll end up with a lot of trips to the post office.

78.) Audio books
Audio books are popular among commuters. Reading a book out loud to be recorded and turned into an audio book is a necessary service many authors and publishers seek out now.

79.) Family history research
More people are looking up their family history. If you have passion and knowledge you can do this for those who are time poor but curious about their heritage.

80.) Personalised anything
Towels, plates, signs, backpacks, drink bottles, plates. You name it, anything can be personalised and for kids with unusual names, this is ideal and people will pay for it.

81.) Parcel forwarding between countries
Many products are cheaper overseas and I know of quite a few Australians who buy overseas, get their items shipped to a US address to take advantage of sales, coupons and lower taxes, then the person at that address forwards it to Australia for a fee and international postage.

82.) Personal training
You can get qualified pretty quickly and train people anywhere, including your own home. Boot camps are popular, especially if you offer a niche option such as bootcamp for new mums.

83.) Alternative therapies
With qualifications in any sort of therapy such as bowen therapy, naturopathy, massage, kinesiology and so on you just need a room at home to set up which can be done from your own spare room.

84.) Psychic
Tarot reading, palmistry, astrology, numerology, crystal healing, reiki, all of it can be done from a room in your house or for psychic readings you can do them online via skype.

85.) Teach a class
Not everyone knows the basics such as cooking, sewing, cleaning, gardening, self defence etc. Anything you know or have knowledge of can be taught to others. We ran classes on photography and marketing from a studio in our home. We set up a meet up group for each topic then had monthly topics.

86.) Mums and bubs get together
A weekly group could meet at your house, everyone pays a small fee and you provide tea, coffee etc. Set it up through Facebook or Meetup to make it easy.

87.) Sell your hair
You need long, healthy hair to sell it so it is not something you can do regularly, it does pay though.

88.) Pet minding
For those going away they can drop off their pets to you for you to care for them. Most people prefer you to come to their home to care for their pets though, as it is less disruptive for the animals.

89.) Hire out items
Smaller items like chocolate fountains or chair covers right through to larger equipment can be stored in your garage for people to collect and return when they rent them. Sites like Open Shed allow you to arrange this sort of thing.

90.) Themed dinner parties
Once a week or month host a themed dinner party people book and pay to attend. How to host a murder, casino night or flashbacks are all popular themes.

91.) Sunrise photo for baby births
Got a nice view from your home? Take a photo every morning and promote it as a birth sunrise photo new parents can purchase.

92.) Recipe testing
Recipes need to be tested, some sites and magazines have specific kitchens for this, others outsource it. New authors get their recipes tested before they are included in the book too.

93.) Beauty treatments
Massage, waxing, eye last treatments, facials, manicures and pedicures can be done from home once you are qualified and the qualifications are usually able to be done through flexible options.

94.) Party plan/direct selling
Not all ‘party plans’ require you to host parties at other people’s homes. Some allow you to do it from home or just online. Alternatively, offer your home for people to host their parties if they don’t feel they have enough room etc.

95.) Pets
Only if you are capable and responsible with the right permits, love and care should you attempt to make money from breeding animals. Other options for making money with pets is enter them in competitions, creating items for pets to use such as chew toys, fish tank extra’s, clothing for pets, pet beds or blankets.

96.) Scrapbook for others
Scrapbooks look cute but not everyone is talented, creative or have the time to do it. You can offer this service for a fee, buy items in bulk and create beautiful albums. Alternatively, offer to create online albums people can have delivered. As in, you upload and design it all and it’s ordered online, then delivered to them.

97.) Caricatures
If you can draw, try your hand at caricatures. People can send photos to you online and you send back the picture.

98.) At home employment
Genuine work from home opportunities are rare unless you create them yourself or negotiate with your current employer to work from home. If you have a job that could be done part time from home, talk to your boss and see what they say.

99.) Airtasker
Airtasker is a site people list jobs they need done such as editing, cleaning, resumes, writing, moving house etc. Select your area and look for things that are suitable to you. Check out this post for more information and advice.

100.) Telemarketing
Some telemarketing jobs can be done from home. Usually you need your own equipment, have some training then you are given a list of calls to make/clients to deal with. You work certain shifts and everything is recorded.

101.) Look at your skills
What skills or talents do you have that you could use to make stuff from home?Ooffer online tutoring, videos, a blog, anything like that. What comes easy to us often doesn’t come easy to others so think outside the box!

With any work from home idea you want to try check regulations in your area, what qualifications you will need, what tax implications there are, if you need to register as a business and get insurance if necessary, especially if people will be coming onto your property for any reason. You do not want something to go wrong and get sued.

Do you work or make money from home?

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