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How to Make Over $1,000 Within a Week

How to Make Over $1,000 Within a Week

How can you get Money Fast, Without a Loan?

I’m in court over custody and last week got 3 invoices from my lawyer totalling $9,852.77.

My first thought was how do people afford this?

I have been in and out of court for years against my ex and the cost is huge.

So I set myself a challenge to get the money by the due date of each invoice doing things anyone might do.

Meaning, I am not relying on money from my business or the money in trust with my lawyer.

Instead, I looked at options and it amazed me how quickly I was able to make money.

I made $2,988.86 doing things I think anyone can and another $3,034.24 from unexpected sources.

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I use affiliate links for products and services I personally use and recommend. Check out my disclosure here.

First steps to making more money fast

Mindset matters! Before you roll your eyes, there is a direct correlation between my confidence and money.

When I am confident and believe I will get the money, it flows.

When I stress out and think I will never have enough, I don’t.

This is easier said than done for many so I highly recommend checking out Unleash Your Inner Money Babe – Uplevel Your Money Mindset And Manifest $1,000 In 21 Days.

I have the kindle version and every time I am in a bit of a slump with money, this helps.

It’s a step by step daily guide to help you focus, change your mindset and get more money.

When I am making more money or focused on increasing my income there are a few things I do before even starting with the work.

Track the income

Grab a notebook or calendar and use it to track the extra money coming in.

Often we only focus on the expenses which gets stressful.

I use a nice pen and write down every little bit of money that comes in whether it is 5 cents we find on the ground or $1,000 for selling something.

All of it is tracked.

This keeps me focused on an abundance of money instead of a lack of money.

Have a clearly defined goal

In my case, I had 3.

The first was $5,552.77 by May 14th.

Next, $1,800 by May 29th and the last is $2,500 by June 3rd.

Knowing how much I wanted and by when gave me something to work towards.

Splitting them into smaller amounts made it seem more achievable and kept my stress level about it all low.

Lastly, for my goal, it was important to me I do this because so many people are in a position where they feel overwhelmed, they don’t have the money and can’t see how to get the money.

I needed to test it, do it and show a way for others to be able to do it. Kind of like showing there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Reduce stress

When dealing with court, exes, kids, regular expenses, all of it, the stress can be paralysing.

Literally, in 2015 I ended up paralysed.

Take really good care of yourself, eat well, have a good support network and do what you can to reduce your stress.

I could go on for days about this but in a nutshell, do what you need to.

Don’t worry about everyone else at this point.

Focus on your own mental health and take care of yourself.

How to Make Money Fast

Within the 7 days, I had more than I needed in my account to pay the bill.

I’m going to be completely transparent about how I came up with the money for the first invoice and provide some extra options if you need.

Sold Everything – $2,222

And I mean everything. It didn’t matter how small or stupid I thought it was, I took a picture and threw it on Facebook Marketplace.

I was amazed this time how much sold, how quickly things sold and what was selling.

Books sold really well.

I laid them all out on the floor and took a photo.

Listed them at $5 each and most people bought them in bulk.

My books were either free or only a few dollars when I bought them, some were well-read, a few were water damaged but it didn’t matter to anyone.

The content and type of books I was selling are extremely popular.

I mean, they all feature in my list of books everyone should read here.

Shoes, mirrors, kitchen items, my bed (which I had been planning to sell for ages).

Weirdly, I had a lot of interest in my spare, used mattress.

I didn’t think it would sell!

Things I didn’t think would sell, did and other items I was sure would sell quickly took longer.

Read my tips for how I’ve made over $10,000 a month buying things to resell.

To be clear, I have not done buying and reselling for a while, so what I sold this month was from my personal belongings, not items I had bought to resell.

You don’t need as much as you think you do

How much can you do without? A lot.

I even sold my TV and love how much quieter the home is.

My ironing board is gone.

I hardly used it and if I really need to iron something, I can use a towel on my bench.

These are not items I intend to replace so they went.

If you are really needing money, you’d be surprised at what you can do without and how much you can generate quickly when it goes.

My kids’ rooms are untouched in this process. They still have everything, actually, they have too much!

Also, I won an air fryer last month.

It arrived during the week.

Without even opening it I listed it and sold it.

Airbnb – $143

Every single time I have listed my place, it has a booking within 24 hours.

This has been in Canberra, Melbourne CBD, Carlton and the Eastern Suburbs.

You can find all my tips here on how to make money with Airbnb.

How much you make will be determined by location, demand, what you have to offer and if it is the whole home vs just a room.

Usually, I rent out my whole place.

When I rent out a room on its own it might only be up to $100 for the night.

Renting out my whole home I have made $1,300 in 5 days over Christmas for my tiny apartment in Carlton.

$600 midweek for the same place in the middle of July.

Canberra I made $70 a night usually. Where I am now is less as it is further from the city centre.

Airbnb is free to join, easy to make a listing and if you provide the basics I recommend for making money with Airbnb, you can get bookings quickly in most central areas.

Cashed In – $309.61

Reward points e.g. Flybuys, gift cards through other online surveys, cash from online surveys (read this list of Aussie loyalty programs) and cashing in from Cash Rewards helped.

The vouchers were used for groceries and things like that.

Found Money – $63.25

I went through every part of the house and car, including every single coat pocket, bag, corner of the closet, under every appliance, everywhere.

I found $1 in the ashtray in my car which would have been there from the previous owner as we had never opened it.

$50 in linen (long story, this was because of my kids.

My money but ended up there because of them).

Loose change in other areas made up the rest.

Go on a serious money hunt and you might be surprised!

Refund – $251

Do you have items in your home you’ve paid for but didn’t use or no longer need?

Grab the refund!

You’d be surprised how long the timeframe is for some refunds.

This whole process, selling things, sorting out refunds, cashing in reward points etc. shows you how much money you waste too.

Child Support – $909.64

Weirdly, child support came in early this month.

I know how lucky I am to receive this and specifically to be getting this amount.

Child support has been garnished from his wages for the last few years.

I don’t typically budget it in because the first few years it wasn’t paid until he did a tax return and they took it to pay arrears then started garnishing his wages.

As such, child support to me is a ‘nice to have’ thing, not an expectation.

If you are on Centrelink you can get an advance, there are emergency payments and other options.

I didn’t do it but it is an option you can explore if needed.

My eldest has autism and years ago it made me eligible for a payment that is not means-tested.

It has obviously never even come close to the expenses of speech therapy, psychology, classes and other treatments over the years to help her but I do appreciate we live in a country that has this.

My youngest was diagnosed with other issues so also had the same payment.

Inheritance – $2,000

Another thing most won’t get and was unusual.

I won’t go into the details of this but I did get a small, unexpected inheritance this week.

The timing was perfect, the person is still alive but wanted to do this for family members.

I am acutely aware this is not something others can do but it is a great example of the right mindset and how money can come from so many different sources without you doing anything.

What Next?

Obviously, when you add it up, I haven’t made enough for all 3 invoices but I have some options which anyone could do but I won’t share until I have tried them.

Once it is all done, I will definitely post about them.

How have you made money fast?

Image of notebooks, coins, gold pen and money box. Text reads how to make over $1,000 in a week.

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