Wine a $120 wine pack from BoozeHounds Melbourne + a review

Are you ever completely lost about which wine to buy or simply buy the same one every time?

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting with the founder of BoozeHounds Melbourne and trying their service. She is passionate about helping you try different types of wine, finding the right ones for you and the BoozeHounds service is impeccable.

Basically, you do a quiz to identify the types of wines suitable for you and your lifestyle (which was super easy!) then wines are selected for you and delivered. You can choose from a $120 pack or a $160 pack, depending on your budget and the sort of wines you would normally purchase. However, if you don’t want a pack every month you can also email them and BoozeHounds can cater something specific for you! How good is that?

Have you ever been completely lost about which wine to buy?

I grew up Mormon, so had no clue about alcohol at all. My experience until my 30s was a sip of vodka at 18 (scandalous for my upbringing!), then nothing until I was separated and leaving the church at 27. At this time, I was overseas at FinCon and a few friends there bought me my first cocktail – a Pina Colada and gave me a “Frat Toast”, so it was all pretty cool. While I do drink each time I go to FinCon, that’s pretty much it, which means I get tipsy fast. Friends I have lived with love a drink, but despite that, I still knew very little and they pretty much selected the same wines each time so I learnt nothing more.
Anytime I was expected to bring a wine to an event, I would freeze up in the shop. Aisles of alcohol to choose from, what the heck is the difference?

Just this week I needed a couple of wines for things and thankfully because I had my BoozeHounds pack, I easily selected which to take and they were spot on! My pack came with 6 wines plus a sheet with a description of each wine and what it would go well with. This saves me so much time and stress. I hate selecting wines or gifts or anything like that.

How do you know which wines are right for you?

Do I go sweet or dry, red or white, what do all the terms mean, what does this one go with? These are the questions which swirl through my head when I look at the wine selections. With a few quick questions, BoozeHounds selected 3 reds, a rose and 2 whites for my pack and they were spot on. If you are stuck in a rut or simply have no clue like me, BoozeHounds Melbourne can be the perfect way to step outside your comfort zone and try something new.

Here’s what came in my pack

Tomich Sauvignon Blanc
Coriole Nero
Misha’s Vineyard Pinot Gris
Longhop Cabernet Sauvignon
Tim Gramp Rose (Tempranillo)
Brave Souls Shiraz

My friends and I felt this was the ideal selection. It was interesting to see how everyone liked different elements of the wines and how different our tastes are. Sweet, rich, deep and smooth are words everyone used to describe my preferred tastes, whereas many of my friends prefer a dry, tart or heavier wine to me.

How can you win a pack

Enter using the widget below, answer the questions, sign up to the email lists and do the extra entries if you like. Full terms and conditions are here. Be aware, BoozeHounds Melbourne is a service for MELBOURNE only at the moment. Winners must be able to have their pack delivered within Melbourne’s inner and outer suburbs. Winners MUST be over 18 as well.
BoozeHounds Melbourne Wine Giveaway

You can find BoozeHounds Melbourne here or follow on Facebook and Instagram.

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