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Disclosure: the following is a paid review and giveaway for products we personally use as a family.

Friday Family Fun Night is a weekly event my kids look forward to. We spend time as a family usually playing games, eating treats and watching a movie. Throughout the week we play a lot of games and it’s not uncommon for us to play cards or a board game before bed on days where the kids seem a little out of sorts to help get them in a good frame of mind.

We love games as they bring the family together, we always have fun and often learn more about each other. Having that closeness is so important and it’s a much better way to spend your time than sitting in front of the TV!

Along with Family Fun Night, games also make a great gift, are fun at parties and when friends come over. Almost every day when I pick my kids up from after-school care they are playing games with other kids and I personally have fond memories of board games, cards and other fun with my family and friends.

This week we had the opportunity to try some new games plus we have a games pack for you to win, thanks to Talkin’ Toys. The games we had were:

  • Googly Eyes
  • Rubiks Cube 3×3
  • Game of Things
  • Port-A-Ball
  • Pokemon Trainer Guess Game

I kept them as a surprise so when my kids came home Friday they were greeted with a pile of games to try, much to their excitement.

Googly Eyes

This one we did try back in 2015, but it is a favourite. You play in teams and the aim is to be the first team to get around the board. However, to do so, players take turns wearing funny glasses which distort your view as they draw things for their team members to guess. You might think you are doing a great job until you look at what you drew! It’s hilarious to see what is drawn as well as what is yelled out in the guessing!

Rubiks Cube (3×3)

The timing for this was hilarious. My youngest had been talking about one constantly so when she saw it she actually squealed and carried it around most of the weekend. I have never solved it! I’ll be honest, I didn’t even try this time because my 8 year old kept telling me how she solved this side and did this etc. I will be trying it in secret and yes I know I could cheat and look up how to do it online or read the instructions, but to me, that defeats the purpose. Can you solve them?

Game of Things

When a game has been featured on Ellen as one of her favourite games you know it’s going to be good! This game could be as PG or R rated as you choose! There are 300 topics which will make you laugh and a bonus for this game is it can be played without the need to be competitive or have a winner. It’s simply about having fun, though if you want to compete, you can!

Trust me, if you play this with adults (and it is designed for 14 and above), you will be shocked at the first thing that pops into some people’s head!


When I saw this one I thought “How different can an inflatable ball really be?” but my kids loved it and played with it all weekend. In fact, my eldest wants to take it to school every day now.

Port-A-Ball is easy to inflate, can fold down nicely but is stronger than regular inflatable balls. It has a foam feel to it instead of the plastic and you are slobbering all over a little plastic tube you like all the usual inflatable things.

We’ve taken it to the park, will be using it in the pool and my daughter is taking it to school each day. Most inflatable balls we’ve had don’t last long, pop easily or get a little hole. This one is definitely superior.

Pokemon Trainer Guess Game

Not designed to be hilarious, but it was. My kids played with this for a few hours over the weekend. The premise is you think of a Pokemon, it will ask you questions to which you say yes, no or it depends, then it will guess the Pokemon you are thinking of. My kids have slight accents (especially my eldest, due to being on the Autism spectrum) plus a lisp! As such, it was a little hard for the game to understand them at times.

My kids found this hilarious and loved playing with it. They often needed to repeat themselves but giggled every time. It was surprisingly accurate when it understood what was being said and comes with a trainer field guide to get to know Pokemon so you can answer easily and correctly.

How can you win some games?

I’m a huge believer in having a selection of games for your family and friends to play so we are giving away one pack from Talkin’ Toys to one lucky winner worth $150! To enter, simply fill out the form below, telling us what your favourite family activity or game is in 50 words or less. Full terms and conditions are in the widget below.

*Games pictured are examples of possible games in the prize pack

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3 thoughts on “Win a Talkin’ Toys pack worth $150 + our review #TalkinToys

  1. My three aren’t old enough to all play together yet, but they would have so much fun with that ball! We’re slowly introducing things like Candy Land as they get older! I loved games as a kid.

    1. The ball has probably been the most used one! They play with it constantly in their room, on the way to school, at lunchtime etc. No idea why it is so much better than other balls as far as they are concerned haha.

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