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The Ultimate Guide to Make and Save Money at Home

The Ultimate Guide to Make and Save Money at Home

How can you make and save money at home easily?

Now, more than ever, there are so many ways to make and save money at home. As someone who grew up in a frugal family, been married, also a single mother and mostly worked from home, this is something I know a lot about. I’ve made $33,277 on the side one year, when I bought things to resell I started to make over $10,000 a month but there are so many more things you can do!

How to Make and Save Money at Home

Making and saving money at home comes with numerous obstacles, especially if you are a parent. It doesn’t mean it’s impossible, it simply requires an adjustment. I share all my tips for making and saving money, along with tips from others in my guide.

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What do you Need to Know to Make and Save Money at Home?

Included in my guide is:
How to entertain children and arrange childcare – Ideas do every age group, recommended activities and tips to keep them entertained.
How to balance family life, time for yourself and making money – time management, 18 tips to get you an extra 15 hours a week plus how to make it all work.
Ways to make money at home – ideas you can do at home, how to get started for free or cheap, how to promote it and how to make more from each idea.
Is it a business or a hobby? How to tell and what to do so it is set up properly. You can eve set up a business with a website for under $100!
What you can claim on tax – as a home business electricity, rent/mortgage, internet and other expenses may be claimed. Get a list of options and how to do it.
How to get the family on board with saving money – many complain so here is how to make everyone happy and get them involved in saving money in your home.
How to create and stick to a budget – one you can use which won’t stress you out or make you feel deprived. Plus tips to reduce spending, get cash back and how to avoid the temptation to blow the budget.
My top tips for saving money in every area of your budget – from accommodation through to food, internet, bills and raising kids.
My favourite frugal recipes – over 100 of them!
How to use up leftovers and reduce waste – 20 meals from leftover sausage, 28 recipes for leftover chicken, 25 ideas for leftover ham, what to do with crusts, vegetables scraps and more to save money.

Buy it now for $14.95

What Have I Done to Make and Save Money at Home?

Working from home was often my only choice, however, I am grateful to live now when it is easy to do. Blogging, freelance writing, online surveys, social media, buying things to resell, reselling websites, shares and so much more.

I’ve spoken internationally on ways to make and save money, freely shared my personal experiences and have always managed to keep my bills super low. In fact, most of the time, whether it was 3 or 7 people in the house we used the equivalent electricity, gas and water as a 1 person household.

The Ultimate Guide to Make and Save Money at Home

In this PDF guide, you can find all my tips, exactly how to do everything and be able to create a plan for yourself to make and save more money at home.

Buy it now for $14.95

Image of woman at desk. Text reads the ultimate guide to make and save money at home.

Buy it now for $14.95

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