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You Should Never Skip a House Inspection – Here are 6 Reasons why

You Should Never Skip a House Inspection – Here are 6 Reasons why

6 Reasons to NEVER Skip a House Inspection when Buying a Home

People can get so caught up in the thrill of buying a new home that they aren’t always prepared for what to look out for. Because of this, a lot of problems can arise once they move in.

This affects their lifestyle and budget as they may not have anticipated these factors and it’s too late for them to reconsider the move.

Therefore, to ensure you don’t settle for a home that didn’t live up to your expectations and to avoid paying more than you intended, you should consult a home inspector.

In fact, never skip a home inspection. It’s crucial and will save you thousands. Here are 6 reasons why you shouldn’t skip a home inspection.

1. Avoids Safety Concerns

The first, and perhaps most important reason why you should never skip a home inspection is that it will help you avoid safety concerns.

The safety of you and your family is the top priority and you have a right to know what you’re moving into.

There are many safety issues you wouldn’t be able to gauge on your own such as exposure to harmful substances including mould and carbon monoxide.

These are things you need to know before you move in to protect yourself, your kids or your pets.

2. Finds Repair Issues

It’s so important to investigate the home to determine if there will be a need for any future repairs.

Repairs can be costly and you can’t always predict how much they’ll be without an inspection.

During an open house, you can’t determine whether or not an appliance is working properly.

While the heating or cooling system might be working, that doesn’t mean it’s not on its last legs.

Furthermore, a furnished house may be appealing but you won’t know much about the equipment’s functions or whether the furniture needs a makeover.

All these can be costly to restructure and replace. With a home inspection, you will know exactly what needs to be done and can then plan accordingly.

3. Reveals Deal Breakers

When buying a home, you must know exactly what to expect before moving in.

Unfortunately, there may be some things that aren’t apparent to the naked eye and you’ll be left to deal with the aftermath once you finalise the deal.

This means you won’t have a chance to find out what you perceive to be deal-breakers.

Nor will you have anticipated the extra costs. A pre-purchase building inspection specialist will check the wiring, HVAC system and plumbing to reveal any structural or technical issues before you sign the contract.

4. Catches Illegal Renovations

A home inspection is a must because the truth is, you don’t know too much about how the property was built.

Many renovations may have taken place by previous owners to build add-ons and these expansions may have been carried out without the requisite approval.

Kitchen extensions and garage additions may entice you to choose a property.

But you won’t know whether or not they were illegally built without an inspection being done.

This can put you in some legal trouble and therefore, a home inspector will save you a lot of hassle.

5. Insurance Eligibility

It can be difficult to get your home insured if there has been no prior home inspection.

In fact, some insurance companies won’t accept a home that hasn’t gone through a thorough inspection because they don’t want to risk the chances of a home needing many costly repairs in the future.

If you don’t want to pay for the repairs yourself, you’ll need a home inspection to be eligible for homeowners insurance.

6. Protects Your Investments

With a home inspection, you will be provided with tips to maintain your home and ensure it’s worth the money you’re paying.

If you find several issues with the property that affect whether or not you can accept it in its current condition, this will help you renegotiate the price or back out before it’s too late.

You will find out exactly what the value of the home actually is, and learn how to increase its value thanks to the invaluable insight only a home inspector can provide.

Skipping a home inspection can lead to more problems for you in the future. It’s not wise to make this big of an investment without a thorough inspection.

Without one, you cannot predict the budget you will need to keep the home in tiptop shape, nor will you have the chance to back out of the deal if you find too many costly repair issues and other concerns that may be deal-breakers.

Save yourself time and money by fully investigating a property to reduce the risks.

With a home inspection, not only can you make sure that you’ll end up with your dream home, but you’ll also be able to protect your investment.

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