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How to Make Money with Valentine’s Day

How to Make Money with Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about love and commercialism. However you decide to celebrate it (or not) there are ways you can make money with it!

It’s a popular day for specific items and it’s not uncommon for people to need things last minute when all the restaurants and florists are booked out.

In our house, as I was a single mother most of my kids lives, we had a different tradition.

Each year, I would give them a chocolate rose with a letter telling them how much I love them, what is special about them, things I noticed through the year etc.

It wasn’t until I overheard them the night before Valentine’s Day one year whispering about it in their bedroom that I realised how important this was to them.

They looked forward to it every year and felt so loved by it.

As such, it has been easy for me to make money with Valentine’s Day because all I was doing most of the time was a special something with my kids in the morning.

The rest of the day was free!

5 Ways to Make Money with Valentine’s Day

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Sell Flowers

It might seem obvious but you’d be surprised how much you can make.

If there are markets in your area you can go early and pick up flowers to resell at a profit either through your work or as a stall on the side of the road.

Alternatively, get preorders especially if you have a garden with flowers you can use.


Days such as New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day etc are often more expensive to book sitters than other days.

If you aren’t celebrating, you could easily make $25+ per hour babysitting instead.


Florists and other businesses offering deliveries on Valentine’s Day sometimes need an extra helping hand for that day only.

Using either your car or a bike, you can get a decent amount of deliveries done during the day and throughout the evening.


Sign up and check it in the lead up to Valentine’s Day and on the day.

You’d be surprised what people need and want done as well as how much you can get paid for it.

I shared how to make money with Airtasker here, including things I have done and how much I was paid. Be aware, Airtasker does take 22% as a fee.

Unique Items to Sell for This Time of Year Only

Anything to do with love, relationships, couples etc. can sell well as a cute thing for Valentine’s Day.

Create cards, poems, graphics people can print off or do more crafty items e.g pebble couples, love heart-shaped cookies and so on.

They can be sold on Facebook, to family and friends or do a market stall.

How do you Make Money with Valentine’s Day?

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