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Tell Me Baby – Get Paid For Your Reviews #Sponsored

Tell Me Baby – Get Paid For Your Reviews #Sponsored

Sponsored post, views and experiences are our own.

Tell Me Baby is an Australian site where you can find real reviews of baby products and services, written by those who have used them. Plus you can get paid for writing your own reviews too.

They have a great rewards program which you can collect points with then cash out for gift cards.

What Is Tell Me Baby?

Tell Me Baby is a website with real reviews by Aussie parents.

Whenever looking at buying an item we tend to trust the opinions of friends and family the most, which is what this site is all about.

Deciding what items to get for your baby can be overwhelming, and Tell Me Baby is designed to help you cut through it all and quickly search for items you need and the real reviews from other parents about those items.

They also have an incredibly supportive community which you can join here for free and make some money.

By writing a review you earn 200 points (or 300 points if you include 3 photos).

And every month there’s a special double points offer, where you can earn up to 600 points for reviewing products for specific brands, so you can earn points twice as fast.

After you earn 2000 points you get a $20 Coles, Kmart or Target voucher or $25 to spend in the Tell Me Baby shop.

How Much Can You Make?

The more reviews you write for products and services you have used, the more you can earn.

With up to 300 points per review when you include photos, you need to write just 7 reviews per voucher.

When you add up the number of baby/pregnancy related items you use from maternity bras through to the car seat and pram, it won’t take long to generate numerous reviews.

For a review to be valid, it needs to be at least 50 words long.

Since you can probably write a review in a few minutes, you could earn a gift card within an hour.

When writing a review, think about what you would want to know about the item and write based on that.

Tell Me Baby has some great guidelines to help you write an accurate, useful review.

Join Tell Me Baby here and start making money.

What Are My Thoughts About Tell Me Baby?

I’m past the baby stage but would have loved something like this when I was pregnant with my kids and when they were little.

Knowing I can find reviews on anything I want to buy from a reputable site helps a lot. Being able to earn a little cash from writing my own real reviews is fantastic too.

I know for many new mums, that $20 gift card can go to something they need or be a treat for themselves they might not have had otherwise.

Tell Me Baby has a great team behind them, they have wonderful customer service, are genuine and started because they saw the need when they had their own kids.

We all know what it’s like to try to work out what we need, which brand or item is best and why.

Having a resource such as this takes the guesswork out for us.

When I had my kids, I relied heavily on the advice of my family and friends.

Asking them which they preferred, why and looking at ways to get those items at a discount.

With Tell Me Baby, I could have read reviews, made a little money and felt more confident as a new mum knowing I made the right decisions in what I bought.

4 Tips For Choosing Baby Items

How do you choose what to get for your baby? Or during your pregnancy?

As I said, it’s been a while since I have done this but I still remember it and have helped numerous mums with their shopping and plans.

1. Needs vs Wants

You don’t need everything you think you do. In fact, many mums report buying everything then realising they barely used most of it.

Work out what are definite needs then wait until your baby is born to see what else might be useful.

For example, I had a cot, cot mattress, pram, baby sling, some blankets and a few clothes.

I didn’t use a bassinet nor loads of baby creams etc.

I do not use baby powder, read the research on that and you won’t either.

2. Think Long Term

Whether you plan to have more kids or not, thinking long term when buying products helps. Items with high resale value rather than fad items are great.

Cloth nappies and other reusable items might cost a little at the start but pay for themselves over the length of time you need them.

And remember, items such as clothes don’t always work for the next child. My eldest is an early spring baby, my youngest was born at the end of summer.

One needed cool clothes, the other quickly needed warm so not much was shared until they were toddler age.

Some of the items I used included modern cloth nappies (I even learnt to make my own and sold them), a quality baby sling, sturdy cot, mattress and pram.

3. Research

Tell Me Baby is great for this as you can read real reviews by real parents.

Search the items you want to get, check for faults, look online for any recalls or major issues before buying anything.

4. Each Stage Is Short

Try not to buy everything before baby is born, get the few items you know you definitely need then buy more later if you need it.

This can save you thousands. I didn’t know the gender of my baby so didn’t go out and buy a heap of clothes.

Pregnancy is only 9 months then your baby is here and they grow so quickly.

Don’t buy too many things for each stage as they fly by.

Nappies is one of the items many people end up with too many of.

Buy them on sale but remember your baby will grow and move up sizes so don’t buy too many.

Join Tell Me Baby for free!

How did you know what to buy for your pregnancy and your new baby? Have you tried Tell Me Baby?

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Friday 26th of May 2023

Tell me baby used to be good, but they take ages to approve your reviews, then 2-3 months to give you the gift cards. Would not recommend.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.