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5 Ways to Improve Your Health on a Budget

5 Ways to Improve Your Health on a Budget

Having a healthy lifestyle is becoming more important for many of us but with all the fads and advice out there, how do you know what’s right for you?

Before we get into it, we need to be clear this is not medical advice and you should always seek medical advice specific to you. The following are tips that research shows can help but you still need to do your own research and seek professional advice.

If we don’t take care of our health, it will negatively impact every area of our lives.

Years ago we didn’t quite have the same opportunities as we do now to eat and drink as much, nor were there as many additives in our diets.

People tended to be more active, social and little chocolates or takeaway food was a treat, not a daily thing.

It’s not bad to have some of these things, but it needs to be in moderation.

So how can you achieve a healthier lifestyle on a budget?

5 Ways to Improve Your Health on a Budget

1. Move More

Before you think you need to join the gym, look at how you can simply move more.

Exercising daily is amazing for your health but so much of our movement and therefore overall health could easily be increased without dedicating an hour at the gym.

Walk everywhere possible, park further away from the shops, do some squats while you wait for the shower to heat up, take up active hobbies and get more active in general.

Find exercise you enjoy and incorporate it into your life.

Not everyone enjoys doing youga at sunrise or running or classes at the gym and that’s ok.

Try a dance class, go swimming at the beach, join a walking group or try something else you’ve always been interested it.

The point is to get more movement into your day to improve your health.

2. Get More Protein

People often associate protein shakes with big muscle men lifting weights at the gym. But that’s not entirely correct.

Protein is an essential part of repairing and building muscles which is why you see bodybuilders and athletes focusing so much on it.

It is essential for any healthy, balanced diet and you don’t have to be a meat eater to get it.

Speak with a dietician, your doctor or other health professional to find the right eating plan for you to maximise nutrients through food.

You can also buy essential amino acids and add them to your drinks and shakes to get a burst of protein and other nutrients.

In my experience, getting blood tests to see my levels then adjust my diet and add any supplements accordingly, with the help of my doctor, improved my health.

Different protein powders and supplements have different purposes so if you are looking to build muscle, choose one for bulking.

If you are looking for weight loss, choose accordingly or if you are looking for general health, opt for an all-round type one.

Discuss your needs with your health professional.

5 Ways to Improve Your Health on a Budget

3. Increase Fibre Intake

We hear about the importance of fibre all the time in ads for various products and from our doctors etc but what does it mean?

Why do we need fibre, what is it and how can we increase it?

Fibre is the roughage we eat such as fruits, vegetables, wholegrains and so on that aid in digestion.

Being able to digest food properly is crucial for our body to absorb the nutrients and function well.

Adding vegetables to your meals and eating them first is one of the easiest ways to add fibre to your diet as is switching from white breads and grains to wholegrains and less processed food.

If you aren’t a fan of veggies you could also try an additional supplement to consume more fibre.

How much fibre you need varies depending on age and lifestyle so check out this general guide about fibre from NHS for more information.

4. Supplements, Superfoods and Health Fads

It is important any supplements you take be discussed with a health professional and noted on any forms if you need any medical treatment because some ‘natural’ supplements can interfere with medications and surgery.

There are numerous supplements, superfoods and things you might view as health fads that can assist you with improving your health but not everything you see promoted is healthy.

Superfoods such as chia seeds and wheatgrass pack a punch, especially considering how small they are.

Chia seeds have a huge amount of nutrients with very few calories, loads of antioxidants, protein and fibre.

Wheatgrass is best taken in liquid form such as a shot or added to your juice or smoothie in the morning.

The wheatgrass will flood your body with essential vitamins and minerals so while it doesn’t taste great, it is fantastic for you.

Do your research on various superfoods and how you might be able to add them to your diet.

Ask medical professionals about supplements and other health fads to see which ones are applicable to you.

5 Ways to Improve Your Health on a Budget

5. Learn and Adapt

As mentioned, do your research because we know our bodies, we know when we are tired, sluggish, overwhelmed etc and we can feel when things help that.

There is always more research being done on different health issues as well as the different things we consume and do.

Continuing to learn, trialing things that are relevant to you and working with a health professional are some of the best things you can do to improve your health.

For more, have a look at 12 books to improve your health, wealth and life in 2024.

Also, how to lose weight and get fit for free or super cheap.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.