The Ultimate 21 Day Money Makeover – November 2019 #21DayMoneyMakeover

How would you like an extra $1,000 or more this month?

Are you up for a challenge? The Ultimate 21 Day Money Makeover will take you through every part of your budget and life to help you make and save more money! In the 21 Day Money Challenge last year people made or found anywhere from $1,000 through to over $20,000! What could you do with that kind of money?

What Do You Need To Do?

The choice is yours! I won’t make you do anything, I will share with you what I am doing, tips to save money and ideas to make money. It’s up to you what action you take. Without action, nothing with happen. You can choose to spend a few minutes a day and do the quick things or spend longer and possibly make more!

In November I will do Facebook Lives on The Thrifty Issue Facebook page and in the group sharing exactly what I do and how I do. Behind the scenes content of my life and more personalised information than I usually share. It’s your opportunity to not only get tips but also ask me anything as I do it.

What Will Be Covered?

It’s going to get pretty real with the ins and outs of how I do everything and things I have done before. How to make your home pay for itself, how to make money with Airbnb and lots of freebies for a start. Each area of the budget and life will be broken down with what I do, how I do it plus ideas to make and save money.

Housing, transport, groceries, beauty, education, entertainment, kids and travel are just a few of the things. It won’t just be tips and ideas, it will be personalised and live on Facebook at times so you can truly see what I do and how I do it.

If there is an area of your budget you struggle with and want specifics on, let me know! Comment below, hit me up on social media (Facebook page, Facebook group, Instagram or Twitter) or email here.

How Is It Different To Last Year?

The 21 Day Money Challenge last year focused on saving, finding and making money. At the time, I lived in an apartment in the city, didn’t have a car and my expenses were different. Now, I live in a larger home, commute, am buying a car etc. My lifestyle is different so I will provide advice from a variety of lifestyle angles.

This year things will be a whole lot more personal. Usually, content on here is shared by me and from my experience, but I don’t share a lot behind the scenes. This month you’ll get a real insight into how I keep my electricity bill under $80 a month, even in the house. How we travel for free and super cheap. Free grocery tips, beauty insights (I am an ex-hairdresser) and more. I’ll share the specific products and services I use in my home (and no, it’s not all affiliates). When I am live on Facebook you’ll be able to see it all. It’s not going to be totally professional videos, it’s going to be me with my phone, live with you!

We are also working with a few businesses to offer giveaways and discounts for the month exclusive to The Thrifty Issue for you!

How Can You Get Involved?

The content will be shared here on the site as well as across social media and the newsletter. Different content will be shared in different places, so the best option is to follow The Thrifty Issue on all of it.
The Thrifty Issue Facebook Page and Facebook Group will be most active. Then Instagram is here, Pinterest here and Twitter if you’re interested. Each week an email will go out with a round-up of everything, top tips and links to the most popular posts on social media. If you want those, sign up to the email list below.

What areas of the budget do you want help with? What businesses do you want discounts or freebies from?

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