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What to Read in 2021

This year I set a goal to read 52 books. Most books I read are eBooks but now I signed up to my local library, I’ll be reading more physical books again.

Throughout the year I will add all the books I read and what I think of them.

You’ll find it is a variety of books, not only finance related book but everything from health to psychology, business to memoirs. I am completing my Diploma of Counselling so there is also a strong interest in relationships, abuse, addiction and family as those are areas I am looking to specialise in. Some are books I have read before as well.

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Currently Reading

January Books

January I read more than I planned. Part of that was because I managed to read 2 books during the early stages of labour. I was induced so had some time before things kicked in fully and I continued to read between contractions to help keep my mind off things.

Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield-Thomas

My partner bought me this and I have been working through it for January. Lucky Bitch is just one of the books by Denise. I loved the others and am enjoying this one. It’s brilliant for mindset.

It is so important when reading a book such as this that you do the work! There are exercises, tips and things to do plus more resources available. Reading alone won’t help, take the action suggested and make the changes.

The Art of Letting Go

This was more for my course than myself. The Art of Letting Go is about overcoming breakups and letting go of those relationships. I quite liked the style. Each chapter was a letter of sorts from a different person based on a different experience making it relatable for various circumstances.

47 Little Love Boosters

A quick and easy read, 47 Little Love Boosters shares tips to connect and boost your relationships. As it is so easy for everyone to get caught up in the busy lives we lead and neglect our relationship, I thought this would be a great one for clients once I am qualified and it is.

The Little Book of Mumfulness

This was a quick read with tips for motherhood. I didn’t find it to be that useful and most of it goes against how I parent but I get they were trying to be funny with most of it and relatable. I wouldn’t recommend The Little Book of Mumfulness.

You Are Enough

“Comparison is the thief of joy” is a saying I’ve heard a lot and yet, we all still compare ourselves to others. Probably even more with social media showing us others lives. You Are Enough is a wonderful book outlining how to stop this, giving tools and resources to work through your own comparison issues and increase self confidence.

Increasing my confidence and self worth is a strong focus for me this year. The more I love and am happy with myself, the more I can give to others. I am a better mother, partner and friend.

Love Is Not Enough

Technically, I ‘read’ Love Is Not Enough by listening to it on Audible. It was quite an intriguing concept, having different people and scenarios followed through their therapy journey.

It was eye opening to see what I connected with and could see in myself as well as how I might go about becoming more self aware.

February Books

February I am focusing mostly on relationship, confidence and money mindset.

Beyond Beautiful

I loved this book, it was an easy read with great advice. There is a strong connection between our confidence/self image/body issues to our finances so clearing those issues will help your money.

Beyond Beautiful busts myths, offers practical advice, little action steps you can take and a lot of thought-provoking content. As someone who has had issues with my body and eating since a young age, books such as Beyond Beautiful are helpful to maintain the right mindset.

To be clear, severe body or eating issues need professional help. A self-help book is not a replacement for that.

His Needs, Her Needs

This book has sold over 1,000,000 copies and while it is old, it was still interesting. For some, it will be too gendered and generic but the basics I believe relate to all relationships. Most of what was covered about how men think vs women and what we each priorities I knew.

His Needs Her Needs is NOT saying all men or all women, it is saying most who had treatment with this professional exhibited these similarities. However, there are exercises for you to do with your partner to find what you need instead of just going with the general advice in the book.

The Greatest Secret

The Greatest Secret was given to me for Christmas by my partner. It was on my wish list and I nearly bought it for myself on Christmas Eve then felt I should hold off. When I opened by gift Christmas morning I was ecstatic.

I read The Secret years ago, so when The Greatest Secret came out I was extremely interested. It’s a lot of quotes but easy enough to understand in my view. If you enjoy the law of attraction and are interested in manifesting, this is a book for you.

Quit Like A Millionaire

Quit Like A Millionaire is often recommended in finance groups so had been on my list to read for a while. It helped my partner and me significantly but that is because of our backgrounds. The author grew up in complete poverty in China and talks about the scarcity mindset. It was eye opening to me as I have always approached things from an abundant mindset but then, I have total privilege to be able to do that.

My partner is Ni-Vanuatu (native to Vanuatu) and most of his adult life was in the Solomon Islands. Both countries were two of the least developed countries in the world. Vanuatu recently upgraded to Developing Country. He grew up in poverty but was exposed to wealth through cruise ships and his work. He was taught that wealth is only for white people though and grew up with a scarcity mindset.

Quit Like A Millionaire helped me understand him and his family so much more plus saw us change our budget. I’ll share more on this in a future article once we have trialled our new budget for a while.

Soul Coaching – 28 Days to Discover Your Authentic Self

I have read and done Soul Coaching twice before. Both times I experienced amazing changes and advances in my life. There are 3 levels you can choose from with daily affirmations, daily activities and a different focus each week.

Using the 4 elements – Air, Fire, Earth, Water, the weeks are broken up. Daily tasks relate to each element to clear your life and help you get direction.

Choose to Change – It’s Your Life

With 25 short chapters with practical things you can do to change your life, it’s an easy but effective read. Choose to Change outlines what you can do, gives examples and if you take your time reading it, to actually do the activities, it can help you change.

Love Yourself Like Your Life Depended On It

This one isn’t a favourite of mine but was free ages ago so I got it and finally read it this month. Love Yourself Like Your Life Depended On It is short, easy to read and has some good activities in it.

Learning To Love Yourself

Gay Hendricks is the author of The Big Leap which I love and recommend to everyone, so I knew I would like Learning To Love Yourself. Using personal experiences to reinforce the concepts in the book, it was an easy read with numerous insights for myself and my relationship.

March Books

Awaken The Giant Within

Watching the Netflix doco actually put me off but Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins was recommended by so many people I decided to check it out. This one was an audio book instead of reading it and there were quite a few good messages in it.

Feminine Lost

This is not a finance book and I read it more for my counselling studies than anything else. Feminine Lost is about masculine and feminine. I have mixed feelings on it. In my relationship, we do lean towards more tradition roles in many ways and I am often referred to as a feminine woman. This book has some great elements to it but for me, some of it doesn’t quite sit right. It is still an interesting read though and I feel will help me as a partner, mother, friend and especially counsellor.

Dear Universe

With 200 manifestations, affirmations and tips to help turn your thoughts around, Dear Universe is a great book to have on hand. Look up the feeling or issue you are having and there will be an affirmation and suggestions to help. Dear Universe is a book I liked the look of then couldn’t get it out of my mind after a few weeks so I went back and bought it. I am so glad I did!


Since we are travelling, I haven’t been reading as much. However, in Melbourne, when picking up my stuff I flicked through books I had stored at my sisters and read what I had earmarked from them. Tools of TitansTribe of MentorsChillpreneur7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Your Are a Badass at Making Money are a few I particularly love.

Treasure Yourself

Treasure Yourself, Power Thoughts for my Generation by Miranda Kerr. It was 50c at my local op shop and had a pretty cover. Some of it is good but at the same time, it felt kind of conceited and unrelateable at times. I do admire her achievements and think there are some good lessons in the book.

8 Dates: Essential Conversations for a Lifetime of Love

We are working through¬†8 Dates: Essential Conversations for a Lifetime of Love. Since both of us have been divorced, being proactive about our relationship, making it a priority and ensuring good communication are important to us. Plus, keeping your relationship healthy is a huge money saver! Divorce is expensive. My child custody cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Thankfully, Justin’s was amicable and he has a great co-parenting relationship with his ex. That said, we want to ensure we have a strong relationship and 8 Dates is great for that.

How to be Perfectly Imperfect

How to be Perfectly Imperfect was a simple, colourful and beautifully designed book. I am prone to a lack of confidence of late which I am trying to turn around. So books such as this are of interest to me. With quotes, easy to implement tips and great graphics, I read it easily and it’s only $9!

Let me know any books you recommend!

This list will continue to grow. I have numerous books on my bookshelf I have picked up from second hand shops, more in my Kindle with Amazon and plenty in my wishlists.

I’m grateful my partner also buys me books as he knows I love them. So tell me what you are reading or have read and recommend.

Also check out 13 books every mum should read for my recommendations.

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