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12 Books to Improve Your Health, Wealth, Relationships and Life in 2024

12 Books to Improve Your Health, Wealth, Relationships and Life in 2024

What Books to Read in 2024 to Improve Your Health, Wealth, Relationships and Life in for 2024

Most of us set goals to improve our health, wealth, relationships and other areas of our lives every year.

Yet, more often than not, within a month of the new year, we’ve stopped it all.

Instead of trying to tackle it all at once, why not try a book a month about the areas of life you want to improve in and apply what you learn?

This way, you focus on one specific thing, make some changes and hopefully stick to it long-term.

As an avid reader, there are many books I have read that improved my life.

This year is different, my teenagers (15 and 16) have decided to read some books together that will improve our lives.

We’ve been through traumatic times (you can read about some of it in how to handle financial emergencies and obstacles plus prepare for them).

Our focus this year is to heal. Including healing from trauma, healing our mental and physical health, everything.

And they both want to grow financially, try different business ideas and look towards careers.

This list will have the 12 books we are reading this year (I will read more than 12 but these are the first 12 on our list).

I purchased a copy of each one for each of us so they have a start of their own library.

Both of them already had a few key books they love, so this was a natural extension of that.

I will share suggested books for each topic that I’ve also enjoyed or found useful.

12 books to Improve Your Health, Wealth, Relationships and Life in 2024

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links to books I recommend.

The Thrifty Issue Books to Improve Your Health, Wealth, Relationships and Life in 2024

Below are the 12 books I have on my list for this year.

They are in no particular order and include health, money, trauma, relationships and more.

At the end, I included some books I recommend to everyone or a few extras we plan to read this year too.


Our focus is healing our trauma which means dealing with the mental aspect first but also incorporating nutrition, eating food that nourishes and fuels our bodies, along with exercising more.

I have already read some of these books but am doing them again with my kids.

1. How To Meet Yourself

I recently read How To Do The Work, so the workbook How To Meet Yourself is next, both by Nicole LePera.

This isn’t a book you only read, you need to complete the tasks, allocate proper time to doing it and be authentic with it.

Learning about yourself and healing your trauma (whatever trauma it is you live with), improves every area of your life.

The flow on effect of your overall health, relationships and finances is huge.

I am looking at How To Be The Love You Seek as the next one since they are all by the same author.

2. The Body Keeps The Score

This is one we started last year but hadn’t finished, although I have read The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk previously.

In my view, it is a must-read for everyone to understand themselves and others better, why we do what we do and how to heal.

The Body Keeps The Score is thicker than most of the books on this list but is well worth the read.

12 books to Improve Your Health, Wealth, Relationships and Life in 2024

3. What Happened To You?

When we approach life with the question, What Happened To You? Instead of “What’s wrong with you?” life is quite different.

Our perspectives of others will change, we are more compassionate and life is easier.

In the book, What Happened To You? by Dr Bruce Perry and Oprah Winfrey, you will learn about yourself and others.

I feel reading this along with The Body Keeps The Score and How To Do The Work will help everyone heal or get started on their healing journey and know where to go next.


While the health/trauma books help with mindset as well, the next few books focus on it specifically.

4. The Mountain Is You: Transforming Self-Sabotage Into Self-Mastery

Self-sabotage is all too easy and something I know I have done often in my life.

The Mountain Is You: Transforming Self-Sabotage Into Self-Mastery by Brianna Wiest is a fantastic read to help you shift your thinking, change your habits and improve your life.

Reading this and The Big Leap which is also about self-sabotage and mindset changed how I think and react.

In my view, had I focused on healing my trauma, stopping self-sabotage, and understanding human behaviour more before launching into business, I would have been more successful.

I also would have dated better and had better relationships in all areas of my life.

12 books to Improve Your Health, Wealth, Relationships and Life in 2024

5. The Greatness Mindset

Lewis Howes has one of my favourite podcasts so I got his book, The Greatness Mindset: Unlock the Power of Your Mind and Live Your Best Life Today.

To give some context about him:
“When a career-ending injury left elite athlete and professional football player Lewis Howes out of work and living on his sister’s couch, he decided he needed to make a change for the better. He started by reaching out to people he admired, searching for mentors, and applying his past coaches’ advice from sports to life off the field. Lewis did more than bounce back: He built a multimillion-dollar online business and is now a sought-after business coach, speaker, and podcast host.”

Part of our healing and wealth-building project this year includes learning from those we admire and Lewis Howes is one of those.

He has interviewed some incredible people and I always learn something from them that I can implement to improve my life.

I hope that by reading and implementing these books, seeking out mentors such as these, my teenagers will have a great start to adulthood.

6. The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity

Chosen by my 16 year old, The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity has inspired the Elizabeth Gilbert, Tim Ferriss, Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington and millions of readers to find their purpose and a better, more creative way to do it.

You’ll be guided to uncover the problems and pressures that may be restricting your creative flow, then there are techniques to open up opportunities for growth and self-discovery.

I get great ideas at time but often lack the time to follow through (2 teens, 2 toddlers and family overseas makes it tricky).

For the past few years I have felt stuck, stagnant and lost, so I was excited my 16 year old suggested The Artist’s Way.

12 books to Improve Your Health, Wealth, Relationships and Life in 2024

7. Level Up: Get Focused, Stop Procrastinating and Upgrade Your Life

I can’t remember which podcast I was listening to when I heard it, but the advice from Rob Dial was so good I bought his book before even finishing the podcast episode.

Level Up: Get Focused, Stop Procrastinating and Upgrade Your Life is about revolutionising life, how you approach it and your goals.

I’ve read other books on goals such as Atomic Habits and I feel Level Up will fit in well with what I already do and make my current process even better.

My kids haven’t read Atomic Habits yet so we will likely do that together before the end of the year too.

Business and Money

Whether you want to start a business, improve one you have or focus on your personal finances, these books all have something that will help.

8. The Diary of a CEO: The 33 Laws of Business and Life

Combining life advice with business advice, The Diary of a CEO: The 33 Laws of Business and Life by Steven Bartlett is essential reading for our focus of healing, increasing wealth and exploring businesses.

What I love about these laws is they come from numerous interviews and life lessons, plus they are timeless.

They are relevant now, were relevant in the past and will continue to be relevant. It’s not about business strategy or specifics like that as that changes regularly.

It’s the core laws that can make or break your business that are included.

12 books to Improve Your Health, Wealth, Relationships and Life in 2024

9. The Power of One More

Listening to a podcast with Ed Mylett last year inspired me to get The Power of One More and I am so glad I did.

It’s a simple concept and used by many to overcome addiction e.g. stay sober for one more day) or to increase your workout e.g. do one more rep etc.

Yet, despite its simplicity, many of us don’t implement this concept.

The Power of One More covers numerous ways in which we can implement this concept in all areas of life to improve it.

It was an interesting and easy book to read and I easily implemented the chapter I read each day. I look forward to seeing how my kids go with it.

10. The Richest Man In Babylon

A budgeting classic, The Richest Man In Babylon by George S. Clason has a few simple principles that if applied, will make you wealthy.

It’s the first money book I read at 13 and is one I have recommended to many.

The “Biblical” tone isn’t for everyone, I grew up in a religious home (I am not part of that religion now) so I found it easy but there is a modern version now.

Along with The Richest Man In Babylon, I want my kids to read Money With Jess to go deeper into budgeting and applying those concepts to their income now.

Quit Like A Millionaire and The Simple Path to Wealth are two more they are keen to read, based on investing. First things first though, The Richest Man In Babylon to get the basics.

12 books to Improve Your Health, Wealth, Relationships and Life in 2024

11. We Should All Be Millionaires

One of my favourite finances/business books is We Should All Be Millionaires: A Woman’s Guide to Earning More, Building Wealth, and Gaining Economic Power by Rachel Rogers.

Part of the appeal to me is the stastics in it about women, women in business and especially women of colour.

My children are all South Pacific Islanders, have faced racism and books that address this in a business sense as well as life in general are valuable.

Reading and discussing We Should All Be Millionaires helps create a solid foundation for business and life.

Often we think small and therefore achieve less than we could. I want my kids to excel beyond their wildest dreams and reading this is part of that.

12. Profit First: Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine

If you have a business or plan to have one, read and implement Profit First.

For many business owners, they fail in the first few years because business takes so much from them and they don’t have a good system in places for finances.

Profit First is incredibly easy to understand and implement, making success in business significantly more likely.

My kids and I have discussed it before but this year they are reading it before they launch their new business ventures.

Extra Books

The following books are ones I want to read or have made a difference in my life so I recommend them to others.

12 Books to Improve Your Health, Wealth, Relationships and Life in 2024

The 48 Laws of Power

You’re probably sick of book listing laws you should live by, however, The 48 Laws of Power will change how you live.

It’s described as “The perfect book for the power hungry (and who doesn’t want power?). For anyone with an interest in conquest, self- defence, wealth, power or simply being an educated spectator, The 48 Laws of Power is one of the most useful and entertaining books ever.”

My 16 year old was the one who requested this again, the same as a few others in this article.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Pocketbook Guide to Fulfilling Your Dreams

Possibly one of the smallest books I have ever read, yet extremely profound and life-changing.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Pocketbook Guide to Fulfilling Your Dreams will do exactly what it says if you implement them.

Be Useful: 7 Tools For Life

While I am not a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger typically, he has achieved some phenomenal things and the advice in this book is solid.

I’ve enjoyed some of the interviews he’s done regarding his life, visualization and actions he took to achieve all he did.

Be Useful: 7 Tools For Life is one of the many books on our list but I feel it important to read after we’d done some of the healing and learning from the books earlier in this article.

Eat That Frog!: Get More of the Important Things Done – Today!

If you struggle with procrastination or feel things aren’t moving as fast as you want them to, read and implement Eat That Frog!: Get More of the Important Things Done – Today!

I’ve heard it recommended numerous times by people I admire so this year, I finally got a copy and will read it.

Fast Like A Girl

Throughout my life I have experimented with intermittent fasting and quite liked it.

It is not for everyone and before doing anything such as this, please seek advice from your doctor.

Fasting and how our body reacts, what gets healed, brain function and more is fascinating to me.

Fast Like A Girl has been on my list for a while. I’ve watched various YouTube videos on fasting

Unf*ck Yourself by Gary John Bishop

I first came across Unf*ck Yourself in 2018 and have recommended it to a few people since.

It is best listened to as well because the Scottish accent lends a special something to the advice.

He is direct, full of great advice and follow it up with Do the Work: The Official Unrepentant, Ass-Kicking, No-Kidding, Change-Your-Life Sidekick to Unf*ck Yourself to actually do all the things he recommends and make genuine changes.

You are a Badass With Money

Throughout my life I struggled with my self-worth and as a result, had less than great relationships and didn’t live life to my full potential, yet.

I achieved significant success going from homeless single mother to CEO, winning national and international awards etc.

But imposter syndrome, trauma issues and self-sabotage kept be stuck.

Learning more about this, healing and being a better example for my kids has helped them already be better than I ever was at their age.

You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life and You Are a Badass at making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth are two I feel will help them in life more too.

Previously Reading Lists

I’ve shared books I am reading or recommend previously.

Find the 52 books I read in 2020 here, or the 13 books every mum should read and these 12 books everyone should read.

What books do you recommend or are you reading?

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12 books to Improve Your Health, Wealth, Relationships and Life in 2024

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