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7 Frugal but Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts

7 Frugal but Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts

How to Give a Gift of Love

I grew up not celebrating Valentine’s Day and it hasn’t been done in any of my relationships really.

My parents raised me to believe it was a total commercial scam.

That said, I like the idea of it especially as some people struggle to express love.

Having a day to openly say or show what you mean to each other is sweet and doesn’t need to be commercial or expensive.

It’s whatever you make it. What you do and how much you spend is up to you. Here are a few gift ideas to help.

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1. Experiences

In our family, we are all about experiences and tend to gift them or things relating to them more than anything else.

Some can be more expensive such as a hot air balloon ride, skydiving or a hot lap. 

Others are more budget-friendly such as a class we are interested in doing, a visit to a float tank or something else they want to try. 

We search discount sites and experience sites for the best rates.

2. Dinner

Going out to dinner can be expensive and difficult to get into on the actual day but can be a memorable experience.

Most restaurants do not allow coupons or discounts on those days so be sure to check ahead of time. 

Rather than do dinner, consider doing breakfast or lunch.

They are often cheaper and just as nice to do together. Plus, easier to get a booking most of the time.

Alternatively, do dinner at home, in a park or at the beach. Wherever you feel you can set the mood and have an enjoyable dinner. 

Dinner At Home Essentials

Have a nice tablecloth, dinnerware, glassware and set the mood with lighting such as candles and a nice scent.

Choose your favourite recipe or try a new one. A simple dessert can be chocolate-dipped strawberries which you can do yourself. 

Picnic or Public Dining

Whether it’s the beach, river or park, you can have a gorgeous dinner together.

Grab a nice blanket, a picnic basket with all the essentials and decide what you want to eat. 

Charcuterie boards are a popular option now with a selection of deli meats, cheese, nuts, fruit, crackers and dips.

They are easy to put together yourself or buy premade.

Just be sure your picnic basket has all the essentials including plates, glassware, cutlery, napkins etc. 

3. Adult

I’m not going to suggest exactly what to get here. Lingerie is popular, make sure you know the right size and interests. LoveHoney has outlet sales with up to 70% off a selection of adult fun. It’s your choice what you want to try. 

4. Something From Their Wishlist

If your partner has a wishlist with a store or a Pinterest board that outlines things they want, buy something from it.

Mothers are especially guilty of putting themselves last and end up with bath salts or similar on Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day because people can’t think of anything else.

If your partner is into surfing, get their surf wax, sunblock and other simple items to make a cute hamper.

Another suggestion with this is to know your partner’s love language.

Read The Five Love Languages to help with both working out their love language and how you can speak it to make them feel loved. 

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5. Record Your Story

Do it either as your own private podcast, create a photo album or photo book or simply create a PowerPoint to share.

Talk or write about your favourite memories from when you met until now. 

For a private podcast, use a voice recording app on your phone or laptop and record a few 10 minute segments or similar. How you met, funny moments, favourite memories etc.

The story of us is unique to each relationship and can be a beautiful way to connect. 

6. Make Something Tasty

Cook up some brownies, love heart biscuits, love heart cupcakes or a full love heart cake.

What are their favourite treats? Bake those, display them nicely and enjoy!

7. Make it About Them

Think about what your loved one enjoys and make it about them.

There are the usual coupon books etc but I mean more, plan or gift relevant things to them.

As an example, one year I was gifted all the books on my wishlist. I lost my mind I was so happy and it was so affordable for the person gifting it.

One Christmas, I was given a gorgeous leather wallet I had seen and loved but was too cheap to buy myself.

One year, I gave someone hourly gifts on their birthday. Each one was a surprise and ranged from an escape room that I got a massive discount on through to miniature bottles of alcohol they had wanted to try or a block of special chocolate.

None of the gifts cost much but this person LOVED gifts and knowing they were getting something each hour made them so happy.

When my kids finally got their passports, I planned an around the world experience.

I had clues to guess which country we would go to next then had lined up food or something at various restaurants around the city.

Sushi for Japan, fortune cookies for China, a crepe for France, rice paper rolls for Vietnam and we finished in an Austrian restaurant as that is where my stepmother is from.

My kids loved it and it wasn’t expensive. You can do something similar for your loved one.

What gifts do you give for Valentine’s Day?

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