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How I Made $4517.95 on the Side in March

How I Made $4517.95 on the Side in March

7 Side Hustles I did in March

With 4 kids in the house, doing it on my own as their father is in another state for work, it’s a juggle.

Most days I feel pretty brain dead especially as the ages are newborn (6 weeks), toddler (14 months), and teens (13 and 14).

Having 2 babies so close takes most of my time and energy.

So most of my side hustles at the moment are by default or simply just happening. I don’t have the time or energy to put into them.

Here are my side hustles for March.

Disclosure: This article may contain affiliate links for products and services I personally use.

1. Writing $1,940

This was for 3 articles and due to my typing speed, knowledge of the topic (finance) and the fact they didn’t need to be heavily researched or referenced, it took 1 hour.

Freelance writing is one of my favourite side hustles as I can pick up more work if I want to, work around my kids and write about things I enjoy, such as travel, finance and parenting.

Some people I know do it full time.

Personally, I am averse to being locked into anything fulltime and prefer to write a few when I feel like it rather than having to write x amount of articles every week.

Also, I don’t do low-paying articles because I don’t feel it is worth my time.

I would rather have fewer clients and earn more doing a few articles than lots of clients but feeling stressed writing so much.

2. Online Surveys $965

Octopus Group is the highest paying online survey site and the one I get the most from at just over $16hr. They also pay when you refer friends.

PrizeRebel is another that I have done well with this month. They pay in USD to PayPal which I like.

A few other online survey sites I use are Swagbucks, Market Agent and Pureprofile.

You can find my reviews and experiences, how much each pay etc in the article about the best online survey sites.

3. Book Royalties and Sales $233

One of the things I love about books, is they are set and forget in many ways.

$50 this month was from a book I wrote 11 years ago. Every month I get a royalty payment to my account and I do absolutely nothing for that book.

It’s under a different name and I don’t particularly like it so I don’t promote it.

However, for higher sales, a lot of marketing is involved with books.

Generally, they aren’t a money maker for most authors and instead are more about authority and providing other opportunities.

The books connected to The Thrifty Issue are:

How to Survive on Centrelink $9.95
How to Make Over $10,000 a Month Buying Things to Resell $9.95
99 Side Hustles for Aussies $9.95
The Ultimate Guide to Make and Save Money at Home $14.95
26 Ingredients $4.95
All of them can be found here.

As all my books are being updated, you can get all of them in a pack plus bonus PDFs with my planners, routines, journal prompts and printables for only $29.95 in The Thrifty Issue Money Makeover Bundle.

4. Reselling $200

This month I didn’t have much time to do it but I did sell my queen bed.

I bought it for $120 when we were repatriated mid-2020 and sold it a week ago for $200.

We are doing a mass listing this week though.

My kids are helping me photograph and list everything.

5. Crypto $120

Something I have been playing around with is crypto.

This amount isn’t profit, although my crypto has increased.

The $120 is referrals from friends and family who have asked me.

If you want to play around with crypto, you can get $10 free BitCoin with Coinspot when you invest $10 as well.

6. Cash Back $143

The four main programs I use are CashRewards, Shopback and Honey.

Some have sign-up bonuses when you make your first purchase through them too.

The way cashback programs work is easy.

You sign up for free, download the apps and install them on your Chrome toolbar (they show you how).

Then when you are shopping online they pop up to let you know when you can get cashback.

Click to activate and you get cash back on whatever you were going to buy.

Once you have spent the money, you can also earn points for gift cards through ReceiptJar. Join free with the code KYLIT3QH2 and get a bonus 200 points when you upload your first receipt.

7. Experiments $916.95

I am doing a little experiment comparing 5 money making options.

Each option gets the same amount of money put towards it and the same level of effort each week.

Once I have done it for 6 months and explored or aspects of each, I will share more details.

It is extremely important to me that I only link to, share or recommend products and services I use and can endorse or answer questions about.

As such, I can’t share this one yet but I am excited to in a few months.

Plans for April Side Hustles

April is a big month with my birthday, school holidays and 2 long weekends.

There is only so much time I have to dedicate to anything at the moment with 4 kids and even less with school holidays.

I love being a mum though and my kids come first.

The side hustles I’ve listed above I’ll be continuing with and will focus mainly on reselling/selling off things from here too.

I’m outsourcing more of my business so plan to increase marketing around the books I have already written too.

I have 2 other projects on the go I plan to focus on more but the income from them won’t be for a few months.

My teens now have jobs, do sports and play instruments so the juggle this year has increased.

I am grateful for my kids though and the life we have. We spend a lot of time outside and I don’t want to be so focused on money, side hustles etc that they feel I am more into money than them.

How are you making money on the side?

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