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11 Ways to Make Money on the Side

How can you Make Money on the Side?

We’ve shared lots of ways to make money from home, 43 ways single mums can make money and different things other people have done.

Making money on the side is a great way to pay off debt, increase your savings, get the cash for a holiday or simply diversify your income.

Here are some of the things we’ve done and how much you can make from them based on our experience and research.
Disclosure – this post may contain affiliate links. Read the full disclosure here.

1. Online surveys – $2,000+ per year

These can be done from anywhere, any time really. We share the best Australian online survey sites here.

Make sure, if you are doing online surveys, to have a separate email account for them and check each site thoroughly to ensure you get all the bonus points and different ways to make money with them.

Some sites give bonuses for using their search engines, watching or creating videos and participating in games.

2. Rent out your car – $300+ a month

Instead of driving an Uber, just rent out your car when you’re not using it! Car Next Door is an easy to use platform where you set your price plus you save on insurance!

I use Car Next Door whenever we need a car. From their research, most members make a few hundred a month. The cars I borrow are usually $25pr day or $5hr but others I have seen are much more.

3. Airbnb – $8,000+ per year

Over Christmas, I made $1,300 in 5 days and when we went away recently it was $600 in a few days.

How much you make depends on how often you rent your place, whether it is the whole place or just a room, where you live and what’s on offer.

Previously, I lived in an apartment in the city which was a highly sought-after location so I could charge more.

When I lived in Canberra I charged less and now I am in the suburbs in Melbourne, it’s different again.

The average Airbnb makes $8,000+ a year though. In fact, Airbnb and other share economy options are something the tax department now includes in tax returns it’s so popular.

Read this post for tips on how to make money with Airbnb plus how to make sure everything goes smoothly.

It is a good idea to renovate and freshen your place before you list it to make it look it’s best and prevent maintenance issues.

The better it looks, the more likely you are to attract more people and earn more.

You could invest in a roofing company to upgrade your roof and repaint the interior as a roof can both age a home and cause significant damage if not repaired.

Simple changes will be very effective for your success.

4. Sell things – $10,000+

Last year I did the $20,000 flip challenge where people were buying things to resell with the goal of making over $20,000 in the year. I aced it and made almost $3,000 in my first month, almost $9,000 in my second month and got to be making over $10,000 a month. You can find out how here.

How much you make depends on what you sell, where you sell it, how much you buy it for and other fees.

5. Rent out other space – $200+ a month

Renting out your garage, driveway or garden are all options which require little effort from you. Most recently, I tried Spacer to rent my garage and it was so easy. Previously, I rented directly to people I know. Anything from storing a car or boat, to having a caravan in the driveway or a mum running a business from home has been done.

Check out this post for more information on renting out your space.

6. Use your spare room – $200+ a week

Aside from Airbnb, you can also rent to a boarder, host international students or rent it as office space. How you use it is up to you. The amount you make will vary depending on what you offer and where you are located. For tips on renting to a boarder, check out this post.

To find out more about renting to an international student, have a look at HomeStay which was recommended by a few students.

7. Remote work – $50+ an hour

Freelance writing, being a virtual assistant, graphic design, blogging, editing, Fiverr, voiceover work and anything which can be done online are all options. What skills do you have which you can market online? If you want to take it further, you can set up a business for under $100, get your website sorted and get active on social media. All of them can provide income.

8. Market research $100hr

Whenever we’ve done market research the pay has been around $100 an hour and it’s usually fairly easy. It’s usually done in an office in the city, in your home or on the phone at specific times. Check out this post for more information.

9. Money making apps

Australia has a bunch of apps available for you to make money from. Online surveys, market research, mystery shopping and even walking are all ways you can make money.

10. Random jobs

Places such as Airtasker, Gumtree and other classifieds are great options to make money doing random jobs. Do a search for things you can do such as babysitting, cleaning, putting together flat pack furniture, gardening or anything else. Or create an ad offering your services. Be sure to respond promptly and charge competitively.

11. Choose what appeals to you

If you love to travel, check out these ways to make money while travelling, even as a family. Look at my monthly side hustle updates for other ideas. Click on each month to read them, January, March, April, May, June and July.

Pet and house sitting have gained in popularity, one of my friends shares her tips here. Some people try clinical trials so we tried it out for you which you can check out here.

Think about what you like doing and how you can make some money from it.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.