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How to Make Christmas Pay for Itself

How to Make Christmas Pay for Itself

How you can Reduce the cost and make Money with Christmas!

Christmas comes at the same time every year, yet it can still be an expense that kills the budget for many families.

A few times, I managed to make Christmas pay for itself!

With interstate travel, gifts, visiting family etc it adds up but you can make money from Christmas.

How to Reduce Christmas Expenses

Christmas doesn’t need to be expensive. I have posted about ways to make $2,000 by Christmas and how to have an amazing, cheap and lazy Christmas.

Plan It Out

You’re probably sick of hearing the need for a plan!

It’s repeated so often because it works.

Even if your plan is to write out who you need to buy for, what you need to get and do it all on Christmas Eve, it’s still a plan!

Keep your plan simple.

Write down everything you need (or use an app to track it all).

Who are you buying presents for?

What do you want to buy them, what is your budget and where are you shopping?

Read 17 frugal gift ideas for Christmas and these frugal but thoughtful gift ideas to get you started.

Are you providing any food? What recipes and ingredients do you need?

Check wrapping paper, Christmas cards and any other supplies.

Secret Santa or Kris Kringle

Where possible, opt to pick names out of a hat and everyone buys for one person.

This can work well in groups such as workplaces, sports, cousins, adults in the family, groups of friends and so on. Instead of buying for everyone individually, you are only buying a few gifts.

If I’m honest, we barely buy for anyone. Travelling full-time makes it a lot easier to not do gift exchanges.

Shop In Sales

Sales are everywhere this time of year. If you know what you are buying it is easier to find the best deals.

Sign up for Cash Rewards and Shopback to get cash back with your shopping and know when sales are on.

Check where you can collect points for different reward programs and make the most of it all.

Use our list of freebies/sign-up bonuses and our other list of ways to get discounts on everything to help.

Check all reward programs such as FlyBuys, Everyday Rewards or any listed here as well as online survey sites (such as  Swagbucks or the rest we have listed here).

Consider cashing in points to use over the holidays.

If you want to get prepped for next year, buy wrapping paper, gift bags, Christmas cards, decorations and anything else in the sales after Christmas.

Store them with your Christmas tree or in a spot dedicated to gifts/wrapping etc.

I have paid as little as 1 cent for items after Christmas.

Food, Glorious Food!

Instead of one person catering for everything, have everyone bring something and celebrate with a big potluck buffet!

Years ago I went into stores on Christmas Eve, not long before they closed and bought all the items reduced to clear.

Because the shops are closed on Christmas Day, many stores have deli items, dairy, fridge, meat and fresh produce they need to clear out.

I used to get some amazing bargains, most either had a decent use-by date or I could freeze them and save money over the coming months.

Some were used for Christmas Day too.

Save On Travel

I don’t own a car at the moment.

Living in Melbourne I didn’t really need one and when I did I either borrowed or rented.

If you own a car you can make money renting it out this time of year.

For transport, borrow a car, try Uber – get a free ride with the code kyliet591ue or Uber Carshare($50 off with this link) if you aren’t travelling far and compare prices to see which option is best for you.

For accommodation, stay with friends and family, consider Couchsurfing, house sitting, Airbnb (get up to $76 off your first booking) or pet sitting to save money.

How to Make Christmas Pay for Itself

Christmas is a wonderful time of year for connecting with family, helping others, reviewing the year and taking a break.

Instead of it being an expense, here are some ways to make it pay for itself.

Rent Out Your House

As mentioned, I usually travel and have rented out my house regularly.

For a few days over Christmas, I have made $1,300 renting out a tiny 2 bedroom apartment.

I rented ours on Airbnb and found it to be good.

Make Seasonal Money

One year my step mum foraged blackberries and sold amazing pies, slices and other treats at the market.

She was sold out within 2 hours every week and highly in demand.

She did it simply for Christmas and made some good money.

Others I know put up Christmas trees and decorations or sell Christmas themed things online during November and December.

Offer your services for cleaning, ironing, mowing lawns, and prepping homes for bushfires and storms (e.g. cleaning out gutters, clearing debris from around homes etc.)

Services like this are in high demand this time of year.

Check regulations in your area before you offer the services.

You can look for jobs through Facebook, Gumtree, Airtasker or simply let friends and family know what you are offering.

Check our list of 51 ways to make money from home or our guide to selling things online (I’ve made over $10,000 a month).

Get Practical With Gifts

Don’t be shy about asking for what you want when someone asks.

Write a list of things from cheaper items through to more expensive which would save you time or money and benefit you long-term.

Some examples might be apps (or an iTunes gift card), specific books e.g. ones I have listed here, slow cooker, food processor, spiraliser, a gift certificate for the salon you use, appliances etc.

I asked for an iron one year from my parents, after my divorce.

I was so excited they got me an amazing one!

Or you might like family passes to the museum and other attractions near you.

Know what you want so you can ask for it.

As for gifting, check out these 17 frugal Christmas gifts and these cheap but thoughtful gift ideas.

Make It Yours!

We love Christmas and each year we have some family traditions which make it special without costing a fortune.

– See Christmas lights. We walk around areas known for amazing Christmas displays.

– Decorate our home. The Christmas tree goes up, along with any other decorations.

– Choose a Christmas ornament. Each year my kids select a Christmas ornament, usually from Myer or a speciality Christmas store. They look forward to it every year.

– Advent calendar. Growing up we had one mum made with pockets.

Each year we spent an evening writing out notes for the pockets and putting lollies in the pockets, one for each family member each day.

The notes were tasks to do that day such as smile at 3 people, sing a Christmas song, make cookies, help someone else, donate something etc.

Basically, something to get us into the spirit of Christmas and help others.

– Christmas baking. My kids love making Christmas cookies, slices and other treats this time of year.

– See the Myer display. This has only been for the last 4 years since we moved at the end of 2015. Now we are travelling, it will change.

Pick some Christmas traditions and start doing them every year as something to look forward to and bring your family closer.

What will you be doing this Christmas?

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Monday 11th of December 2017

Yep I think Airbnb is such a great option to get some extra money this holidays.

The Thrifty Issue

Tuesday 12th of December 2017

It can be so worth it. We have ours booked out over Easter too which pays for our time away and then some.


Monday 11th of December 2017

What great tips. We've decided this year is all about random of acts of kindness instead of spending

The Thrifty Issue

Tuesday 12th of December 2017

Love that! We are doing a lot more activities, family time and kindness too instead of loads of gifts.

Amy@ HandbagMafia

Monday 11th of December 2017

I’ve organised a family KK, shopped the sales and tried to avoid meaningless gifts this year!

The Thrifty Issue

Monday 11th of December 2017

Great plan! It can so easily get out of hand otherwise.

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