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How I made $3,062.40 on the side in October

How I made $3,062.40 on the side in October

How to Make $3,062.40 on the Side

Each month I share updates on what I am doing to make money on the side. At the start of the year, I switched focus and honed in on my business. I also enrolled to study a Diploma of Counselling.

As such, side hustles took a back seat. That said, I still made decent amounts with very little effort each month. You can find all my side hustle updates here.

Disclosure – this site uses affiliate links.

Freelance Writing – $1,100

This is one of the things I do as part of my business and I have regular clients which are not included here. The $1,100 was for a couple of interviews I did which were turned into articles.

Freelance writing is something you can do but I recommend doing a course, using and creating a great profile. Find out more about freelance writing, how to do it and which sites pay here.

Referrals – $725

I only included direct referral bonuses from friends where I have recommended something and we both get a bonus. Separately to affiliate links or referrals on this site which is classed as business income, these referrals are people I deal with in real life and the codes were sent via SMS, messenger or similar.

Find more deals in this list of freebies.

Check everything you are signed up to, see which ones have referral codes and recommend them to friends and family. Don’t spam them, but if they ask, let them know.

Money We Found – $3.70

Not technically a side hustle but I find it interesting to track how much cash we randomly find on the street. This month we found 10 cents in the gutter walking home, $1.50 in an old jacket and $2.10 out the front of our house.

Cash Rewards – $514.12

I hadn’t checked this for a while but with our move, there were a few things including a mattress I bought, all of which had a percentage or set amount back with Cash Rewards.

In October I cashed out $514.12!

$100 Gift Card

This was such a lovely surprise. My sister and I were featured in an article and were both sent a $100 gift card each. I haven’t spent mine but I did post about it on Instagram and have a few ideas.

Selling Things – $619.58

Previously, I did this full time and made over $10,000. Due to travelling, moving house and other commitments, it wasn’t practical to continue so I scaled it back. This month I listed a couple of items I no longer wear and made $619.58. If you want to know how to make thousands buying things to resell, read this.

Plans for November

I’m getting close to finishing my Diploma, just have a bunch of prac to do and my additional electives. As such, I started applying for jobs and start one this month which will limit what I do as side hustles. I bought a car too, so lots of changes recently.

However, I’m also running a 7 day fast money makeover to help you books your finances!

Image of Australian notes $5, $10, $20, $50. Text reads how I made $3,062.40 on the side in October.

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Chinyere Ogwe

Tuesday 20th of November 2018

Wow, good on you for making over $3,000! My goal is to make over a few thousand pounds every month on the side from my blog.


The Thrifty Issue

Tuesday 20th of November 2018

That's a great goal! I don't include my blog income in my updates as that is a full-time income/business for me.

The Thrifty Issue

Monday 19th of November 2018

Hi Kat, it has been fairly simple for me and I have written extensively on what I buy and resell, where I do etc. Facebook niche groups have been the best for me. You can find out more here


Monday 19th of November 2018

You make it sound so simple!

“This month I listed a couple of items I no longer wear and made $619.15”.

A couple, thats 2 right?

I’d love to follow your lead. What couple of items did you sell specifically and what 2nd hand market platform did you use to get such great result?

Appreciate you clueing me in.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.