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VINOMOFO REVIEW: Massive Discounts on Wine, Always! Plus How to Save Money on Wine (up to 70% off!)

VINOMOFO REVIEW: Massive Discounts on Wine, Always! Plus How to Save Money on Wine (up to 70% off!)

What is VINOMOFO really like? And how to get up to 70% off!

Recently, we tried VINOMOFO. I had seen it advertised but never looked at it until last month. Their selection is great, high-quality wines at low prices and incredible sales.

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Starting in a garage in Adelaide in 2011, VINOMOFO has grown massively to bring you amazing wines at affordable prices. You have the option of single wines or cases including some mystery cases which are extremely good value.

VINOMOFO aims to help independent winemakers stay in business and be sustainable. Many supermarkets and big stores are making it harder and harder for smaller winemakers (and smaller businesses in general) to compete or even be in their stores.

VINOMOFO wants to ensure these winemakers always have somewhere to sell so they can continue to produce delicious wines.

Part of this means they try every single wine they sell to ensure quality. Only 5% of what they try actually makes it to being sold. Good quality is important to them.

My Experience

I jumped on the VINOMOFO site and was firstly impressed with the range then the prices. Cases were the best value so I opted for a mixed case. VINOMOFO often has up to 70% off so it is worth checking regularly.

The site was easy to navigate, the range was great and check out was easy. For once, postage was fast too. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly my case arrived and the communication throughout the process.

How to Save Money on Wine

Wine tends to be the drink of choice for a lot of mums. I use it in cooking and it can really bring out the flavour for some dishes. It can be a great default gift if you know someone drinks it too.

Good wine can get expensive. So here are some tips to reduce the cost.

Learn About What you are Buying/Drinking

A few years ago I did an amazing hike around Slovenia which included tasting wines from the different regions we were passing through. Being new to wine, I learnt a lot and learnt fast that not all wine was created equal.

Fortunately for me, we had a wine connoisseur on the trip with us and he took great pleasure in choosing wines for us as well as educating us.

Once you know a few basics, it becomes much easier to choose wine so you don’t waste money buying the wrong types of wine.

For me, I prefer sweeter, richer and full-bodied red wines. Friends of mine prefer dry reds, others white. With so many varieties, it can be overwhelming.

Read the Labels and Reviews

We all have different tastes but once you get to know what you like, it becomes easier. Read the labels instead of simply picking based on pretty labels. Yes, I used to select wine based on whether I liked the label or not.

Buy in Bulk

Whether you drink a lot or not, buying in bulk is usually cheaper and cases can be split to be used for gifts or when visiting friends. This is where the huge discounts at VINOMOFO can really pay off.

Choose cases you love or get a mixed case to split as needed. Wine doesn’t go off quickly, so even if you don’t drink or give it away in a few months, it will store well.

Store Wine Correctly

Keeping it in a hot environment is a fast way to ruin your wine. Find out how the specific wine you have needs to be kept because it will determine the longevity of the wine.

This can be the difference between enjoying a lovely glass of wine you cellared for a while or completely ruining a bottle you were saving for a special occasion.

If you are gifted wine, be sure to check how to store it. I’ve heard horror stories of people not realising the value of the specific wine they were gifted and ruining it because they left it in the pantry or car.

Plan Ahead

Running down to the local bottle-o is probably the most expensive way to get wine. Plan ahead instead. Know when you want wine or need it as a gift and have it on hand. This is where buying in bulk comes in handy. If you always have a selection on hand, you’ll never pay full price and you have a gift for most occasions.

4 Top Tips for Leftover Champagne

Being of a frugal mindset, I was so happy to see 4 Top Tips for Leftover Champagne on the VINOMOFO site. They get it. Good wine should not go to waste and it should be expensive.

What tips do you have for saving money on wine?

What are your thoughts on VINOMOFO?

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