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5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day on a Budget

5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day on a Budget

How to Save Money With Valentine’s Day

We see it every year, roses suddenly become super expensive, florists and restaurants are booked out and people spend too much on something they could get cheaper at another time of year.

1. Buy Other Flowers

Roses are the most expensive flower on Valentine’s Day but are they even the favourite? Instead of buying overpriced roses, look for the flowers your loved one actually wants. For example, I love lilies and orchids, both of which can usually be purchased for only a few dollars.

2. What’s Their Love Language?

If you haven’t heard of the 5 Love Languages, you need to. Basically, there are 5 love languages and we all have a dominant one. The languages are Acts of Service, Quality Time, Physical Touch, Gifts and Words of Affirmation. We will have a mix of them so knowing what your partners love language is can help you work out a better gift option.

For example, my love language is Acts of Service so people doing things for me such as cooking an amazing dinner means more than buying me something. My eldest daughters main love language is gifts so buying her something is always a winner. My younger daughter is physical touch and quality time so a back or head massage means a lot to her.

Learn their love language then find ways to make it count on Valentine’s Day.

3. Record Something

Make a playlist just like the old school mixtape or CD you’d make with your favourite songs. Write out why you chose those songs.

Or create a podcast/recordings just for them. For Christmas, I recorded in 10 minute segments the story of us for my partner. I broke it into chapters outlining my favourite memories, funny moments and what meant a lot to me.

He was both shocked and delighted. I didn’t preplan or write a script. Instead, I simply talked about each part of our lives. It also created some interesting discussions after he listened to them.

4. Create The Meal

Restaurants are hard to get into and usually expensive. Some have set menus but due to the high number of patrons you are often pushed out of restaurants quickly.

Instead, create a beautiful dinner at home. Set the mood at the table, create a glamping experience in the backyard or go for a picnic somewhere. Some of my favourite meals have been hanging at the beach or when Justin cooked over the fire for me. Mind you, Justin is an AMAZING cook!

5. Free Events

Are there trial dance classes or similar in your area? Check out the free events in your area from classes through to movie nights on the grass or a festival. You might be surprised at what is available.

So what will you do this Valentine’s Day or what is a memorable one you have had?

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