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Why and How to Invest

Investing is Easy

For investing, I am talking about three types:
Investing in quality items such as shoes, mattresses and similar.
Investing in the future financially such as through shares, property or retirement planning.
Investing in yourself.

Investing in Quality Items

Items you use every day such as the mattress you sleep on and the shoes you wear should be good quality. This is because you want items which will support your body and keep you healthy.

A good quality mattress will enable you to sleep well which adds to your overall quality of life. A quality mattress doesn’t need to be extremely expensive either.

For shoes, I purchase my kids shoes from the Athletes Foot. We get fitted properly. One of my daughters has long, thin feet that roll in a little so she needs extra support and can be hard to fit. My other daughter is ‘average’ in sizing so has more options.

Shoes support your back and ill fitting shoes which are not supportive can lead to all sorts of health problems. I have found buying good quality shoes for my daughters and I saves money because they last longer and support our bodies, thus reducing injuries and other health issues.

I am also particular about clothing brands, but often buy them from second hand stores. Look at what you buy and what might be better to pay a little more for at the beginning to save money over the long term. (To be clear, Athlete’s Foot didn’t sponsor, they are who I have used for a few years now.)

The same goes for appliances and anything else you use. You don’t need to buy top of the range nor most expensive. Do some research, read reviews and find what is worth spending more on and which items you need to be high quality.

Investing Financially

How are you investing your money to make it grow and work for you? Your tolerance to risk will factor in here a little as to what you want to invest in and how high the risk is for the return on investment for you.

It is important to get professional financial advice and not just invest in something because someone online or a friend suggested it. Do your own research and make your own decision.

Some common investments are real estate, business, shares, putting more into superannuation and collections such as antiques or items that sell well.

Sit down today and have a think about how you might like to invest in your future, get some advice and work out a plan for yourself.

Investing in Yourself

Think about your life, your education, your needs and work out what you want and need to do to invest in yourself. Do you want to do a course? Work out how to pay for it and sort out childcare so you can do it. Do you want to change careers? Find out what you need to do to take your chose career path and plan the switch.

Do you need more time for yourself or want a break? Work out how to make that happen. I am fortunate to have friends and family who will care for my kids at times so I can do things I love on my own. What do you need to do in your life to enable you to invest in yourself?

If you don’t make changes to create the life you want, it won’t happen.

What will you do today to improve your future?

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