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4 Side Hustles for Dog Lovers

Are you a pet lover who also needs to make a living?

The good news is, your passion for pets can open up a world of income-generating opportunities.

Imagine the joy of spending your days with furry friends, all while earning a full-time or part-time income by assisting other pet parents in your local area.

This post is a practical guide to leveraging the power of pets to earn some extra cash!

4 Side Hustles for Dog Lovers

1. Dog Sitting

Becoming a dog sitter for people who aren’t able to take their dogs with them while they travel or need emergency boarding or someone to care for their pets in home can be a great way to make an infrequent income and provide a valued service for other pet owners.

While most pet sitting is done in the pet owners home, some look for elsewhere and prefer the one on one attention a pet sitter can provide instead of a boarding kennel.

Check the laws and regulations in your local area if you’re planning on caring for dogs or any pets in your own home.

You might need to meet specific criteria, such as having fencing that secures your yard, having first aid skills, or being registered by the local authority.

However, it’s a great way to make money if you’re able to offer this.

2. Dog Trainer

If you’ve had experience training dogs and enjoy working with them, becoming a dog trainer can be a flexible side hustle.

Whether you prefer to work with pet parents in person, virtually, or create online resources, the choice is yours.

A Certificate III or IV is available in most areas to help you become qualified then you can choose how you work,

Being a dog trainer can give you the freedom to choose your work environment and the satisfaction of seeing dogs learn and grow make this a rewarding option.

4 Side Hustles for Dog Lovers

3. Dog Walking

If you are getting out and about and being active and can access areas that allow you to walk dogs, why not consider dog walking?

Dog walking can be as little a responsibility as taking a neighbuor’s dog for a walk while they’re at work, or you can make it a more lucrative option.

Check with your local state to see what guidelines they have in place for dog walkers, i.e., the maximum number of dogs you can walk at one time, laws regarding leashing, first aid, or even training in dog behaviour and resolving conflict between dogs to make it a safe environment.

4. Pet Treat Maker

Healthy dog treats are a big business, and if you have flair for creating delicious treats in the kitchen and you can adapt common recipes to make them dog-friendly.

More pet parents are becoming invested in feeding their dogs a healthier diet and this includes their main food and treats too.

Healthy dog treats can be anything from homemade chicken liver treats to dog-safe cookies, cakes, and even chocolate to help celebrate dog birthdays, gotcha days, or simply a random Friday.

Pets can be an amazing addition to your family; however, helping out other pet parents in any capacity can allow you to earn some money while fulfilling your love of pets, making it a win-win situation.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.