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The Best Apps To Save You Money in Australia

The Best Apps To Save You Money in Australia

What are the Best Apps to Save you Money in Australia?

Our mobile phones are such handy little devices. We already shared the best apps to help you make money here. With the apps listed below, you can get groceries for half price, use Uber for free, lock in petrol prices when you see them cheaper, get free accommodation and more!

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Get $15 in free cash.

Get $10 from 86 400! I’ve used 86 400 for a year now and they’ve been great. It’s fee-free banking and online only. Use the code S7VL6WF when you join free here to get your $10 after you use your card for the first time.

Get $5 from Up bank which I have been using for a while now. Get your $5 for joining in minutes.


If petrol prices or using taxis are killing your budget, check out these apps to save money and get freebies!


Lock in the price for your fuel with the 7/11 app. When you hear it’s going to go up or you see a great price you can use the app to lock it in. I’ve heard of people saving up to 20 cents a litre because of this app. Plus, they let you know about other specials they have in store.

Fuel Map

Use this anywhere in Australia to find the best prices on fuel. It’s free to download and use. Being a crowdsourced app, it relies on users to post accurate information.

Rideshare Options

If you don’t drive or sometimes need to use a taxi, there are cheaper options. I’ve personally used Uber, Ola, Taxify and Shebah. You can get a discount with each.

Uber – use the code kyliet591ue to get a discount on your first ride. With Uber, watch out for surge pricing because it can work out to be very expensive if prices are surging. You will know before you accept the fare if prices have been increased.

Taxify – you can get $10 off with the code QQMPG. I’ve found Taxify to be cheaper than Uber, but drivers regularly cancel or they call to check where you’re going and if it’s not far enough they’ll cancel then too.

Ola Cabs – get $20 off your first ride with the code AGNZEEU but be aware, you get what you pay for here. They have been the cheapest and regularly have discounts running, however, safety is a concern with them.

Three times I have had drivers turn up with cars which are not the same registration or even type of car as the ones in the app. I have had 2 drivers who were atrocious and I felt unsafe.

The app does have an emergency button you can press, but overall, Ola is not one I am using now because their driver security checks seem to be severely lacking compared to the others.

Shebah – I have no discount code for you but it’s female drivers driving females around (and young male kids, but not male teens or adults).


Living in the city I don’t own a car anymore, but whenever I need one I use a car share option. Car Next Door starts at only $5 an hour or $25 a day plus $0.33 per km. You can check out the comparisons of a few car share options here.


One of the biggest expenses for many households, groceries can also be an easy area to cut back in when needed. These apps help you! Not all of them had their own sites, so it’s best to look them up on your device.


Join for free, pick up a card in store or do it online then get the app. You’ll be emailed and posted vouchers, plus there are extra offers within the app itself. This Facebook group is great to join if you want extra tips about accruing points too.

Half Price

Instead of going through all the catalogues and comparing specials, get this app. It shows you what’s half price in Coles, Woolworths and IGA which means you can shop around sales easily.

Fridge Food

Have food in your fridge and no idea what to make? Add up to 8 ingredients in this app and it will give you suggestions. Or check out this site for more options when you don’t know what to cook.


We love to travel in our family! I’ve shared ways to make money travelling here and ways to save money with travel here, but the apps below are the ones where we’ve saved big money!


Get $55 off your first booking with Airbnb. I’ve been using it since 2015 and love it. Friends of mine have entire rental properties which are leased solely through Airbnb, they get cleaned after every guest. You have all the things you’d normally have at home and often more.

Whenever I’ve rented mine out I’ve included a welcome basket, all the essentials and discount vouchers for guests to use. Find tips for to make money with Airbnb here.


Scan for the cheapest flights instead of checking all the sites individually. Put in where you’re going and see what you’re options are.


This is a favourite for a few of my friends. Much like Skyscanner you can search for cheap flights, watch certain trips you want to take so you get notified of the best prices and book through the app.


Did you know airlines have certain routes which are cheaper than others and will get you to the same destination? Skiplagged helps you find these options. It’s especially useful for overseas trips.

Other Deals

If you’re looking to save money, these apps will help you.


Restaurants, shows, health and beauty along with travel are just some of the options through Groupon. Check out Groupon for free here.


Score some great deals with Scoopon. Both this and Groupon are places I check when I am looking for something, otherwise, they are apps which just sit on my phone. You can set them to notify you each day, but I get enough notifications as it is!

Every Store you Shop at!

Most stores such as Boost have an app and you can get freebies through them. Check out our full list of freebies here, or our list of Aussie birthday freebies. Also, do a search for apps to your favourite stores to see what comes up!

Which apps help you save money?

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