The Best Apps To Make Money In Australia

How to make money from your mobile phone!

In Australia, there are so many ways you can make money from your phone, some don’t even require you to do anything! Here are the ones we’ve tested or ones which have been recommended by people we know.

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Remember, when you are out and about, these apps will use data unless you switch them off. Many of the apps need to use the data to work, give you notifications and for you to make money. Phone plans and prepaid ones usually have a lot of data you can choose from. OVO has been great for me and is even better value than the Aldi option! I’ve used them travelling to rural areas when I previously used Telstra and found coverage to be great. They’re Australian, you can bring your own number plus customers service has been fantastic.

Online Surveys

Some sites require you to log in and do it from your computer, we have a full list of the best Australian online survey sites here. Below are the ones we’ve found you can use your mobile phone for! Quick tip, have an email address you use specifically for online surveys or you will get overloaded with the email from the sites!


Both on your desktop and your phone, you can make money with Swagbucks. Sign up, do surveys, the daily poll and use it to search to get points. They regularly have extra promotions and codes to use as well. Plus if you do any shopping online, you can get cashback with Swagbucks. Join free here and download the app plus you can get a $10 bonus.


How much you can cash out is capped at $50 every 2 months so you will only ever be able to make at most $300 a year. Still, that $300 could go towards Christmas, a holiday or school fees, right? Sign up free here, use the app or do it online if you prefer, fill in your profile and do the surveys when you want. If you get screened out you usually still get 5c.

Zap Surveys

We’ve only just started using Zap, but so far it’s been a high earner compared to other survey sites. It is super quick and easy to join plus if you use the code GEGHSUA57A you get $0.75 just for joining. My first survey paid $6.25 and took only 2 minutes. I assume that is to get people interested. Once using the app, most surveys paid less than $5an hour.


If you are happy doing video, this can be a quick and easy way to make money from your opinion, answering questions and reviewing things. I originally tried it a few years ago then forgot about it. Get a $1 bonus for trying it here.

Say What Now

We haven’t made a lot from this one, but are including it because it is an option for you. You can get $0.25 to get started here.


Another online survey with various options. I get offered a lot of surveys with them, so there is the potential to make more than I do if you want to get into it.

Cashback with groceries and shopping

Groceries can take up a huge portion of the budget. These apps will help you get more back in your pocket!

Cash Rewards

I’ve mentioned Cash Rewards a few times because it is so easy! You get cash back on purchases so I have it on my desktop in the Chrome toolbar and use the app. It pops ups to let me know how much cash I can get back and I activate it when shopping online. It’s my favourite out of all the cash back apps I’ve seen. Plus, they often have $20 or more off your first online order with Woolworths and places like that!

Mystery shopping

With these apps you can get notified of opportunities to make some cash while you’re out and about doing errands! Payments vary depending on the job and the amount of jobs depends on where you live. Sometimes there are none in my area then other days there are heaps.

Field Agent

Download it here and get notified where there are jobs in your area. Select them, do what’s needed and get paid for it! This is a great one if you live in a larger city and go out a bit as you can make money wherever you go!

Social Soup

When I first joined Social Soup years ago it paid a lot better. Now, you get notified of opportunities and say yes or no. Then you get selected, given a voucher (approx $5) to go buy a certain item, tell them what you think of it and share it on social media. I know lots of people who enjoy it because it’s basically free food (usually food items) plus it’s often not something they’d typically buy, so they’re trying something new.


Get paid up to $15 for Snooper jobs! The app is super easy to use and you can see how much things are paying in your area, select the ones you want to do and get paid while you’re out doing things. It can be a great way to make shopping you have to do for birthdays or similar make you money instead of costing you!


Along with the options above, here are some random apps which will make you money.

Job Spotter App – Indeed

How often do you see window displays for staff wanted? Take a pic and get paid! Indeed pays up to $1 for jobs wanted. Download the app, take a photo of the sign for staff wanted and a photo of the shop it’s at, upload them and make some money. You need to follow the rules to get paid so make sure you read it and follow the instructions.


Get $2.50 for signing up and making a deposit, then make money as you invest in shares through the app. I compared Raiz (previously acorns) with a high-interest savings account here. Raiz performed significantly better for me.

What apps do you use to make money?

Next, we will share apps which save Australians money!

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  1. Bron Rewards doesn’t exist anymore. Social Soup doesn’t seem to be giving out any decent testings except to influencers which sucks and Raiz charges fees as opposed to Spaceship who don’t charge fees for the first $5000. Will check out the Zap Surveys. I never got anything from Say What Now lol

      • We’ve got them both on our list to test and have been signed up for only a few days but good to know you like them.

    • Thanks Chris. This article was written 2 years ago so is scheduled to be reviewed and updated. Many apps will depend on where you live, what demographic you fall into etc.

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