How to get Freebies, Discounts and Cash

Ways to get Cash, Discounts and Freebies

Day 3 of my 5 day fast money challenge was all about the cash, freebies and discounts. There are a few things I need to buy before I go overseas which I scored some discounts on. Below are some ways to get straight-up cash along with freebies, discounts and tips for all of it. You can read day 1 (where I found $1,062.89) and day 2 (where the focus is on budget, books and mindset).

Disclosure, this post contains affiliate links for products and services I personally use.

Get Cash

Get paid for signing up to any of the below options. It’s quick (especially Up Bank) and you can do all of the below if you want.

$5 with Up

Bank sign-up bonuses vary e.g $5 within minutes when joining Up (the bank I now use), Also, sometimes you can get $100 with ING using the code CNW116 for a new everyday account (you must deposit $1,000 within a calendar month, do 5 transactions and open a savings maximiser too).

$10 from Swagbucks

This is awarded as Swagbucks you can cash out later. Sign up for free, use it to search, watch videos, do surveys and get cashback. Also, check out other Aussie online survey sites here.

$10 from Raiz

Raiz is a micro-investing app where small amounts can be invested in shares. It does have fees so check them and your investing plans before signing up. Get $10 with Raiz here.

Get Discounts

Australia has so many discounts. Check out these tips to get discounts as well as these tips to get coupons.

$35 to $50 off Food

I’ve used all 3 of these and they are great. You can get 40% off your first box with EveryPlate and get $50 off HelloFresh. It saves me so much time and energy having them delivered and sorted. 

Up to $76 off Airbnb

I use Airbnb a lot. Depending on the place you book, you can get up to $76 off now. It must be your first time using Airbnb though to get it.


Australia has a lot of freebies and sign-up bonuses. Check out a list of birthday freebies here and other freebies here. Always check any site you are shopping with to see if they have a discount or freebie if you sign up too.


Lastly, join cashback sites to save even more. My favourites have been Cash Rewards and Honey. Join all the sites, install them in your toolbar and be notified every time you can get a discount. I’ve noticed sometimes the percentage back will be different between the sites. Also, some sites work with some cashback sites and not others.

Cash Rewards is free to join here. Honey also scans for coupons for you to use on each shop and is free here. Shopback is newer but I have liked it so far and Swagbucks also does cashback but I use them less.

Read more about each one here.

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