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How I made $6,862.62 on the side in August

How I made $6,862.62 on the side in August

While I haven’t been actively focusing on side hustles lately, August was a good month.

We settled into our new home (we moved on July 27th) and hosted exchange students during the middle of the month so my time and attention were elsewhere.

However, I still managed to generate $6,862.62 in extra money!

Each month I share the ways I have made money on the side and how much was made. In January I made $3,200.17, February I forgot to do a post, but looking over everything I made $3,833.37.

In March I made $4,005 then in April I made $1,600.70 but also spent it all.

May was the month I switched my focus to my business and managed to double the business income!

June was similar, though I also made $851.15 and in July I made $1,881.96.

What Worked Best in August?

Getting my life sorted made the biggest difference this month. By following up with paperwork and doing what I had been putting off for months, it was discovered something was done incorrectly a while ago and resulted in a $4,000 payment for me!

Paperwork – $6,040

You read that right over $6,000 was through paperwork alone, although not all the money has hit my account yet. This is not my tax return, I paid tax as the way my tax is set up for my business I don’t pay tax each pay like people working in a job do, it is paid at certain times through the year.

My paperwork consisted of a medicare receipt for $124, a $4,000 correction from last year, $200 refund for something and $1,716 for medical things.

When is the last time you went through and checked your receipts, Medicare rebates, refunds for items (e.g. Ikea has a 365 return policy) and other paperwork? How much could be sitting there, waiting?

Selling Things – $500

In 2017 I focused heavily on buying things to resell and did quite well with it (getting up to making over $10,000 a month.) This year I focused less on it, however, still sell a few things here and there.

This month I didn’t list anything for sale but was asked to sell one thing by a friend of a friend, so I did. It was a quick $500. With moving, settling into the new house and hosting exchange students this month, listing things for sale it wasn’t practical.

Money Found – 15 cents

Huge, right? While it might not be a lot, I still like to include the money I find in these updates. When I first noticed it, I thought they were foreign coins. Turns out I picked up a commemorative coin worth xyz

Gift Cards – $297.50

While not technically the same as cash, they are treated like cash. My gift cards included one for a favourite clothing store, $200 Stanley Rogers voucher thanks to a friend referral and other friend referrals. Another way to get gift cards is to sign up to loyalty programs. You can find a list of Aussie ones we use here.

Freebies – $24.97

The other month I joined Woolworths Bunch to test it out and this month we picked up a soft drink, blue cheese, a chicken schnitzel and the Woolworths version of Tim Tams.

It was more than I expected and overall my kids enjoyed it. I also got a mascara from somewhere else. You can find a massive list of Australian freebies here.

Goals for September

My focus is still business, plus I am studying so side hustles are less of a priority. We are heading to Cairns, Fitzroy Island and the Daintree Rainforest this month, plus school holidays start, so my time is limited. I might sell a few things, but mostly, my focus will be on this site and my studies.

Other Ways To Make Money

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Jason Butler

Tuesday 11th of September 2018

Wow, over $6000 by going through old paperwork. That's amazing. I need to check my bills.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.