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How I made $6,413.40 on the side in November

How I made $6,413.40 on the side in November

How to Make Extra Cash on the Side

Each month I share what I did and how you can make money on the side. You can find all the updates here and my current total is $32,861.72 on the side for the year. It could have been more, however, this year I had a different focus.

Also, this month I had some issues in my personal life, so things did not go as planned!

That said, there are still loads of ways to make and save money which I love discovering and sharing with you. Here is everything for November.

This post contains affiliate links for products and services I use. Read my full disclosure here

Referrals – $2,057.45

Since everyone is doing Christmas shopping and looking for ways to make and save money, I have had quite a few friends reach out for discount codes and recommendations.

As such, I made an extra $2,057.45 with them. This is different to affiliate marketing and does not include income from affiliate programs. It is ‘refer a friend’ programs which numerous companies offer and anyone can use.

Rented The Room – $500

Airbnb has been my preferred method of renting a room (read my full guide here). This month I have an arrangement with friends who are staying with me for a bit instead.

I had quite a few enquiries for the spare room in my house in November but opted to go with my friends. They’ll be staying until they get an apartment in the city, then I’ll probably go back to Airbnb.

Get $55 off the first time you book a room as a traveller with Airbnb here or sign up free as a host and list your place. I made $1,300 in 5 days last Christmas, another $600 mid-year when I went away so it’s worth doing.

Sold Things On eBay – $114

When I have actively bought things to resell I have done well (read about that here). This year I opted to scale that back as I had travel and other commitments which made it harder.

In November I listed a few items of clothing for sale and it really put me off eBay ever again. Two of the buyers claimed their items didn’t arrive and first asked for refunds then opened disputes with PayPal.

Since I use tracking, it showed the items had arrived. Once they opened the dispute I wrote in my response it shows as delivered and I am not refunding. The buyers then closed their disputes. The wording and how they went about it made me feel like they do this regularly and having spoken to others, I know it is happening more.

ALWAYS post with tracking so you have proof. No matter how small the item is, always get tracking. Typically I post things in prepaid satchels as it is easier.

My preference is Facebook niche groups, Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree.

Testing Online Surveys – $350

In October I tested a bunch of Australian online survey sites again. For November, I did a few to be sure and tested a couple of others readers recommended. Octopus Group  has been the best for me and has a standard rate for the time so no surprises with them about how much you’ll be paid.

Find the best Australian online survey sites here which you can make a few thousand a year with.

Image of Buddha statue in garden with coins. How I made $6,413.40 on the side in November.

Bonus Writing – $1,250

I have regular clients for freelance writing through my other work ( but this month picked up a couple of random articles separate to my proper freelance writing.

For freelance writing, doing a course will help you make a lot more money quicker. There is a clear difference between those who have no experience or qualifications vs those who do.

The rates I charge are senior rates and more than what I see on most job sites. There are lots of options out there to get paid to write. If it is something you want to do get your own site (I like SiteGround for hosting then download WordPress for free) and start promoting your work.

Include a portfolio, apply for jobs, pitch everywhere you can and get the experience. Writing improves the more you do it so don’t wait for opportunities, get out there and do it. I cringe at my early work but wouldn’t have progressed if I didn’t do it.

Check out this post for more information.

Market Research – $250

I get offers for this all the time but don’t usually do it. The rate is $100+ for the ones I get sent. Check out this post for more on market research. Farron and Replenish are the two I know of which good work and regular offers.

Odd Jobs – $968

This time of year is ideal for odd jobs such as cleaning, yard work, babysitting and other random things people need doing. Most people are busy and stressed so this is the time of year they are most likely to outsource what they need to get done.

Check out 43 ways to make money as a single mum or 16 ways to make money on the side or 10 ways to make $10,000 for more ideas.

Bank Bonus – $50

Banks often have sign up bonuses. I tested one last month and scored $50 (it was open for a limited time). I’ve now been using this account as my ‘splurge’ account. Since I have avoided spending lately, it is adding up nicely.

ING offers $100 for new customers opening ING Everyday accounts. You need to deposit $1,000 and open a savings account too. Use the code CNW116 here to get $100

Bonuses/VIP/Reward Programs – $873.95

A combination of points from different reward programs were cashed out in November to get $573.95. This included FlyBuys and other reward programs you can find here.

Other Bonuses

On top of the above income, I picked up quite a few freebies this month including getting my first aid and CPR certifications, some specialist certificates in autism and epilepsy, freebies from Woolworths Bunch and a few other things.

I don’t include them in my side hustle updates but the value this month was over $1,000 in extra things I wanted or was thinking about getting anywhere so that’s a decent amount.

How do you make money on the side?

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Jo D

Tuesday 4th of December 2018

I second your opinion as eBay being a bad place to sell clothing. I sold a REVIEW dress cheaply a few years ago as it no longer fitted me and the lady immediately opened a dispute after receiving it saying it was all torn etc inside. It absolutely wasn't and I fought it all the way and asked for photos etc and then the dispute quickly ended as she was unable to show them. Another bought a brand new Esprit top cheaply and then messaged me saying it had a pen mark inside the lining MINUTES after it showed as delivered. I suspect she tried it on, didn't like it, put pen mark inside it and then asked for a refund. I asked for photos and she showed the pen mark but I actually saw a black pen in the photo, on the corner of the dressing table. I ended up asking her to post it back and I refunded, removed the pen mark with hair spray ( it was fresh and came straight out) and sold it for more on gumtree. I've been selling on ebay for 16 years straight non stop and now only list new clothing items and photograph all angles. I had 100% positive feedback until recently when a lady negged me for saying the item didn't fit (!) despite being clearly labelled with size, tags and clear measurements included in the listing. Not only that but I had multiples of the same item and had sold several of them with great feedback. As a seller there is nothing you can do about negs... very unfair.

The Thrifty Issue

Wednesday 5th of December 2018

How awful for you! I completely agree and hear of it more and more. I'll buy from eBay but won't sell on there anymore.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.