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5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Make Your Home Work for You

5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Make Your Home Work for You

Does your home work for you? If not, why not?

What can you do to make sure you can maximise the space in your home and make your time there as comfortable as possible?

There are many reasons why your home might not work for you.

You might have had a change in preferences since you moved in, your family might have grown, you might have started a business at home or simply want something different from the property than when you bought it.

Regardless of the reason why your home isn’t working for you, being able to make the right changes can help you improve your living arrangements and increase your home’s usability and enjoyment at the same time.

Here’s how to do just that.

5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Make Your Home Work for You

1. Assess What Isn’t Working

First, you need to identify what it is that isn’t working for you in the home.

Is the kitchen too small, lacks space, storage options, room configuration, furniture decor, and so on?

Make a list of what you don’t like or isn’t practical in your home so you can see your pain points and give you a base to start from before you make any decisions or changes.

2. What Do You Need

Next, look at what you need from your home and why.

Don’t simply add in something because other people are. You need to be able to pinpoint what will enhance your living arrangements and how you can incorporate them into your home.

Think about what you will need in the near future as well as what you want right now.

As an example, children are staying at home longer due to the high cost of living so do you need to look at ways to make the home more suitable to adults?

If ageing parents will be living with you, there are different renovations you need to consider compared to young adults living at home.

3. What Budget Do You Have?

Some changes can be made for free, i.e. changing how you live in the rooms and giving different rooms different usages or rearranging furniture.

Others require minimal investments, such as adding storage options or decorating different spaces.

Sometimes though, you need to go bigger such as a second story addition. It will require more funds to complete but depending on your circumstances, it could be the best option.

Your budget will dictate the scope of the work you can carry out and help you figure out what to do next.

When I was a kid, my mother passed away and Dad remarried so I went from being 1 of 5 kids to 1 of 9 kids.

When they assessed all their options, going up to add 2 bedrooms, a lounge and a bathroom was the most suitable option rather than buying and selling or squishing a blended family together.

5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Make Your Home Work for You

4. How Can You Make Changes

Before committing to making any changes, look at all your options carefully.

For example, if you have a dining room you hardly use, yet you are struggling for space for toys for your children, can you use the dining room as a playroom?

You could either remove dining options completely or segment the room so you still have a seating area to eat from but it doesn’t use up too much space.

A dining set in the corner of the room could work well as can a breakfast bar for more infrequent or informal dining options.

Being able to see how you can use each room and creating multi-use spaces can help you see what is possible to make the necessary changes in your home.

I lived in a 2 bedroom home with 4 kids at one point. My teens had their own rooms upstairs.

Downstairs was able to be configured with the help of a bookcase to create another room for my babies and me (their dad was working in another state).

5. Declutter

The less you have in your home, the easier it will be to see what space you have to play with and what can be possible.

If it’s been a while since you’ve had a good declutter or changed up your furniture, now is the perfect time to address this.

Once you have decluttered, you can take stock of your extra space and see what you can do now.

You have more space and fewer items, taking up much-needed space.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.