What to do with unexpected bonus money and how to find some!

Have you ever gotten money you weren’t expecting then it seemed to get frittered away? This month, continuing with my find an extra $100 a day challenge, I have come into unexpected or bonus money. I have done a bunch of stuff deliberately to save money, sell my stuff etc but a few other things popped up I did not expect.

What to do with unexpected money and how to get it!

1.) Refunds

My daughter came home with a receipt from her swimming class telling me her teacher said I could get a refund since I paid, then she got sick and didn’t get to participate at all. This was completely unexpected. I was sad she was too sick to participate, but touched the school offered the refund. It was $59 and went straight into my back account.

Previously, when I have done challenges like this, I have looked into anything I might be able to take back for a refund, which is rare but when buckling down harder, you sometimes realise there are things you bought spur of the moment recently that you don’t need and could be taken back.

2.) Backpay and underpaid

When I left a job earlier this year it was sudden and due to injury. I was in a lot of pain, on a lot of medication and unable to think clearly, let alone look at my pay. It wasn’t until months later at tax time we reviewed it and I was back paid over $1000. I am not including it because it was a few months ago, but something to think about.

This isn’t something you can do all the time, but I strongly urge you to check your payslips against the hours you work. I know people who document on their calendar hours worked and check this against their pay for anyone working an hourly rate. Most have at some time or another been underpaid. Never overpaid, but some would have been a few thousand a year if they didn’t check.

This week I got a cheque that was unexpected. It was $24.74 so not huge, but money all the same.

3.) Cash in holidays

Going with the theme of work pay, some occupations will let you cash in your holiday leave or some of it instead of taking it. In Australia, we get 4 weeks paid leave for holidays, yet most don’t take the 4 weeks. I strongly recommend going on holidays or even taking a week off here and there to chill at home. You need it for your mental health, but if you wanted to you could approach your employer to see if they will let you cash it out.

4.) Cash back offers and rebates

Do some research before you make a purchase. There are many cash back offers, coupons and rebates around. Shop around for the best deal, then make sure you cash in on those offers. Sometimes after you purchase you need to send in some paperwork for the cash back but it’s worth it.

5.) Medical receipts

For some reason, many people I know tend to have these pile up. Most doctors offices now do the medicare rebate on the spot and your health insurance lets you do it online, so there is no reason to have these pile up. I had two I needed to do for our health fund which ended up being $136 which was good.

So the total today was $219.74 bringing the total for the challenge to $4444.74

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