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HelloFresh vs Marley Spoon Which is Better? Plus $200 Discounts!

HelloFresh vs Marley Spoon Which is Better? Plus $200 Discounts!

Which Meal Delivery box is Better – Dinnerly, Marley Spoon or HelloFresh?

Have you wondered if the meal delivery services of HelloFresh, Marley Spoon and other options were worth it?

The price, the quality, the service and overall value varied.

I’ve tried a few of them and last year did a comparison but redid it last month and my experience has changed.

To be clear, I’ve used HelloFresh, MarleySpoon, EveryPlate and Dinnerly a few times each over the years to ensure this stays up to date.

HelloFresh offers your first box FREE

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The prices of meal boxes are not as cheap as buying produce from the markets.

You are paying for delivery, recipes, the meals being planned and the service.

For time-poor families or families who want to try new meals but don’t know where to start, these boxes are a great option.

I loved trying them and each had pros or cons. Here is what I thought.

Marley Spoon – The Freshest

Marley Spoon is meant to be the premium option with more organic and fresher produce compared to others.

The meals are nice, customer service is easy to deal with and overall it’s good.

Last year I had a few glitches with them but this year they definitely did better than HelloFresh.


$69.90 = 3 meals for 2 adults if we are comparing directly. However, they also offer 2 meals for 2 people for $50. But make sure you use the $190 off if you try them.


They were the easiest to select allergy-friendly meals with, lots of options and all delicious.


The variety was similar to HelloFresh, though I preferred the options Marley Spoon has.


Last year, the produce was lower quality, whereas the few times I have tried it this year the quality far surpassed HelloFresh.

In the 3 boxes we’ve tried recently, all have been high quality.


Meal sizing is planned by nutritionists so are the size you should be having.

It felt a little on the small side compared to other options though.

The bread which came in one of the meals was so tiny it looked like a mini serving.


They delivered to my front door but I didn’t get a text or anything.

Both companies messaged the day before or let me know it is on its way, but rarely did either of them let me know it arrived.


Marley Spoon, as with most of the meal delivery options, has so much packaging.

Little packets of everything, recipe cards and other papers, ice-packs etc.

One thing to note, I loved the fact the meatballs came ready-made, so no mixing up mince.

HelloFresh provides all the ingredients, but I hate mixing up rissoles/meatballs/burgers.

So finding the meatballs came ready in Marley Spoon made me happy!

HelloFresh – Up to $200 off Your First 4 Boxes


From $69.95 = 3 meals for 2 adults in a classic box. There are various plans from classic to family and vegetarian for 3 to 5 meals. HelloFresh offers up to $200 off your first 4 boxes here.


I am gluten intolerant and it wasn’t as easy to pick from their options.


Choose from 9 meals, including a gourmet option (for an extra fee) and a dinner + lunch option (extra fee applies).

On some plans you can edit to choose what you want, on others such as the vegetarian one, you get what you’re given.


In the beginning, the produce was pretty fresh. However, there have been many issues in freshness, particularly tomatoes and zucchini.

In fact, I even had a live cockroach in a box.

Almost every box I have had after the first discounted one has had produce I can’t use in it.

Mouldy tomatoes, dented or soft zucchini’s, dried out ‘fresh’ ginger etc.

Take a photo, send it to them and they will credit your account supposedly.

The issue with the cockroach they didn’t respond to. I had to follow up and even then, nothing was done.

One of my sisters has a similar experience in decreasing quality but another sister hasn’t so I am hoping these issues are now fixed.

Sample of a HelloFresh Family box – 4 meals for 4 people by Blackbeard Photography


Our meal portions from HelloFresh were an average meal size but sometimes we had leftovers.


I had no idea it had been delivered until I ran out the door to pick up my kids at 6 pm.

They say they update you but there are too many times they either haven’t delivered or haven’t told me.

Since we moved our box seems to be delivered anywhere on the property instead of the front door.

I’ve had quite a few issues with their delivery.


So much packaging! Everything in little plastic bags, in brown bags, in a box and the cooler part was this fabric thing but apparently biodegradable.

It kept the food fresh, but there was too much packaging and more papers in HelloFresh than other boxes, however, the paperwork included discounts for elsewhere.

I used to like my HelloFresh box, the meals were simple and most of the produce was fresh. Get the $200 discount, to try it at thee cheapest price possible.

Try it, pause your boxes as soon as you sign up to see if you like it then using your own discount code to refer friends you could get a few boxes for free.

Dinnerly – The Most Affordable and Least Packaging

Dinnerly are owned by Marley Spoon so it is the same quality, just simpler meals.

They still have healthy and dietary options, it’s simply cheaper with fewer steps. You can get $144off here. It is split across each of your first 3 boxes.


3 meals for 2 people is $52.45.


The meals are simple so there are allergy-friendly options.


The variety is less but still quite a few options. Vegetarian and other meal options were not easy with Dinnerly. There were a few but it wasn’t as big a variety.


In my boxes the quality was great as was the quantity. 


Meal sizing is planned by nutritionists so are the size you should be having. My kids and I found the meal sizes to be good.


They delivered to my front door and hidden from the street which was good.


Hardly any! Unlike the others, packaging with Dinnerly is minimal and they don’t use recipe cards etc. That is all available online.

Which was best?

Marley Spoon has up to $190 off split across your first 4 boxes. It was the freshest each time, plus once you’ve tried a box you can give a box to a friend for free.
Dinnerly is cheap and has up to $144 off here (split across your first 3 boxes). Dinnerly is the cheapest option with the least packaging and waste.
HelloFresh has a great offer of up to $200 off split across your first 4 boxes, but the quality is lower when used long term.

Have you tried meal boxes? What were your thoughts?

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Junior Papalii

Friday 1st of October 2021

I tried both and definitely think Hello Fresh has better tasting meals, but lack quality and we also experienced bad service. I thought Marley Spoon had better and fresh produce but the meals didn’t taste that great at all.

The Thrifty Issue

Thursday 14th of October 2021

I am retesting them all in the next few months to check again but most people seem to think/feel the same as us. Thanks for your input!

Stace E

Monday 26th of April 2021

I used Hello Fresh with my family for a year, left them came back but just cancelled again. I found it fabulous in the first 6 mths of 2020 but produce quality and gone down hill with proteins being poor and fruit and veg. Deliveries were erratic too. Now covid has affected most businesses and no doubt this one too but I had to keep going out and buying my own chicken and beef and pork as theirs was over chlorinated, had bones or too match sinue in it. I have them 2 big goes but looking at other options.


Monday 30th of November 2020

Yes, I found a a live cockroach in my hello fresh box as well. I cancelled my subscription straight away.


Monday 21st of September 2020

I had Hello Fresh first and now an using Marley spoon. Marley spoon has much better customer service and fresher produce. I liked more of the Hello Fresh options but there is always something I like from Marley spoon. Marley Spoon also has lots of quick options for people who don’t like cooking. Marley Spoon wins over Hello Fresh.

Kerrie S

Sunday 6th of September 2020

Hi have expereinced similar problems as you with tomatoes , garlic and ginger with Hello Fresh 0 on numerous orders. Also their salmon portions are small and badly cut. Also experienced the same with chicken breast as if someone has just cut chunks and throw a bit more in to make the wieght rather than just one large chicken breast whole for 2 people which made it hard to follow their recipe to slice in half ready for crumbing. This is the second time I have started and then stopped as the quality deteriorates after a few deliveries Have just ordered marley spoon and will get my first order next week to see if they are any better in the Wollongong area

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.